How To Deal With Stubborn People? 15 Kickass Ways To Do It Right

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How to deal with stubborn people? Because these people are all around us, can be your father or your work colleague. So the most challenging thing is to deal with them, and it is not easy.

Stubborn people can be annoying, stressful, and drive you crazy. Therefore, today, we bring you 15 authentic ways to deal with stubborn people. 

How To Deal With Stubborn People? 15 Kickass Ways

1. How To Deal With Stubborn People? Do Not Argue

The most significant way to deal with stubborn people is to seldom argue with them. Why? Because the viewpoints of stubborn people are impossible to change. Therefore, resist the urge to argue with them. 

Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom (where you can let out a scream, shake it off, and go back to the brick wall you have to face).

2. How To Deal With Stubborn People? Plan Your Conversations

Do not be blunt with stubborn people because they will not appreciate your straightforwardness. Therefore, plan out your conversations before meeting them. It is more like chess. Strategically plan out your sentences because words have a lot of power. It’s a step that should not be ignored if you want to know how to deal with stubborn people. 

Present your opposing opinion with respect and dignity, and you will get along fine. 

Plan Your Conversation Before Talking To A Stubborn Person

3. How To Deal With Stubborn People? Talk To Them

After planning out your conversations, talk to them. You must make them listen to what you have to say or offer. This is only possible if you are firm in your attitude and place everything on the table with dignity. 

Do not indulge in longer conversations as they will only drive them mad. Try to keep the conversation business-like. Listen to the volume and tone of your voice also.

Remember: Talk face-to-face and heart-to-heart. This is yet one of the most effective ways on how to deal with stubborn people because all lies in the way you talk.

4. How To Deal With Stubborn People? Avoid Long Conversations

Okay, so stubborn people are stubborn for a reason! They know their sh*t right, and they are not used to hearing any other opinion than theirs. Therefore avoid having long and delirious conversations with them while presenting your point of view.

Deliver your opinion into small portions. Sentimentalize it and use potent words that create a lasting effect on this stubborn person.  

5. Find The Right Time

Time is the deciding factor in how your conversation will turn out. Therefore, d not ignore its importance while dealing with stubborn people. If its the right time to talk according to you, then everything will fall according to your plan, and you will be successful in persuading your stubborn person!

For instance, If you’re talking to a man, feed him first. If you’re talking to a female, before you speak, check out her mood stats. These little things might sound useless, but in reality, they are essential. Therefore, focus on finding the right time if you plan to have a conversation with anyone stubborn. 

Find The Right Time To Have The Conversation

6. Proceed Gradually

Waiting for the results or responses from stubborn people might take some time. As they will take a lot of time to ponder over whatever you said. Therefore, you need to be patient and learn to go slowly. 

Learn to wait (discover how patient you can be) as it takes time to open a closed mind. So keep reciting the mantra of “proceed gradually” while you deal with stubborn people. 

7. Think About Their Point of view too

You need to think about your opponent’s point of view also if he/she has a stubborn personality. Practice compassion. It’s hard to be patient with a person who is pushing your back against the wall, but try to understand (without doing full psychoanalysis) what they see. 

Doing this will make you a pro whenever you deal with stubborn people. 

Be Compassionate When You Deal With Stubborn People

8. How To Deal With Stubborn People? Display Perseverance

If you don’t know, perseverance is a close relative of stubbornness. Therefore, build up your persistence while you deal with stubborn people because you are enhancing your character that way. Also, do not rush to change them. 

As we mentioned earlier, go slow in your proceedings with stubborn people.

The universe is continuously clamoring to change your mind about something – whether it’s in the form of Twitter feuds, political debates, or Mountain Dew’s horrible “puppy monkey baby” Super Bowl ad. But how many of these appeals to alter our views succeed? Quite a few I must say. And those few appeals have all the ingredients of successful persuasion. 

Therefore, see your stubborn person as a brand and work on how to change its dynamics with your effective strategies. 

9. How To Deal With Stubborn People? Take Control

If you believe it is the right time, then take charge of the situation. It is one of the most important steps to how to deal with stubborn people; therefore, taking control must be directly proportional to the right time. 

See-through, the situation, identify it, acknowledge it (silently in your mind), and take control of how you handle the situation. Without putting him down, try to see his point of view and then respectfully (no head-butting allowed) show him his opinion is important, then gently ask him to respect your opposing opinion.

