How To Deal With Being Ugly – Practical guide To Embrace Your True Self

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Growing up you might have been told many times that you are ugly. Among the enormous number of bounties blessed by nature, a pretty face is one of the jewels. But, not every human on this planet has been blessed with an attractive face and good looks.

Here comes the question “How to deal with being ugly?”

Especially in the age of social media, there are thousands of images out there that are going to make you feel like the ugliest one and trigger your insecurity. Being ugly is not an easy job. But what does being ugly means and how to deal with being ugly?

It’s time to rethink a few things. Here are some practical ways to deal with being ugly:

19 Practical Ways To Deal With Being Ugly 

You can work on your physical fitness. You can simply groom your personality. You can seek help from professional mentors to build self-confidence but there’s more to it. Keep reading if you need to stop feeling ugly.

1. Look Objectively:

People have different tastes, and they are culturally relative. But a few features are considered universally attractive.

The average face is one of them.

Having an average face is considered more beautiful, and the reason involves some science. Average faces are common, and they look familiar due to which we develop an instant liking for them. They are conventional.

Mathematically, an average face is a symmetrical face, which means that the left and right sides of the face are similar and proportionate to each other.

You might be a unique looking human being with non-conventional features, but chances are people are always going to rate you low when it com

Ugly personalities can never match an ugly face es to beauty. This is what bothering you and hitting your self-esteem. Remember that you have no control over such societal norms, and there is nothing much you can do about it.

The attraction is also dependent on your health, fitness, and genetics.

Again this is something which you can’t control. The only thing you can control is the way you feel about it. Accepting your reality is the key. Be at peace with the way you look. Once you do, you wouldn’t be resenting your parents for the way you look.

2. Work on Your Physical Fitness

Invest a good amount of time in taking care of your body. Let your body breathe through exercise and yoga. Take care of your eating habits. Keep into account your sleeping patterns and sleep cycles. Practice good personal hygiene.

If you are chubby, you will have to avoid things that can cause more weight gain. Shred some weight by jogging and exercise. Join a gym and seek help from professional trainers that will help you lose weight.

If you are skinny and you are trying to gain weight to look attractive, do so by eating healthy and weight gaining items as per your nutritionist recommendation.

Be consistent and try to keep your mind calm and relax as everything takes time.

3. Stop comparing

If you keep on comparing your looks with your more attractive friends or celebrities, then you are never going to move on. You will waste plenty of time and energy feeling jealous and envious of others, which is going to take you nowhere.

It is only going to make you feel worse. You might be thinking that your attractive counterparts are luckier than you, and they have a better opportunity of being successful. But numerous studies have suggested otherwise.

Beautiful people might be just as unhappy as the rest of the population.

black woman smiling proudly & owning her beauty - dealing with being ugly

To cope with feeling ugly about your looks and facial features, you have to accept yourself the way you are. Do it and you are done dealing with it. As the saying goes, “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” and this saying pretty much satisfies how you feel about yourself.

For an instance, think that you are unattractive and ugly. Now, feel distressed about yourself. Does that change anything? I am pretty sure not So, how about the idea of self-acceptance and compassion for yourself?

4. Groom Yourself

If you need to stop feeling ugly, you’ll have to groom yourself. Grooming yourself means maintaining yourself in every aspect. From brushing teeth to dressing up, you have to stay updated with the ongoing trends and fashion.

Here are some tips to improve your personality by grooming:

  • Wear neat, clean, and ironed clothes
  • Always wear a deodorant
  • Pick a style statement that goes with your body shape and personality
  • Wear clothes you are comfortable in, that can make you feel yourself
  • Wear nice and sober makeup on daily basis.
  • Style your hair and make sure they don’t look frizzy.

5. Keep Calm and Ignore Bullies 

If being called ugly triggers your anger and make you feel upset and agitated, you need to calm your nerves. Some people should better not be responded because they are simply ridiculous. They don’t deserve our attention. They should better be ignored. Your character is more important than your sick mindset.

At the same time, keeping yourself relax is a difficult task, here are some tips that you can follow to handle that stressful situation:

  • Take deep breaths
  • Drink water
  • Try to take out that frustration by running or jogging
  • Tell yourself, that person’s remarks don’t bother me anymore.

6. Give Bullies a Shut-Up Call

People trying to lower morale and self-esteem must be given a shut-up call. They set themselves on a mission to brag about their looks and point out flaws in others. You might have been a victim of such bullies. Sometimes, instead of being calm, all you have to do while dealing with such sick-minded people is to give them a shut-up call.

Tell them, who are they to make you feel low? who are they to play with your insecurities?

They are no one. I repeat, NO ONE!

Ignoring Bullies and waiting for the right time to respond

7. Value Your Opinion

Always value what you think about yourself. You have the rightful authority to stand up and speak for yourself. Always try to think and feel that I may be ugly for people but I am beautiful the way I am. I know who I am. A human with a kind heart and harmless intentions.

8. Use Perfectly Imperfect Strategy

God has blessed every individual on this planet with different body physique, features, and skin tone. You might encounter some people who will constantly tell you that you have a big nose and wide ears. They may come up saying that you are not enough beautiful like others.

