27 Facts About Girls You Really Need to Know [100% No Crap]

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This is the Ultimate Resource on Facts about Girls. No crap included. 

In this article, you will be reading 27 highly interesting facts about girls with a brief explanation with all of them. We have also tried to include the scientific or research source on the girl facts included in our list.

Facts about Girls

We will also be updating this list regularly as we uncover more facts about girls, women & femininity in 2020.

27 Interesting Facts about Girls & Women with Images

1. Girls Heart is More Hard Working!

According to science, women have smaller hearts & lungs as compared to men. therefore, men usually provide more oxygen in their blood. In order to compete for the same amount of blood oxygenation, the hearts of women need to pump a lot faster than men.


2. Girl’s Cry A Lot! Scientifically.

The tear duct controls our tears and provides a host of other functions. Girl’s tear ducts are smaller in size as compared to that of boys. So if both the girl and the boy tears up together, the tears of the girl will come out quickly relatively quickly because of the smaller tear ducts. 

So the next time your girl cries in front of you, know that she just cannot control her tear as well as you do.

3. More Red Than Boys

Researchers have come to the conclusion that due to the extra X chromosome in women genes, they can see a whole lot of red and orange colors in the color spectrum. As compared to the other gender, Men have only one X chromosome of this nature, while women have two.

Women see more red - Girlish Facts

4. Their Fear is Not Baseless!

If you are tired of your girl being afraid of all kinds of bugs, then now you won’t be anymore. Because one of the most interesting facts about girls is that they are biologically driven to develop fear from potential dangers such as bugs, spiders, worms & other similar creatures.

According to another research, 11 months old baby girl started to associate fear with the images of spiders, while the boys of the same age remain totally indifferent.

Interesting, isn’t it?

5. They are Good at… Taste!

Oh Man, those tongues are good at something else as well (pun intended). While we know that girls generally display a better choice of taste, but do they actually have superior taste buds than men?

The answer is, YES!.

Women Taste Better - Girl Facts

This face about girls is true despite both genders having the same amount of taste-buds. They just have superior taste buds, and a whole lot of other things as well.

6. Women See More Colors Than Men!

We have talked about this fact about girls before as well, but to make it even prominent, we are discussing it again. It’s not only about seeing extra red than men, girls actually see about 20% more shades of color & shapes as compared to their opposite gender.

So you don’t need to fight with your girl over the color of things & furniture in your house, just accept what she is saying, even if you are seeing something else. 

Interesting Facts about Girls – (Girls are Better than Men)

7. Girls Can Hear Better than Men

Girls are not only superior and better in taste, but they are better at hearing as well. 

Believe it or not, girls are more apt at hearing right from birth. They develop their verbal processing power earlier and hence excel at hearing as compared to men. 

In addition to this, girls are more sensitive about words & hearing as compared to boys.

8. Girls Spread Rumors

This fact about girls should come as a surprise to you. We all have experienced, in one way or the other, the nasty impact of rumors.

It turns out that girls are more involved in cyberbullying as compared to the boys.

Women Spread Rumors - Facts on Girls

Do you know how they attack their prey? Guess??

Nasty Rumors!

Yes, this is one of the most brutal facts about girls. They are mean. Deal with it.

9. Girls Know How You Are Feeling

After learning the above facts about girls, this will not come as a surprise as well.

All men can testify to the amazing mind-reading abilities of women. While there are exceptions as well, but generally a girl can understand what you are feeling by reading your face, listening to your tone & observing your body language.

According to dozens of researches, girls are better at understanding people’s emotions, right from infancy. 

10. Women Can Borrow More than Men

Well, this is becoming seriously interesting. One can discover amazing facts about girls from a wide variety of places.

Similarly, a study on college dropouts revealed that girls are more probable to complete their degrees because they are willing to borrow more money than men. 

Women Borrow More - Money Facts about Women

According to this study, men tend to be discouraged after reaching the $12,500 mark in debt. 

On the other hand, women are willing to take on even more debt to cover their education expenses.

Is this is a good fact about women or not? We cannot decide.

11. Girls are Depressing! Wait, What?

We are not saying that girls are depressing, they can actually lift your mood up. 

All we are doing is citing research.

In a study, it was revealed that girls are becoming depressed twice as much as compared to their opposite gender after the age of 13. 

There could be many reasons for this shift. Early maturity is surely one of them.

12. They Take Self-Esteem Seriously

Women are Concerned - Scientific Facts about Women

Another interesting fact about girls is that they take their self-esteem & self-image seriously. It is observed that the girls are more prone to issues related to self-esteem & self-image as compared to the boys.

While this can be a biological fact, the role of media in portraying an Ideal image of women is also one of the probable causes in our view.

Weird Facts about Girls

13. Girls Have More Severe Minor Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI)

That’s a mouthful, but it’s a bitter fact about girls. 

Like many things in life, girls take their sports & competition seriously. Therefore, female athletes are more probable to suffer from the damages of concussions. 

The study also reveals that they take a longer time to recover from mTBI as compared to men. 

14. Girls are More Fluent in Conversations

One of the amazing facts about girls can also become a source of great headaches for many people. 

What is it?

They are Talkative.

While the research shows that both girls & boys tend to speak their first word around their first birthday, girls learn words faster than boys. According to a study, girls have a greater reservoir of words & vocabulary as compared to men. 

