Learn Why and How to Make Yourself Cry?

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We are humans and born with all the emotions and feelings, crying is one of them. Crying is the very first thing we do when we come into this world. So it is instilled in us then why embarrassed about crying. We cry for two reasons, for whether we are happy or sad.

Some moments come into our lives when we are feeling muggy inside and want to cry. But something stops us and we can’t. Be relaxed and remember that crying is not a sign of weakness. It is a way to cleanse yourself to gain your strength again.

Why Is It Important to Cry?

Science has proved a lot of health benefits of crying. Let’s see what some of those are:

  1. Crying is necessary for good mental health. It is as healthy for life as food to grow bodily and psychologically.

  2. Crying relieves a person of stress which can lead, sometimes, to the use of medicines and drugs.

  3. It helps strain toxic chemicals out of our body which can trigger our negative vibes.

  4. Crying is beneficial to ease the pain and sobbing helps raise the spirit. As a result, it gives pleasurable vibes to our mood.

  5. Stress-relieving, light feeling, pain easing, and mood-enhancing make someone have a good and sound sleep.

  6. Crying is a way to rein our egoistic behavior, too.

  7. It strengthens the soul like food strengthens the body. Both help to maintain a controlled life.

  8. It is better to hand over your anger and agitation to cry. Because anger hurts others and tears wash the heart.

    Crying is as necessary for life as food.
    Crying is important for soul as food for body.

What to Do to Cry?

To make yourself cry and sobbing let’s see what the important things to consider are:

1. Myth You Need to Stop Believing Now:

Women quickly respond to any emotion and can easily make themselves cry as compared to men. But here a universal viewpoint is important to change about men crying.

It is a fact about every society of the world that men are taught to be strong and stiff in every situation. They are told not to cry especially in front of women. If you were fed this, too, first of all, throw it out of your mind and life. This is nothing but a myth.

Crying is a natural phenomenon that is made for humans as it is the very first action after getting birth.

Men maybe have difficulty crying as compared to women. Weeping and crying are considered a child thing but it is as fine for a man as it is for a woman or a child.

2. Choose a Quiet Place:

Are you a person who feels crying uncomfortable in presence of others? Find a quiet and private place to do so.

  • Your room is the most private place for this.

  • Cry in a shower when no one can hear and see you.

  • If you do not have your bedroom, find a quiet and peaceful place in the house and let it all go.

  • Go to a park for this when there are no people there.

3. Gather Yourself:

The important thing to make yourself cry is that you need to be in a quiet place in a peaceful environment. Free your mind of the deviated thoughts and objects.

Such as switch off your mobile and place it out of your reach, turn off the TV, or any other electronic or noisy things.

4. Focus on What’s Making You Cry:

Now try to recall the incident that made you sad and feeling like crying. Make your mind clear from any irrelevant thoughts and distractions. And focus on that single thought and emotion.

5. Let Yourself Be Vulnerable:

It is alright to feel emotionally weak sometimes. Let all your emotions come out of you and let yourself be vulnerable for some time.

Nobody in this world is that strong to hide their feelings and weaknesses all the time. Everybody needs some space to be alone and felt broken at some point in life. So let your heart out.

No one can hide their feelings from others.
No one is strong to hide their emotions.

6. Give Yourself Permission:

If you love yourself then you must love every emotions and sentiments related to you. To honor these emotions it is necessary to do a catharsis.

To do catharsis allow yourself to go back into your childhood. And remind what you used to do get rid of all those feelings and situations that made you irritated, annoyed, or sad. Consider that child to help yourself burst into tears. When your eyes start filling with tears, allow yourself to completely let go.

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7. Feel Better:

This is quite natural to cry yourself out. Crying is a therapy to let all your negative emotions and thoughts out of your mind. With tears, all the helplessness, anxiety, and agitation will stream out of you. That will give you a feather-like light feel.

After it, you can see clear through yourself, your situation and understand what is going on to better it. Because a good long session of weeping can often make you feel better. Even if your circumstances have not changed at all.

Crying calms anger, soothes anxiety and balances emotions.
Crying works as a therapy.

 Using Tearjerkers to Make yourself Cry

Here are some other usual ways you can adapt according to your nature and interests. These tearjerkers will jerk all your jerky feelings and help you relax.

1. Look at Old Pictures:

Memories bring tears to eyes whether they are happy or sad. Pictures are the best way to recall them fast. Whenever you feel sad take out the old pictures. Seeing them you’ll remember all those moments you spent with your loved ones.

Some moments would be gloomy and some of them would be joyful. One after another picture will give your eyes the saline water. That would take away all your sadness with them.

2. Watch Your Favorite Tragic Movie:

This is a good way to make you cry easily. Watch that movie which made you feel sad and cry in the past or a specific sad part of the movie again.

Start the movie and feel connecting to that character. And feel that a tragic incident happened to him/her. Feel empathy towards the character. Gradually you’ll consider yourself to be in that situation. Then process your feelings about your own life.

3. Listen to Sad Music:

If you are feeling gloomy then listening to sad music is an effective way to provoke your tears out. Sit in a peaceful corner of the home and put on your favorite emotional songs playlist.

Feel the music as well as the words of the song. Closing your eyes and laying your head back will help you more in making the mood.

Honor your emotions and sentiments if you love yourself.
If you love yourself, honor your emotions.

4. Pen Down Your Feelings:

If you keep your journal then it will be a lot easier to light yourself. Pour down your burden on the paper and feel free to weep along with it. It helps you manage your mental health.

It helps identify the causes of depression and anxiety and makes you able to overcome them. Journaling makes you take control of your fears of facing problems.

5. Intimate With a Friend You Are Comfortable With:

You can confide to your closest friend in this regard. Sit down with that friend who is a good listener and better understand you. Talk everything to him/her; pour your all accumulating feelings in front of him/her. This will cleanse you from inside and calm your grief.

Consulting a psychotherapist would be an effective way to overcome your depression. If you have some serious issues in life. Which you find impossible to discuss with someone or you don’t want to tell anyone, go to a psychotherapist.

6. Personal Experience:

Another effective way to make yourself cry is by recalling your personal experiences. Remember any tragic incident of your past i.e. death of a loved one, any catastrophe in life.

Recall any emotional fight with someone important that ended so badly. Weeping makes less the depth of grief so give your tears permission to come out of your eyes.

Crying makes depressed people emotionally relieved.
Crying leads depressed people to emotional relief.

7. Think About What You Are Grateful For:

Gratefulness is another practice to make us cry. Be thankful for all the blessings we have to fill our heart with emotions and make our eyes filled with pure water. This cleanses our heart and light like a feather. Eventually, we get psychologically calm.

Bottom Line:

So from the above-discussed ways of crying which way you would adopt?

Whatever it would be, remember that crying is being human. If you can’t cry at all, you might have a tough time dealing with your emotions. So never hold your tears whether you are happy or sad. Crying is like rain, after which everything is so crystal clear. So cry to have a clearer view of life again.

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