But you can always respond and say, “I am perfectly imperfect and that’s okay. Look’s will give you nothing when you have an ugly heart and nose pointing in others life”

A girl confident in her acne prone skin dealing with being ugly with a smile

9. Practice Self Love

Self-love is way more important than we can imagine. People will tell you a list of things that are not so good about you or do not look great as per your looks.

But, how about you make a list that suits you, that goes with your personality, that you love doing and makes you happy.

Instead of focusing on what people tell you, take a look in the mirror and start thinking about yourself. You might love to do makeup, dress up, style your hair, dance, do sports or make funny videos. Whatever it is, just start practicing it.

10. Change your Beauty Mindset

Beauty standards are set by the people around you or the society you live in. It can be a tall height, fair skin tone with blonde hair.

It can be a short height, Asian skin tone with black hairs. But you need to set your beauty standard as John Keats said, “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”. Your beauty lies in the way you treat people, not in your looks.

Judge me when you are perfect.

11. Do a Positive Self-Talk

Feed your mind with positive thoughts when someone tries to affect your self-image and self-confidence. Build up your mind from the roots and try to nurture them on daily basis.

Setting positive affirmations can do wonders. For Example,

  • I am enough and I don’t need Botox
  • I am beautiful the way I am
  • I love my skin and I love my flaws

Place these cards on your room walls and bathroom mirror so that it keeps reminding you who you are.

12. Build your Self Confidence

Imagine yourself being called ugly and you instantly start wondering if that’s true or not? But you know what is the most important thing that you should take into account while dealing with such bullies?

Let me tell you, how you feel about yourself is the most important. You don’t need to respond in anger but with a clear and calm mind.

Tell them that not everyone has good taste when it comes to personality. Tell them they need to try harder next time while bullying someone with their looks.

13. Be Honest and Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility for everything that you possess can make your life much easier than before. Your successes and failures, your happiness and unhappiness, and everything else that has happened in your life solely depend on the fact that you are responsible for it.

 By responsibility, I mean to say that how to take actions, how you respond, and how you react to it.

Stay honest with yourself because accepting yourself isn’t enough. The actual journey starts when you have to take action for your transformed life.

14. Be Around Positive People

Surround yourself with true friends and people who can make you feel at peace. People who value you and your opinion, respect you and your choices, support you no matter what.

Friends like a family, leaving no stone unturned to make you happy and enjoy being around you.

Stay away from people who try to point out your insecurities and play with them.

15. Seek Professional Support

If you are struggling to deal with being ugly, you need to see a therapist or a professional psychiatrist. This struggle may lead to anxiety and depression. Coping with such a miserable situation isn’t easy for some people.

Consult a therapist and talk out whatever is bothering you. Ask them for suggestions and ways to deal with it.

Speak your heart about how can you deal with this situation when people bully you, insult you, demean you and make you suffer from an inferiority complex.

16. Talk to an Adult:

Sometimes, you have to seek refuge in the people you trust. Your mother, father, teacher, or your spiritual leader can truly help you get out of this situation.

These people might have gone through such experiences in their life and they would be in a better position to lend you a listening ear. Their advice will surely help you out to deal with people trying to hurt you.

17. Develop More Successful Relationships:

This is the most important thing you need to read about how to deal with being ugly. You might be self-loathing that relationships are a no-go area for you, but this not true! It is only a surface level assumption that no one wants to date ugly people.

Understanding and personality are more important traits than looks when it comes to committing to a relationship.

There is plenty of room for you to score there. However, one-night stands and hook-ups might be a little harder for you.

According to a new study published in the journal Psychological Science, levels of attractiveness matters less than the quality of the relationship.

You can be as happy in your relationship as attractive people.

18. Stay Focused

This implies that looks aren’t everything. They are not worth all your time and energy. The only thing necessary is to be healthy, hygienic, and fit. Excessively assessing your looks shows tendencies of narcissism.

When you realize that being ugly doesn’t have much impact on your lifestyle, that’s when you can shift your focus on the more important stuff in your life.

How To Accept Your Looks?

Now let us discuss how to accept your looks so that you can gain full control over your thoughts and their outcomes.

1. Don’t believe in media-defined beauty standards

If you continue to keep following the models on Instagram and scrolling through the feed majority of your day, then you will never develop any self-esteem because the entire media world is a potential threat to your self-image. It is going to keep throwing all those photo-shopped, picture-perfect imageries of models and their perfect lifestyle.

The first thing to do is to stop following such pages and spending a greater amount of your time-consuming media because chances are you are still going to come across some. Stop believing and equating media portrayals of beauty as realistic or ideal.

Know that in the digital world majority of things we encounter are altered. You don’t have to fit in necessarily.

2. Stop labeling yourself

If you are defining yourself merely by the way you look, then you are restricting and reducing yourself and your potential. Focus on more critical aspects of your being like your intelligence and personality.

