What is a Dry Sense of Humor & How to Develop it?

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It can sometimes be hard to tell if someone with a dry sense of humor is joking or not. The whole point of a dry sense of humor is to tease, without being obvious that you are joking. Some people just don’t get it.

In this article, we will focus on exactly what defines a dry sense of humor, we sill show you how to figure out if someone with a type of humor is joking and show you some ways to create a dry sense of humor for yourself.

What is a Dry Sense of Humor?

Come let’s dive in…

Humor, in all its forms, is contagious as it’s a true source of amusement. Of many different styles of humor, there is one specific style that is defined by its subtlety and is, therefore, difficult to understand and interpret.

Some of you might be aware of this style. Yes, it’s a “dry sense of humor.”

Definition of Dry Sense of Humor:

A style of humor in which a person cracks a joke in a very impassive and matter of fact tone with no or least display of emotions. This is what makes dry humor (also called deadpan humor) somewhat hard to fathom.

Being subtle in making a jokes defines dry sense of humor
What Is Dry Sense Of Humor?

It’s a subtle type of humor that is not-obviously funny and is context or situation-dependent. A witty person says witty things and feeds humor into every situation without even knowing the fact that he’s being funny. In delivering a joke, he himself never laughs and gives the least expressions and gestures. Having said that, such a chucklesome person let others cry with laughter which is the best part of his multi-faceted personality.

Mind it, each one of us does possess the ability to make someone laugh. It’s all up to us who we give charge to drive our lives- either the serious philosophy or the clown. In actual, we need both to balance life. To be more specific, dry humor is about a philosopher looking through the clown’s lens. 

To our dismay, not everyone understands the dry sense of humor.

When someone sets his dry wit on you, how do you feel? Amused or annoyed? Those who get to dry sense of humor consider it rather fun. Anyone who gets attracted to dry humor has the capacity to see the funnier and the lighter side of the serious situation.

Those who are unable to comprehend the joke take it as something that breaches the boundary of humor. To them, dry wit is powerful enough to make someone offensive.

Examples of Dry Sense of Humor:

Given below are some of the examples by comedy masters that will make you understand the idea of a dry sense of humor in a better fashion.

1. Dry Sense of Humor Example by Elayne Boosler:

An example of Dry Sense of Humor by Elayne Boosler is given under:

“I’ve never been married, but I tell people I’m divorced so they won’t think something is wrong with me.”

~ Elayne Boosler

2. Dry Sense of Humor Example by Whitney Brown:

Talking about the faults in our education system, Whitney Brown used the dry sense of humor in the following manner:

Our bombs are smarter than the average high school student. At least they can find Kuwait.

~ Whitney Brown

4 Powerful Tips on How to Cultivate Dry Sense of Humor

Having known the peculiar nature of dry humor, you might be thinking is it possible to cultivate a dry sense of humor? If yes, how?

Here’s your answer.

To be honest, it comes naturally, but if you really have the potential to develop a dry sense of humor, here are some important points that may serve to help you out.

Dry sense of humor can be cultivated by making more and more jokes
Powerful Tips On How To Cultivate Bold Sense Of Humor
  1. Be a Good Observer of World:

Dry humor is about good observational skills. Deeply observe people, their idiosyncrasies, and their situations. This will help you come up with points that can be good for dry sort of humor.

  1. Master the Art of Wordplay:

Puns are stuffed in dry humor. Taking this type of humor into account, playing with common and easy to understand words holds great importance. If you do so, you can attract people with your wit.

  1. Read Good Humor to Cultivate:

Adopt the habit of reading the masterpieces of great humorists like Robert Benchley, S.J. Perelman, etc. Reading always helps. It can help you in cultivating a sense of humor that inspires others.

  1. See the Larger Picture:

Just don’t take life too seriously that it renders resistance to humor. Do not let the monotony of life kill the clown within. Allow yourself to get infected with humor. Despite your worries, view the bigger picture. Some of your worries will seem unimportant. Focus on the lighter and brighter side of things.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question on Dry Sense of Humor

What is a Dry Sense of Humor?

A dry sense of humor is the sort of diversion someone has. At the point when an individual with a dry sense humor makes a quip, it isn’t in every case clearly amusing.

Is a dry sense of humor good?

Dry sense of humor is about acceptable observational abilities. Profoundly watch individuals, their mannerisms, and their circumstances.

What is the Difference between dry sense of humor and sarcasm?

Dry sense of humor is just about the dull introduction. There’s more nuance to it. Sarcasm plays into a ton of it yet can extend from dry introduction to additional.

How to Develop Dry Humor?

Perhaps the best quality of individuals with a dry comical inclination is their capacity to perceive any circumstance as a chance to make an absurd.


Dry humor is all about stating absurd things and facts in a way that it becomes hard not to laugh. The more humor (dry) leaks out spontaneously, the more it evokes laughter, and the more it has an impact on people out there. Never injure or bury the clown within because of the monotony of life. Keep in mind, it’s pretty hard to awaken the clown once it gets lost somewhere. Therefore, don’t get yourself immune to humor as this is what’s not required at your end.

Dry, witty personalities are undoubtedly charming and entertaining. Their sense of humor can drive you crazy. Therefore, value people in your life who reduce your miseries and double your joys by just being hilarious. Identify their talent and never let them go.

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