10. Negotiate, Not Argue

If you deal with a stubborn person daily, then you must learn to negotiate rather than argue with them.

You may not be able to get what you want entirely, but you may be able to get the stubborn person to meet you halfway. Compromising or negotiating with the person can help you persuade him to do what you want to do without fully giving in. If the person is truly stubborn, then small steps may be the way to go, and you won’t be able to convince the person to follow your plan overnight. Therefore, have patience!

how to deal with inflexible people?
Negotiation Is The Best Way To Deal With A Stubborn Person

11. Stay Calm

The second mantra for a successful life and also dealing with stubborn people is to stay calm! If you really want to deal with a stubborn person, then you can’t let your emotions get the best of you.

If you start getting visibly upset or even angry, then the person will think that he won, because you can’t keep yourself in check. Take deep breaths, slow down, or also leave the room for a few minutes if you see yourself getting heated.

The stubborn person will be much more likely to listen to you if you look calm and collected and not angry or crazed.

how to deal with adamant people?
Stay Calm When You Deal With Headstrong People

12. Find Common Ground

How to deal with stubborn people? Find common ground with him/her. Finding common ground with the person can help you persuade him to see things from your perspective.

Stubborn people can feel a bit ganged up on, and if you convince the person that you’re both coming from the same place, then he or she will be much more likely to listen to you. Here are some things you can say:

  • “I completely agree that we are having productivity issues at the company. We need to find a solution here. But, I think that it has more to do with a lack of employee satisfaction than with the new projects we’ve been assigned.”
  • “I agree that the people we’ve been hanging out with have all been a little weird or boring. But if we don’t give new friends a chance, we’ll never find people we really like, will we?”

13. Break The Pattern Of Always Giving In

A stubborn person may continue to get his or her way around you because you always end up giving in. If you never say no, then why would the person want to change for you? Therefore, the next time you’re negotiating something, even if it’s as simple as what movie to see, say that you’re going to go on your own or go home if you don’t get your way.

This will surprise the stubborn person so much that he or she will either give in or will start to think of you as a person who can’t be easily manipulated.

14. Don’t Sound Desperate

That is very important when you are trying to persuade anyone or dealing with a stubborn person. Don’t sound too desperate as it is not an excellent way to get a person to do things your way. There’s no use in degrading yourself by begging and whining, and this will not only not work with a genuinely stubborn person, but it will be a little humiliating for you.

If you want to convince a stubborn person to do something, you have to take the rational approach. The emotional approach will only make the person even less likely to agree with you. And that is the best way to deal with a stubborn person at its best. 

15. Uphold Your Confidence

How to deal with a stubborn person? Remain confident in your demeanor and with whatever you have to say. If you waver or show some doubt in your ideas, then the person will respect you less and will be even less likely to listen to you.

You have to act like your idea or perspective is the best idea ever (without being arrogant, of course), and the person will be more likely to think you know your stuff. Don’t let the person intimidate you into backing down or saying that maybe your idea isn’t so great. 

how to deal with headstrong people?
Confidence Is The Key To Success In Any Situation

Therefore, confidence is the last block to the puzzle of how to deal with a stubborn person. Stick to it, and you will get the results you want!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On How To Deal With Stubborn People?

What Causes A Person To Be Stubborn?

Obstinate people are strictly attached to their opinions, thoughts, concepts, beliefs, and tastes. They become tenacious and stubborn to such an extent that they do not even take into consideration the opinion of other people because they think and feel pressured by individuals who do not agree with them.

How Do You Deal With A Stubborn Person?

View a stubborn individual as a chance to become a better adaptation of yourself, take a breather. resist the temptation to engage in an argument, play word chess with him, get them to hear what you want to say, and think about their perspective. these are some ways to deal with stubborn people and persuade them to hear.

How Do You Deal With A Stubborn Woman?

Understand why a woman is being persistent. maybe you are not seeing the reasoning behind your wife’s judgments, choose your battles, take a constructive and positive approach, and pay attention to her.

Is Being Stubborn Selfish?

As an adjective distinction between stubborn and selfish is that stubbornness is a refusal to move or to alter one’s view and opinion stubborn determinedly resisting while selfish is holding one’s own interest as the benchmark for making decisions.


Stubborn People are really hard to deal with. Therefore, we have included the above mentioned effective ways on how to deal with stubborn people. What have been your experiences in life with stubborn people? How have you been able to deal with them?

Do let us know in the comments section below.

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