Having a personality and intelligence

3. Don’t alter your looks

If you want to accept the way you then stop playing with your looks for a day or two and do not try to modify or enhance them through makeup or styling. This is how you are going to be confident about your real self.

4. Don’t use mirror excessively

If you want to be distracted by the way you look and focus on better stuff, then you have to take a break from the mirror for some time because a mirror is a physical reminder of your looks. Do not spend hours in front of the mirror, trying to analyze your looks. It is just a waste of time. Be productive with your time, like putting effort into enhancing skills instead of finding ways to increase your looks.

Advantages of Being Ugly – Look at the Bright Side

There are some advantages to being ugly as stated below that will make you realize how to deal with being ugly is better than sulking over your looks. 

1. People will like you for who you are

This is the most significant advantage of not being conventionally pretty. Extremely beautiful people rarely encounter someone with a genuine liking for them. The majority of people are driven towards them due to their physical beauty, and they do not look beyond it, which is a sad part of being conventionally pretty. In your case, you can relax and be sure about the fact that anyone who comes into your life has a genuine liking for your company or personality instead of something materialistic. For you, it is easier to develop real connections.

People stay with you for who you are= How to deal with being ugly

2. You don’t have to waste your time on pretentious stuff

Being attractive comes with its expectations. You have to maintain and groom to look at your best self and meet expectations that society has from beautiful people. However, if you are not conventionally pretty then, you don’t have to be high-maintenance about your looks. You can rock on your comfy look without worrying too much about makeup or any add-ons.

3. You can focus more on health

Instead of focusing on your looks, you can focus on your health that is more important than anything else. You can spend time on your fitness and following and healthy diet instead of deciding which new color palette will suit your trendy look. This doesn’t mean you can’t be a fashion enthusiast. It only means that you are not obliged to be one.

What Does Being Ugly Means?

Being ugly means two things.

  1. You are ugly.
  2. You are letting the cliché definitions of beauty overwhelm you.

As far as the first point is concerned, being ugly is rarely possible. There are some medical conditions and biological deformities that can make you appear ugly, but that’s not commonly a possibility for the majority.

Chances are you are letting the standards of society dictating your self-image.

If society considers white complexion as a symbol of beauty and you are pretty dark-skinned, then it is not unusual to witness being ridiculed by depictions of mass media and remarks of people surrounding you. The list is not just limited to the white complexion, but it goes on and on and is culturally relative as well.

What is considered as a symbol of beauty may be looked down upon in another culture?

Feeling Ugly- How to deal with being ugly

Beauty is subjective, and it cannot be narrowed down to a few features. It depends on numerous factors. It is not just physical but also an inner one.

You might not look like a Victoria Secret model or have a super-human muscular body, but your personality can hold charm more than any of it.

It all boils down to the way you carry yourself and your level of confidence. It is a famous saying that no one can shame you about who you are if you stopped being ashamed of who you are by owning your reality. This is how to deal with being ugly in the long run. 

 6 Pro’s & Cons of Being an Ugly Person 

Being the one bullied, you might be thinking how come this situation has upsides while downsides are pretty understandable.


Let’s talk about the Pros of being an ugly guy or a girl.

1.Long-Lasting Relationships

People are less likely to fall for your attractive looks and figure than your personality. Those who develop their relationships with ugly people want to make a heart-to-heart connection that lasts forever. Someone has rightly said, “Beauty fades but Character remains”

2. Attractive People are also Unhappy

Psychologists and researchers say that beautiful people are as unhappy as the rest of the ugly and unattractive people. Personality comes into play while talking about the pros of being an ugly guy.

3. Less Likely to be Cheated

Ugly peeps are less likely to cheat in a relationship because fewer people want to date their ugly counterparts. They have higher chances of developing a successful long-term relationship.

Sick Beauty Standards of our society


Alas! Being an ugly creature does have its downsides. Let’s not beat about the bush and discuss a few cons of being an ugly guy or girl:

1.Struggle to Develop Relationships:

Ugly people struggle to make relationships. They face rejections and cruel remarks about their looks and their overall body physique.

2. More Chances of Bullying

Ugly people are more likely to be bullied and harassed.

3. More likely to Face Rejections

Being an ugly coworker, your colleagues might not feel like hanging out with you because of the way you look. Ugly peeps also face rejections while getting jobs and interacting with customers.

FAQ on Being Ugly?

How do I look more attractive?

Keep Your Teeth, White. Go For A Voluminous Hair Style. Deal with Your Skin. Have Red Lipstick Handy. Furthermore, Put On That Red Dress.

How can I be naturally pretty?

Drink Plenty Of Water. Rest In Peace. Be Ingredient Conscious. Working Out To Healthier Skin. Adhere To A Consistent Skin Care Routine. Peeling Is Key. Make Sunscreen Mandatory.

What makes skin shiny?

On the off chance that you find that your brow is sparkly by noon, you can accuse your overactive sebaceous organs. They produce the sebum or oil that makes your skin look sparkly.

How can I look smart?

Get thinner. Be seen as a nondrinker. Wear thick glasses. Wear an unobtrusive grin. Never swear. Look and take a gander at individuals. Utilize a center starting.

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