Funny Ways To Say Goodnight – 9 Most Amusing Ways To Bid Goodnight

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Today, we’ve done something really exciting for you by listing out some of the funny ways to say goodnight which you might have been searching for quite a long time. Read through the entire article to get to know about the funny alternatives for ‘goodnight’ and also when and with whom to use them freely.

Let’s just warm ourselves up!

It gives us immense pleasure when we receive goodnight wishes from the ones very dear to our hearts. By bidding goodnight to our buddies, family members, workmates, and the significant other, we not only set their moods but also function to put some spark in the rest of their night.

It's good to say goodnight to our loved ones
Bid Your Loved Ones ‘Goodnight’

It’s a good practice to say goodnight to your loved ones before they drift off to their dreamlands. But how you wish someone goodnight before he/she falls asleep, is of great value. Though just saying ‘goodnight’ works but don’t you think it’s best to end the day doing something really funny?

Do you really wish to bid someone goodnight by not using unemotional and lame phrases? Are you so done with the word ‘goodnight’? Do you consider ‘goodnight’ and ‘sweet dreams’ pretty played out? Do you want to give your friends a chuckle with your goodnight messages before they land to their beds?

If you are looking for some of the funny ways to say goodnight to your closed ones, you need not look any further. We’ve done something out of the ordinary for all of you. We’ve come up with 9 most exciting and funny ways to say goodnight to anyone in your circle.

So, it’s time to put ‘goodnight’ aside and try something unique and funny to make your friends, siblings, colleagues, and spouse laugh out louder. Just be funny by choosing comical phrases from the list we’ve compiled for you.

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9 Most Playful and Funny Ways to Say Goodnight

Check out our complete list of funny ways to say goodnight and bid your loved ones goodnight in a fun way before their eyelashes kiss each other.

Here you go!

Try some funny ways to say goodnight to anyone in your circle
9 Most Playful And Fun Ways To Say Goodnight

Each day try a new catchy goodnight phrase with people really close to your heart and be the cause of bringing a smile on their faces.

1. Have meeting overnight at dreamland:

This is really a cool expression to say goodnight to anyone, in general, which implies that you are too tired and you wish to get yourself to bed. Also, using this expression, you let your desired one know that it’s too late to continue with the conversation. So, let’s meet each other in dreams to complete the incomplete.

Not only funny, but this expression is also a bit romantic. Your partner may use it to convey that he/she is thinking about you and wants you to drift off to his/her dreams having you in.

2. Hope you wake up one more time:

It is one of the funny ways to say goodnight to your best buddies, in particular. This catchy expression suggests that you wish your friends to have sound and tight sleep. It also has a sweet touch in it as you wish goodnight until tomorrow and you want to see your chums the very next morning.

This way of saying goodnight can be thought of in another direction. It can be used to tell your friends that it’s their time to have great fun at death practice. You don’t want them to die like this. You hope that they wake up once more to create a mess in this world with their existence.

Really funny and cool it is. Just try this once with your cool friends and see how they respond to it.

3. May the snores be with you:

This is to be used when you want to pull someone’s leg with your goodnight wish. It can be used for anyone near to you. This implies that you want the other person to go to bed, close his/her eyes, and sleep well accompanied by his/her own snores overnight.

to wish for someone to snore at night is one of the funny ways to say goodnight
Just Sleep Tight!

4. Go to bed, you sleepyhead!

For people in your circle who just can’t wake up till late, this is what you should go for bidding them goodnight. ‘Sleepyhead’ adds a bit of humor to this expression.

You can freely use it with your friends and close workmates who always appear as if they want to sleep and want the world to disappear when they close their eyes. Such people are actually the sleepyheads who always give the impression of being sleepy.

5. Nighty night:

It’s a catchphrase usually used when you tuck your kids into bed. It’s rather a whimsical way to say ‘goodnight’ and ‘sweet dreams.’

6. Have an appointment with pillow and bed:

Out of many chucklesome and funny ways to say goodnight, this one truly demands a try. It is really a playful way to bid goodnight when you’re worn out and you want to put yourself to sleep. When it’s too late, instead of blandly saying goodnight, you should choose to convey the same meaning by saying that you have an appointment with your pillow and blanket and your bed anxiously awaits you.

Bidding someone goodnight this way will definitely bring in fun and laughter.

Go to bed and throw all the worries out of bed
Just Hug Your Pillow And Bed To Sleep Well

7. Sleep snug as a bug in a rug:

This idiomatic expression means that you wish for someone to curl in bed and be very comfortable and cozy.

It is often used when someone has wrapped himself/herself tightly in a blanket when it’s too cold outside. In this case, before turning lights out, you can choose this expression to wish your friends and siblings, in particular, to enjoy sweet and restful sleep.

8. Don’t let the bed bugs bite:

It’s largely said for cultivating humor which means sleep well without any disturbance caused by bed bugs. This fun-loving way reminds you to tighten your nightgowns to not let the bedbugs in to spoil your sleep.

It’s a bit outdated expression to say goodnight but you can still give it a try.

9. Hit the hay:

This is one of the colloquial idiomatic expressions and is employed when you get home exhausted and you need nothing other than your bed to lay your head down and then go to sleep.

Also, when you’re overtired and you don’t want anybody around, you can use this idiom to give someone the impression that you want him/her to take a leave as you are ready to go to bed. Among many of the funny ways to say goodnight, this one is really worth trying.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question on Funny Ways to Say Good Night

What Is Another Way To Say Good Night?

Sleep well, nice evening, nice night, great night, sleep well, lovely evening and sleep tight are some other ways to say good night.

Should I Text Goodnight?

If You wish to send a Good Night Text, Then You Must Should bear in mind that there is nothing wrong with texting or messaging your partner before going to sleep every night. If it makes you feel nice to send a cute or romantic good night message, then you ought to do so. Possibilities are, your partner is going to appreciate having received the text.

Is It Okay To Say Goodnight To Your Crush?

Although it’s not a traditional way to speak to your crush, when you write or share a poem to say good-night, it shows how artistic and compassionate you are. Don’t have to worry about the verse sounding too fancy. You could always try writing something in poetry, instead.

How Do You Say Goodnight Cute?

I love you more, Good night: I will sleep you in my heart, Good night: I will meet you in your dreams, love you to the moon are the cute ways to say Good night.


Just to recapitulate: break away from the word ‘goodnight’ and try something new and funny. Be extremely playful by choosing from our list of funny ways to say goodnight and convey your funny goodnight wishes to all those who are dear to you.

Do let us know what you liked the most from our list. Also, share with us which expressions worked best as a source of joy for you and others.

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