16+ Ways to Know Do I Like Him Or The Idea Of Him?

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Do I really like him or the idea of him?. Even I went through this phase sometimes, and it was always difficult to answer. Life is adventurous in a way that it throws different experiences at us. The best one of these experiences is love.

Not every time we get what we want, therefore we also mistake our idea of likeness for loving him. Whereas, it is just an attraction. One knows from within whether you like him or just the idea of him.

Therefore, be clear about what you think before going any further because love is great and all, but some clarity won’t hurt!


 10 Signs Showing You Just Like The Idea Of Him

1. You Don’t Think About Him That Much

Well, that’s true. Even if you love someone, you have to give some space to the person so that he may not lose his individuality. The point is that when you just like the idea of him, it is just a temporary attraction. You might think of him like every day, but it will slowly ward off with time.

When you are out of this phase, you will have the answer to “Do I like him or the idea of him?”. 

Do I actually love him or just the thought of him?
Do I Really Like Him Or The Idea Of Him

2. How Do You Feel When You Talk about him?

“Do I really like him or the idea of him?”. I think yes because your heart doesn’t skip a beat when people close to you talk about him. Also, your senses are not on high alert when your friends discuss him.

Do you only shrug and feel too lazy to explain? If so, it’s a visible sign that you don’t care about his attention, and you enjoy only his companionship, but you feel weird when thinking about your intimacy.

3. Your Friends Don’t Know About Him

If your friends don’t know about it, then ask yourself again, “Do I really like him or the idea of him?”. As girls share their phone passwords too with their girl gang, it is surprising that you don’t tell about your situation to them.  

Why? Because he is not the one and you don’t feel like giving any explanation about it because you don’t care. 

4. You Don’t Worry About The Consequences

Yes, as I said, you don’t care; therefore, you don’t pay heed to what will happen to this “attraction-phase” of yours. When you are in love, you tend to spend a lot of time with your partner, but when it is casual, you meet up twice or thrice maybe, and just let it go afterward. 

If you only shrug at the idea of losing him in the future, then ask yourself if you are serious about the relationship or not?. Because You are not.

5. Casual Flirting doesn’t Hurt You

If you are indifferent, you won’t feel bad if he flirts with other women! Apart from that, you will not notice his small things, and you will not be sensitive to his gestures

If this is the case, then don’t quiz yourself whether you love this man or not, because it is the latter for sure.

If You Are Casual Then You Don’t Like Him

6. No “Relationship vibes. – Do I Really Like Him or Just the Idea of Him?

If you like the idea of him, then people outside your relationship will immediately fee it. Why? Because you guys don’t give that vibe. People in a relationship instantly give that love-filled vibe. 

But if it is casual with you, you will fail to give that vibe. Sometimes, it’s the people outside the relationship who can see first what’s going on. So if your friends are not feeling it, the more you don’t.

Therefore stop wasting your time pondering over whether you like him or not because frankly, you don’t.

7. His Messages Don’t Excite You

If you love someone, your face will instantly light up when you see his text. But, if you are not into it, then his texts won’t excite you or make you jump out of your bed if its a date night!

Therefore, it is clear you like the idea of him not love him for real.

Is it love or just temporary attraction?
If Seeing his texts Don’t Make You Happy

8. You still Have Dating Apps on Your Phone

Yes, you read that right. Tinder and Bumble are your best friends even when you are in a relationship because your unconscious mind knows that you don’t like him but only, like the idea of him. 

Whereas, if you love someone, then you won’t be having dating apps on your phone because you don’t want to cheat and hurt your partner. Besides, you don’t need dating apps in the first place because, in your view, you have found your right one. 

9. No Physical Contact- Do I Really Like Him or Just the Idea of Him?

If you are into someone, then you won’t push for getting intimate. Why? Because you don’t love him. You never imagine getting physically close with him, and that is enough to answer, “Do I really like him or the idea of him?”.

You like the thought of him being there if you don’t like being physical with the guy. 

