20+ Good Excuses to Miss Work Your Boss Will Believe

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Do You know some good excuses to miss work? Because I know a lot and I am sure you also have gone through this phase at least once. As we tend to get bored quite quickly, a break from work becomes imminent. Therefore, we are always coming up with excuses to miss work.

Note that these excuses need to be excellent and logical because the employers are not happy to see us missing work. Therefore, we have gathered some kick-ass, good excuses to miss work, so you don’t have much trouble next time. 


20 Good Excuses To Miss Work

1. Sickness Is A Good Excuse To Miss Work

Everyone gets sick! How can your boss not trust you if you are saying that you are feeling unwell? Of course, he will. This excuse is also overused because it is so quick and easy to tell and requires no long explanations. 

Just explain you’re not feeling well — an upset stomach, severe headache, or nausea will do — and that you’ll be back to the office as soon as you’re feeling a bit better.


ideal excuses to avoid work
Sickness Is One Of The Great Ways To Avoid Work

2. Your Children Need You

If you have children, then your employer will know that every day is an amalgamation of issues with them. Therefore, if you say that you have to pick your children up from school. Or You have to be there for their science project fair then they are good excuses to miss work.

Why? Because how can you say no to not going to your child?

3. Emergency Is A Good Excuse To Miss Work

Life is not complete without emergencies. Therefore if you come up with an excuse for an urgent crisis at home, some emergency at home, then I am sure no one would deny you the leave.

This excuse creates a sense of urgency, and most employers will understand an employee having an emergency that takes them out of the office.

4. Ailing Child

A sick child is one of the perfect excuses to miss work. Because it falls under the category of childcare excuses, and it sounds so authentic. For instance, if you say that you need to reach home early as your child is sick, then you will get the leave as soon as possible. 

It’s the most believable excuse a parent can use.

great tricks to skip work
Ailing Child Is The Most Logical Excuse To Miss Work

5. You Have A Delivery At Home

The perks of ordering online sometimes are that you have to be present at the delivery. Now that comes in as a handy and a good excuse to skip work. Why? Because we are adults and we would be aliens if we didn’t even order one big thing online.

For instance, it can be furniture or any home appliance. You can say that you need to leave because your delivery might be arriving anytime soon and there! You can escape!

solid cover ups for skipping work
Purchasing Your Delivery Counts As Kick-ass Excuse To Miss Work

6. Vehicle Problem Is A Good Excuse To Miss Work

Do you have a Car? Then you know how difficult it is to maintain it. A car can suddenly break down or have any other issue. This can be a good excuse to miss work. 

But, it can be problematic as your boss can say, “get an uber!”. But it will work 80% of the time. Therefore when you need a break, then blame your car.

7. Menstrual Cramps

I think its a bonus for girls now because menstrual cramps are evil and horrible if I might say. Girls cannot concentrate on any other thing then their excruciating pain. Therefore, you need a day off, and your boss will have to understand even if he is a man. 

He won’t deny you a day off, so be thankful for your menstrual cramps because they are a good excuse to miss work. 

8. Toothache Is One Of The Good Excuses To Miss Work

Toothache, as you know, is lethal. It is so painful that one cannot eat anything for days. Therefore, your boss will sympathize with it if you come up with an excuse for having a toothache. 

9. Blood Donation Is One Good Excuses To Miss Work

Donating blood might seem an easy process, but it can make you internally weak. You will have low energy levels, and you will feel tired and drawn.

People don’t act like they are good as new when they donate blood. Therefore, it sums up as one of the great excuses to miss work. Because you can’t drag your lifeless body to work like that, also, your boss would allow you to leave if he has read sixth-grade science books. 

kick ass stories to miss work
Blood Donation Is A Reliable way To Demand a Leave From Work

10. Religious Holidays

Religious holidays are kick-ass excuses to miss work. Why? Because it reflects the importance of some days in your life, which also has religious significance. 

This requires a bit of planning ahead of time. You’ll need to make sure the day you’re taking off falls on a religious holiday of some sort.

If everything falls into place, then you can tell your boss that you need a day off. If he respects religious and cultural values, then it won’t hurt him to give you a day or two off. 

11. Visitors From Out Of Town 

These come up as one of the most authentic excuses to miss work. Why? Because Employers have their friends and family, so they typically understand when you need to miss work occasionally for out-of-town visitors. Be honest and call it a personal day.

Therefore, if you tell your boss that you have visitors from out of the city today, then he won’t hesitate to give you a day off!

