Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair? Read 11 Reasons Why, Right Now!

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“Do girls like guys with long hair?”. Popular opinion is that Yes, they do & we are going to share 11 reasons why girls fall for the guys with long hairs!.

Some might not prefer guys with long hair, but that is totally dependent on a girl and the way she perceives them. We love Chris Hemsworth in Thor; therefore, we go with the popular opinion. 

Not to mention that hair add attractiveness to a man’s persona, so we are totally for the guys with those long lustrous locks. Why? Because we have gathered some most compelling reasons to why girls like guys with long hair


Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair? Yes and Here are six reasons why

1. Guys with Long Hair Look Great

Its something about the long hair of a guy. Whether it’s pulled back into a man bun (or Highball for a Longhair) or running wild down his back, long hair looks s*xy.

It happens o be manly and bold. Girls refer these guys as a Viking or a gladiator due yo their long hair. Most guys look great with long hair because it adds an aura of macho-ness in their personality. Therefore, reason no 1 to do girls like guys with long hair. 

Are girls enthralled by guys with long tresses?
Girls like Guys With Long Hair Because they are Daring

2. Long hair exudes confidence

That’s right! Long hair exudes confidence and puts light on their daring side. Even today, the common folk turns around to look at guys who have out of the way hairstyles because their minds are not easy to accept change.

If he has long hair, it shows he is daring and can take chances for things he believes in. He does not care about the stares and looks he gets because he is pursuing what matters to him. So there a second Yes to the question of do girls like guys with long hair?

3. It is Unique

Long hair is unique and different. Guys with long hair are not worried about the standard male archetype.

He might not have a corporate job or be a gentleman in his manners. Why? Because he is different. He gets what he wants and really doesn’t care about what people think of him. He will also appreciate your various aspects as he knows those are what make you unique. 

Are Girls tempted by guys with long locks
Girls Like Guys With Long Hair as They’re Unique

4. Long Hair Signifies Commitment

As the commitment phobia is looming over the world like a ghost, guys with long hair have this priceless trait! They can commit to responsibilities and what they deem is right. 

Growing long hair is not an overnight process. It requires patience because it is long and fraught. There are phases in which guys will find it utmost challenging to tame their tresses, and in some, they will be struggling to look good every day.

If this guy can get through this, then maybe he’s got the balls to commit to something even sexier… YOU. Here goes another compelling reason for you to like guys with long hair.

Are girls attracted to guys with strong commitment
Girls Like Guys With Long Hair because it reflects on their Commitment

5. Long hair gives them The Punk Look

Do girls like guys with long hair? I think yes because guys can easily manage their “punk look” with those long, intangible locks. 

Girls do not prefer dirty locks, though. Therefore it is safe to say that girls will fall for men with long hair because they can quickly put up their moderate “punk appearance”.

6. Brad Pitt Style

The biggest reason for the girls to like long hair on guys is because they reflect the hairstyle of Brad Pitt. All of us know that girls go gaga over this great sex symbol of two centuries now. Not to mention that he has got long hair.

Therefore, it is easy for girls to associate guys having long locks with Brad Pitt’s absolute golden tresses! If they wash their locks regularly and know how to make neat ponytails then they are unique. 

[What does it mean if a girl calls you, “dude?”]

7. Romantic Look

Another popular opinion is that girls think that guys look sort of romantic with their long hair. Why? Because it is hard to keep them in great condition, and a guy doing this shows his romantic side. It means that he knows he will keep his long hair in the best way possible because he loves them. 

Isn’t it a weighty, YES to “Do girls like guys with long hair?”. Also, Thor’s look wins thumbs up from most girls since it combines the romantic and the knight in shining armor. 

8. Afro Style

While Afro is not as famous as it used to be, many guys opt for creating something similar on their heads. If the guy manages to look great with a huge mass of hair on his head, then he will attract a lot of girls for sure,

The Afro style might be out of fashion, but it looks manly and bold, and this is enough for girls to like guys with long hair. 

9. YES TO Man-Buns

Men try to style heir hair in a dozen different ways today, and the “buns” are the most famous today. If we are talking about buns, then we can’t forget Jason Momoa, who brought these into fashion. This Hawaiian hunk stile hearts he broke through playing Dothraki king, Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones.

While his acting skills were excellent, the real crowning glory was that he became the only man in known history to wear a man-bun and make it look not just plausible, but certifiably badass!

So there goes most logical, YES to Do girls like guys with long hair? Because everyone wants a Jason Momoa lookalike in their life. 

10. Guys With Long Hair Are Minimalists

For instance, if your guy has long hair and he does not use any greasy products on it, then we believe he is a grooming minimalist. Why? Because he likes his locks in their natural form and only blow-dries when it is required. Therefore, next time, if you are hit with Do girls like guys with long hair? Hit them with a soaring YES!

Girls Like Guys With Long Hair Because They are Minimalists

11. Alternatives to Man-buns

Long hair comes with the ability to style in a bunch of unique styles. While man-buns are the rage, long hair on men also looks captivating when worn in a braid or a ponytail. 

Some guys use a Bandana to keep their hair out of their eyes. Also, there is a range of options if guys go for braids; From chunky cornrows to braided pigtails, your possibilities are endless. Most hairstylists suggest that braids look especially good when you smarten things up a bit and put on a suit. 

do girls fall for guys with long hair?
Different styling is the Reason Why Girls Like Guys With Long Hair

FAQs on Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair:

Which is more attractive to a girl, long hair or short hair?

Well, there are different perceptions of it. Short hair considers to be more professional and confident and the person seems sober while long floating hair perceives more youthful and attractive.

What is long hair for a guy?

Well, when your hair exceeds out of your chin, it is considered in long hair. Hair between the bottom of the ears and just below the chin is very attractive to look at.

Do girls like guys with beards?

According to the study, both genders find it more attractive to see the rare hair on the face. Especially girls find it more attractive to have a beard rather than having a clean-shaven face.

Are bald men attractive?

A study reveals that shaving a man’s hair makes him four times older of his age. They are considered more dominant in a relationship & will fare better economically in negotiations.

Conclusion – Do Girls Really Like Guys with Long Hair?

So, why do girls like guys with long hair? Because they come loaded with these SUPER QUALITIES. We have discussed the qualities with you in this article, which one is your personal favorite? Which quality would you like us to add to our list? 

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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