10. Real Love is Reciprocal – Do I Really Like Him or Just the Idea of Him?

You know it is not loved when you don’t want to reciprocate it. Maybe the attraction was strong enough to get you two in a relationship, but it is not the real one. It s just a fake replica of a so-called relationship

True love is unconditional, but if it isn’t absolute on both sides, then it’ll never work. It’s just as important to realize too that the type of love you feel for someone can change and evolve, and it goes for every relationship out there. 

But if yours is a casual one, then don’t question your emotions over “Do I really like him or the idea of him,” because it is obvious you don’t.

But How to find out if you like him and ward off those confusing thoughts as it can get complicated when you are indecisive of the situation. Here are six compelling ways to answer your every query, whether you really like him or the idea of him.

6 Power-Packed Ways to Find Out Do You Really Like Him or Just the Idea of Him

1. Ask yourself why you are having Second Thoughts?

Yes. Ask yourself, why aren’t you able to give this relationship your utter sincerity and commitment. That can depend on many things: some bad experience before, you are worried about the consequences or its just the way it has always been. 

Ask yourself because only you can answer your queries of whether you like him or the idea of him.

2. Write it Down – Do I Really Like Him or Just the Idea of Him?

Psychologists’ favorite and our best suggestion to you is to write down all your thoughts. I know it can get all messy and unorganized in your brain when you can’t find clarity in your thoughts.

Therefore, jot all your thoughts on paper or a laptop. Write whatever the first thing that comes to your mind. You will find yourself writing inflow after a few minutes, and your thoughts will start organizing.

Try to write all about how you feel about him, and is he the special one or not? By doing this therapeutic exercise, you will have the answers to all your questions. 

3. You will feel Natural around Your Guy

Sure, it’s normal to feel giddy during the first few times you hang out with him. That’s the attraction talking. But once that wears off, does it feel natural?

If you feel at home with him, then you are in the right place, but if you feel insecure around him, then it is not an ideal place to be because you like the idea of him not love him. 

Do i literally love him or just fancy him?
If You Love Him Then You Will Feel At Home With Him

4. Are You Lonely – Do I Really Like Him or Just the Idea of Him?

Feelings of attraction and infatuation spring up when you are alone. Try to think were they the root cause in developing an affinity towards a guy, and then it just went away, leaving you in a casual relationship

If you know that it was all due to your loneliness, then you are not into that guy. Codependency for eliminating desolation is just like watching a TV for entertainment and then getting bored in the end because it will eventually lose its charm. So, after reading this, you won’t find confusion in deciding, “Do I really like him or just the idea of him?”. 

5. Are You Still Thinking About Your Ex

Now, this is the clear sign to decide whether you like him or just the idea of him. If you still think about your Ex, then it is time, to be honest with yourself and your partner too. 

Am I really into him or its just another fling?
Still, Think bout Your Ex? Then You Don’t Really Love Him

6. It’s Real When You Can’t Let Him Go

Welcome to the final stage of your decision making! If you know you can’t imagine your life without this person, then you know its love. Also, you can picture your future with him, you will get to know him more and will even feel a twinge of jealousy when he flirts with others. 

Remember, sometimes it takes a lot of time to know that its love and sometimes it takes a moment to decide. It is all about time. If you instill these ways when you decide over, “Do I really like him or just the idea of him?” then I am sure you will get some authentic answers to this question. 

All It Takes Is  Moment To Know

FAQs on Ways to Know Do I Like Him:

How can I tell a guy about my feelings?

There are many ways for you such as by flirting with a guy or by making strong eye contact with or you can do it just by a slight touch to let him aware that you like him.

How can I assure my feelings to myself?

You can assure it by just analyzing your thoughts. Such as maybe you like his mentality or mind. Or you like talking to him for hours, or you like genuinely interested in his opinions about you.

Do I like him or his attention?

If you feel like you’re with someone because you’re comfortable but not ready or willing to try to start over and explore other options, this is indicative that you’re in it for the attention.

Can you feel someone while he is thinking of you?

Physical sensations are the only way to know when someone is thinking of you. Such as feeling unexpected emotions, a sneeze or itch in one of your eyes, when your cheeks burn, or when you’re having hiccups.


But above all, be clear over what you want. Once you know what you want from this life, there won’t be any problems that will blur your clarity

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