18 Easy Tips on How to Get Water Out of Your Ear Effectively

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Water most generally gets caught in the ear in the wake of swimming and bathing, and that’s when we ask How to get water out of your ear? The water will, for the most part, channel out of your ear normally, yet in the event that it doesn’t, a sort of disease called swimmer’s ear may develop.

An individual who has water caught in their ear may encounter a stimulating impression that stretches out from the ear to the jaw or throat. The Individual may develop issues with hearing, and sounds might be suppressed.

This is the reason why we have gathered eighteen tried and tested ways on how to get water out of your ear.

18 Ways on How to Get the Water out of Your Ear

Here are the 18 best, tried, and tested ways on how to remove water out of your ear to avoid any ear-related disease in the future.

1.Shake the Earlobe:

When water gets stuck in the ear after swimming or bathing, the first strategy of how to remove water out of your ear is to shake the water out of your ear immediately.

Delicately pull or shake the ear cartilage while tilting your head in a descending movement towards the shoulder.

One can also shake his head from side to side while in this position to make it easy for the water to come out.

2.Lie on Bed:

To remove water from the ear, we can try this technique as well. If the water gets stuck in our ear and shaking your earlobe does not work out at all, we can lay on our bed and try it.

The proper way to do it is to place a towel above the pillow and lie down on the side with the ear towards the towel. Wait for like 15 minutes and water will slowly and steadily come out of your ear, and this would make things better for us.

Lie on your bed to find the Solution on how to get water out of ear
Lie on your Bed to Get the Water out of Ear

3. Hopping or Jumping:

When it comes to open your ears from the pressure of trapped water, hopping is another quick way on how to get water out of your ear.

When hopping, we would expect that we may able to displace water from the trapped ear canal. If the water of the ear canal is displaced, it can come out quickly with the jump. Thus, ending the problem with ease.

4. Use of Steam:

Steam is another great home remedy of getting rid of extra water stuck in the ear. Warm steam can assist discharge with watering from the middle ear through our eustachian tubes. Have a go at scrubbing down or taking a sauna with a bowl of high-temperature water.

Fill a huge bowl with steaming heated water. Spread the head with a towel to keep the steam in, and hold the face over the bowl.

Breathe in the steam for 5 or 10 minutes, and afterwards tilt the head to the side to get rid of trapped water from the ear.

5. Use of a Warm Cloth:

Absorb warm washcloth water and afterwards apply it to the outside of the ear for around 30 seconds, remove it for a moment, and redo this multiple times.

The warmth may assist with opening the ear canal. On the other hand, one can fill a bowl with high-temperature water and keep it over the steam for five to 10 minutes. This will give us another answer to how to get water out of your ear.

Covering your head and the bowl with a towel will assist with catching the steam and make this strategy successful. Continuously stay alert when dealing with high-temperature water.

A warm towel can help you on how to get water out of ear
A Warm Towel can help with the Trapped Water

6. How to Get Water Out of Your Ear – Walk Backwards:

Another quick way to answer how to get water out of your ear is one can quickly tilt his face upward and start walking backwards.

This effect will force the ear canal to give up any trapped water it has stored inside, and that water would quickly come out.

7. Use Vacuum Action:

No, it is not about inserting our vacuum cleaner into the ear, it is about creating a similar and more ear-friendly vacuum action through which the water can be removed from the ear.

Tilt the head sideways, and rest of the ear onto your measured palm, making a tight seal.

Tenderly push the hand to and fro towards the ear quickly, straightening it as to Push and Cupping it as to Pull Away.

Finally, tilt the head down to permit the water to come out. That’s how we can get rid of the troubles of water getting stuck in our ear.

8. Try a Blow dryer:

One of the best methods on how to get water out of your ear is the use of blow dryers. Do not go on full throttle and do not place the dryer near the ear.

Instead, follow this process to get off water stuck from our ear.

The warmth from the dryer can help vanish the water inside our ear canal. Turn on the blow dryer to its most minimal setting.

Hold the hairdryer about a foot away from the ear and move it in a to and fro movement. While pulling down on the ear cartilage, let the warm air blow into the ear. That’s how water can be evaporated from our ear.

Hair Dryer is the Solution on how to get water out of ear
A Hair Dryer can help in Drying up the Ear Water

9. Use Olive Oil:

Olive oil is one of the oldest and best methods to remove water that is stuck in the ear. Olive oil can also help reducing infection in the ear, just as repulse water out.

To clean the ear, warm some olive oil in a little bowl. Using a good dropper, place a couple of drops of the oil into the affected ear.

Lie on the opposite side for around 10 minutes, and afterwards sit up and tilt the ear downward. The water and oil should deplete out very quickly within 5 minutes.

10. How to Get Water Out of Your Ear – Use more water:

Just like fire puts out fire, water can be a cure for water as well. This technique may sound illogical, but it can actually help draw water out of your ear very easily.

Lying on your side, fill the affected ear with water using a clean dropper.

Wait for 5 seconds and then turn over, with the affected ear facing down. All of the water should drain out. In this way, by the use of water only, one may get rid of the water and possible infections that water could have created.

11. Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol:

Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol is one of the best home remedies for the water stuck in the ear. As these two things are mostly present in our homes, we can use them to perfection as it is one of the best solutions to how to get water out of your ear. The alcohol can help vanish the water in the ear. Alcohol also attempts to contain the development of infections.

In the event that the caught water happens because of earwax development, the vinegar may help expel it. Consolidate a balance of liquor and vinegar to make eardrops. Utilizing a sterile dropper, apply three or four drops of this blend into the ear.

Tenderly rub the outside of the ear. Hold up for 30 seconds, and tilt the head sideways to let the solution channel out.

VisVinegar and Rubbing Alcohol have the Solution on how to get water out of ear
Vinegar and Alcohol can Certainly Remove Water from Ear

12. How to Get Water Out of Your Ear – Try the Hydrogen Peroxide:

It is relatively a less recognized way, but it still works. Hydrogen Peroxide if used carefully, can bring about certain benefits to the ear affected by water.

Hydrogen Peroxide usually kills all extras including earwax and other impurities from the ears. The correct way to make use of Hydrogen Peroxide is to use its 3-4 drops in the ear, and the excess water stuck in the ear will come out within 15 minutes with a relatively cleaner ear free from other debris and earwax as well.

13. How to Get Water Out of Your Ear – Use Medications:

When all the home remedies fail, one should use some over the counter medications. There are many alcohol-based medications available in the market.

Just like a mixture of homemade vinegar and alcohol, the medication provides a refined product safe for the ear, giving us a solution on how to get water out of your ear.

One may use it just like they would use the homemade Hydrogen Peroxide or Rubbing Alcohol Solution. Use some drops of it in the ear, and all stacked water will come out in no time.

14. How to Get Water Out of Your Ear – Try Antihistamine:

Antihistamine is also an over the counter medication, but it is used for oral use.

If all the methods above do not work, one can try to take antihistamine medicine as it can treat internal congestions whether they are of the nasal cavity or ear canal.

Use the medication as per the mentioned method to get the best results and get rid of the water that is stuck in the ear.

15. Use the Chew or Yawn Method:

Chewing or Yawning is very much a successful technique as well to remove excess water from the ear canal.

Movements like Yawn or Chewing a pack of gum for a couple of minutes may help to release the water stuck in the ear canal thus, answering the question on how to get water out of your ear. While doing these actions, one should tilt his head in the downward direction. In this way, we would be able to resolve our problem.

Yawning or Chewing is the Solution on how to get water out of ear
Yawning and Chewing Action Can Remove Water From the Ear Canal

16. How to Get Water Out of Your Ear – Valsalva Maneuver:

The Valsalva manoeuvre is not the best one, and it is certainly not recommended as it causes other problems, but it certainly has the power to work.

This technique can likewise help open shut eustachian tubes. Be mindful so as not to blow excessively hard. This can harm your eardrum.

Inhale profoundly. At that point close your mouth and press your noses shut with your fingers.

Gradually blow and let some circulation into your nose. If you hear a popping sound, it implies that the eustachian tubes have opened.

In this way, with the pressure of the breathing, we should hope that the trapped water will come out and we’ll have a solution to how to get water out of your ear

17. How to Get Water Out of Your Ear – Cotton Buds:

Cotton Buds can have many harms other than benefits, but they are also very effective if the water is trapped in the outer ear.

To use the cotton buds, carefully enter them into your ear canal. Do not go too much inside of the ear as the cotton bud may also be stuck inside the ear. If the water comes out, then it is good if not then do not try to overdo it.

18. How to Get Water Out of Your Ear – Go to a Doctor:

Caught water normally leaves without treatment. In the event that it disturbs more, we may attempt one of these home medications to help reduce our distress.

In any case, if the water is not going anywhere from 2 to 3 days or in the event that we see the indications of infections, we should call our doctor.

It is also to be noticed that water can be caught behind the eardrum. This is not equivalent to getting water in the external ear canal as the effect of swimming or cleaning up; however, the two conditions can cause similar side effects.

In the event that if the ear gets infected or swollen, one may have built up ear contamination. Ear disease can get very real in the event that one does not get treatment for it.

It might prompt hearing issues or different problems; for example, it can cause bone harm.

Visit your Doctor if the Water in the Ear persists for Two Days

In the event that the liquid is behind the eardrum, one would not have the option to dispose of it with one of the strategies written in this article.

A primary care physician may decide to put one under observation and check whether the liquid leaves all alone, or one may require the surgical placements of ventilation tubes. He can recommend medications to deal with the infection and reduce the pain.


We know today that ear infections due to water are a fairly common occurrence. These infections develop because of unnecessary stay of water inside our ear canals.

They can cause some serious problems like Swimmers Disease or Hearing Loss. These kinds of infections are actually very easy to treat, and the issue should be resolved quickly.

Another important point here is that prevention from disease is always better than finding the cure. Nevertheless, these simple ways on how to get water out of ear will help us to remove water from our ears, avoid future troubles, and protect our hearing and ears.

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