15. Girls Become Attractive as they Mature

Girls become Attractive - Facts about Girls

This one is a total no-brainer. Ask any man and he will confess that women who are more mature (physically) are more attractive to him.

When you try to understand this fact about girls, you get to know that it’s all biological. 

As a female becomes more fertile, men are attracted more towards her due to her physique, odor & even the tone and pitch of her voice. 

16. Alcohol is More Dangerous for Women

While alcohol is not good for health at all, it is even more dangerous for women. 

Some studies suggest that women are more at risk with liver diseases & cirrhosis. Both of these diseases are caused by alcohol consumption. 

It’s not only about liver, but about more risk of damaging mental functions as well.

17. Women Hate to Take Risks!

Generally, people think that taking the risk is not gender-dependent. But there are actual studies that claim that women usually hate to take risks. Some people suggest that there is a difference in brain structure between men and women.

But whatever is the case, it is a ‘believed fact’ about girls that they hate to take risks.

But there are a few studies which ‘debunk this myth’ as well. We leave it up to you to decide this fact among the many facts about girls. 

18. They Eat Lipstick!

On average, a woman will eat around 4 lb of lipstick in her lifetime. 

This is one of those crazy facts about girls. Eating LIPSTICK?!

Not literally, as women wear more lipstick than men (duh!), they tend to lick off or eat with food a large amount of it as well.

Women Eat Lipstick - Funny Facts about Girls

Cute Facts About Girls & Women

19. Your Girl is Making You Fat!

Well, this is among those facts about girls which makes us fearful. It is an interesting observation that men who are in a long-term relationship, are getting bigger & bigger in their belly size.

But what is the cause?

Usually, when girls are in a long-term relationship, they tend to develop the habit of ‘taking care’ of their man by feeding him too much. Some say that they do it out of the desire of having a strong man by their side, while others claim that they do it out of the intention of making their man undesirable to other women. 

We are not going to blame it upon your girl, but be careful the next time she offers you those burritos.

20. Women Prefer Style!

You might have observed that women tend to wear stylish, revealing clothes even in cold seasons. 

Have you ever asked yourself why is this so?

Because our society at large pushes women to hold themselves to a certain level of beauty & glamour. Therefore, they prefer style over comfort whenever they need to go out.

Whether it’s about high heels, revealing clothes or tight uppers, they will suffer it if they think it makes them look good.

21. Women are Good at Smelling

A lot of the facts about girls have to do with our ancestors. Women are better at smelling as compared to most men because they were the primary gatherers in the ancestral world.

This developed sense of smell allowed them to pick the right foods & avoid the poisonous and harmful herbs. 

So why not think about really good flowers for your girls? 

22. Women Have a Smaller Brain!

While this might come as a shock to you, but the science says that the male brain is 9% larger as compared to the female counterpart. 

But you don’t need to panic as a female, because this size does not impact on the cognitive abilities & general intelligence of women. 

It’s just that the brain cells are packed more densely in the female brain. 

23. Women are Inventive:

Women are Inventive - Facts about Girls

While necessity is the mother of all inventors, there are many women who themselves are a mother to many inventions.

According to Islamic History, many Muslim women contributed their part in science, history, & other important fields.

Similarly, there are many women around the globe who are known for remarkable inventions & research. 

So if you are still not over on the previous fact about women, then let this fact sink in for a moment.

Random Facts about Girls, Women & Femininity

24. High Heels were NOT for Women!

Oh yes, we are talking about history now. In the beginning, high heels were worn by the soldiers to have a better grip on the ground.

But as time progressed, this ‘fashion’ went into the aristocratic circles as well. But still in Men!. 

Men used to wear heels to look taller, more powerful & manly. 

And this is the exact reason why women started to copy this high heel footwear to look ‘more like men’. But today, high heels are only worn by women.

Let this historical fact among the facts about girls marinate in your mind. 

25. Women are Good at Reading Faces

According to science, women are good at reading faces. They tend to decode facial expressions, tone of voice & body movements for what they really are. 

Another interesting point is that the majority of social groups were led by women instead of men. 

In short, it is a fact that girls are really good at conversations. 

26. Women Live Longer, Duh!

It is not a surprise, but a fact about women nonetheless. 

On average, there is 2-3 years difference between the life span of men & women all around the world. This fact is not only true for human females, but for many other species as well.

Why do you think that women live longer? Do let us know in the comments section below.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On Facts About Girls You Really Need to Know

How Do You Know A Girl Loves You?

Look for eye contact it is a strong sign that she is paying attention to you. It can be difficult to look somebody in the eye when you have powerful feelings that are not yet uncovered and exposed.

How Can I Know A Girl Nature?

You may understand the nature of a girl from the first letter of her name. If a woman’s name begins with B, she is open-minded by nature. On the weakness, she is very short-tempered.

What If A Girl Calls You Bro?

When a girl calls you bro, it implies that she is comfortable speaking to you about some problems. She does not have a beau, and she is hoping you are the man she can have confidence. In such circumstances, it might suggest that you are in the friend zone.

What Is A Female Friend Called?

A girlfriend is a feminine acquaintance or friend, usually a regular female acquaintance with whom one is platonic, passionately, or sexually interested and involved.

Conclusion? The Mystery Goes on:

We have shared a lot of interesting facts about girls in this article. But there are a lot of mysteries that still to be solved about women. 

We will try to keep updating this article as soon as we find some more amazing, shocking & surprising facts about women. Meanwhile, you can explore other articles on women on our website. 

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