Reliable excuses to escape work
Visitors Out Of Town Are a Great Way To Escape Work

12. Problems In Family

Not have enough ideas about some good excuses to miss work? Your family problems might come in handy. Firstly, no one will ask you what sort of family problem is there because of its none of their business. Secondly, the employer will understand the sensitivity of the issue because if he is a human being, he knows that family problems require help at a human level!

Therefore, if you are caught up in some family dispute, then you can tell our boss that you need a day off and BINGO!

13. An Accident

It sounds horrible but acts as one of the very good excuses to miss work. You don’t have to claim it to be a massive accident. You can go for some minor accident, like, you cute your finger a little while you were making breakfast, and you will need time to fix it. 

As accidents happen to everyone and your boss is no exception. They’ll likely feel sympathetic, which always works in your favor.

14. Tax Audit Is A Great Excuse To Miss Work

If you think that you are raising suspicions about your excuses, then take another cut and use this way to stand out. A tax audit is one of the excellent excuses to miss work. Even your boss can’t deny it.

For instance, you can tell your boss that you received a call from the tax audit office, and they will be auditing you. Your boss will understand the situation because it happens all the time.

15. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is one kick-ass way to miss work because you don’t want to spend your whole time in the washroom just for the sake of your duty. 

Even your boss would not want a walking-vomiting machine. Therefore, if you need a day off, then say you got food poisoning and enjoy the rest of the day off.

16. Sore Back- The King Of Good Excuses To Miss Work

Everyone knows how evil and excruciating back pain can be. Therefore, if you need a day off, then say that you have a sore back, and you will get away with it quickly.

The offices are not the places where one can lie down, and sore back requires bed rest for a day or two; therefore, sore back is the king of good excuses to miss work. 

amazing pretexts to skip work easily
Sore Back Is The Easiest Way To Miss work

17. Pet Appointment

Pets are as important as our kids. So how can we not be present if they have any issue? Also, This is one of those good excuses to miss work on short notice because it can be used 2-3 times a year if needed, and entirely out of your hands.

Therefore, if you need something new in your list of excuses then try this one. 

18. Babysitter Problems

Again if you are a parent, then everyone around you MUST know that babysitting is a necessity. If you are at work, then obviously, someone is at home taking care of your baby. Therefore, if a babysitting issue occurs, it is just not acceptable to eave the baby alone, and it is a great excuse to skip work.

How can your boss question this one?

19. Colonoscopy Test

For those who don’t know about colonoscopy test: “It is the endoscopic examination of large and small bowels.” No one will question it as the details are not very interesting and you don’t need to explain it.

Therefore, what better excuse to miss work could be than saying you are having a colonoscopy. 

20. Leaky Pipes

Not very interesting but promising enough. If you need a day off, you could say that your house’s pipes are leaking and you need to be there to fix it or else, it will be a disaster.

No one will question it, and it won’t arise suspicions at all. 

Also, here’s a small guide to making good excuses to miss work effectively with these steps:

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question on Good Excuses to Miss Work

What’s the best excuse to miss work?

In case you’re not feeling great, it’s best not to go to work. Family ailment or crisis. A family crisis could allude to an assortment of conditions, for example, a debilitated kid or ward, auto crash, or a surprising medical procedure. Home crisis/Car inconvenience. Passing of a friend or family member.

What are legitimate reasons for missing?

Getting Out For An Illness or Injury. Phoning in wiped out is a broadly utilized reason whether workers are wiped out or not. Missing Work For A Family Emergency. Deprivation Days For A Family Death. Vehicle Trouble Or Transportation Issues.

What do you say when you miss working?

You’re debilitated. There’s been a demise in your family. You’re having an individual crisis. You fell and harmed yourself. … You’re commending a strict occasion. You’re having a childcare crunch. You’re getting hitched.

How do I tell my boss I can’t come in?

Give them a substantial explanation. Continuously offer elective arrangements. Help your supervisor to remember your current outstanding task at hand. Show your appreciation. Discover another person to do it. Be compassionate. 


Conclusion – Excuses to Skip Work:

 The bottom line to make excuses to miss work is because we need some time off. Let’s admit that we can’t show up like robots every day. And to be very honest, sometimes, the dearly Saturdays and Sundays do not suffice.

Therefore, you need to make some authentic, logical, and overall good reasons to skip work as you just can’t tell your boss that you need a day off for a spa!

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