How To Not Hate Your Life – 6 Best Strategies To Wipe Out Hate From Life

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It’s important for you to first figure out why you hate your life before you directly slide to the six powerful tips, we are going to share with you, on how to not hate your life.

Let’s get started with a few pressing questions.

Are you feeling down in the dumps? Has life turned against you or you have turned against life? In either case, you may reckon your life loathsome. It’s really sad to hear someone say I hate my life. But the truth is, many of us do. Here, the question is what makes you hate your life? What is it that plunges you into the darkness where no light penetrates? From where do this darkness and glumness originate?

Do not hate your life for the things which are under your control
Learn How To Not Hate Your Life

Let me tell you, all this glumness is coming from the negative experiences of life which gifted us all a lot of pain and discomfort.

  • Not Having a Good Job.
  • Not Living up to Your Own or Someone else’s Expectations
  • Constantly Blaming Yourself.
  • Spending Time with People who add Toxins to your Life.
  • Worrying what Others Think of You
  • Feeling Dejected for Not Having Adequate Skills and Meaningful Goals

All of the above are some of those things which make you feel you are worthless and you begin to abhor your life for these very reasons. Many of us are jailed for our own negative thoughts and we really wish to get out of this jail but we can’t find a way to escape.

NOT TO WORRY, we are here to get you out from your own set trap by letting you know some of the striking tips on how to not hate your life & how to start loving your life effectively.

6 Marvelous Tips on How to Not Hate Your Life

To hold yourself back from saying I hate my life and to harvest love and hope, check out the following six powerful and most convincing tips on how to not hate your life. Each tip itself is an antidote to that toxic life from which stems hatred and depression.

So, just follow all the tips and get them imprinted on your mind if you really are willing to know how to not hate your life.

1. Be True to Your Own Self:

Accept the fact that you hate your life. Be honest to yourself and just don’t fake it for others. Concealing your true feelings will make your life as tough as hell. Therefore, exposing your hatred for life will not benefit anyone else but you.

One of the best tips on how to not hate your life is to be honest to your self
Be Honest To Your Own Self

Opening up to the worst side of yours and confessing all the worst features to yourself, will give you self-confidence and trust in your own self. This will help you know whether you have recently started hating your life or this issue has been accompanying you for a longer time and is getting older day by day.

Just come to the realization of your true self by diving deep into your heart, mind, and soul.

If you want to know how to not hate your life and how to rekindle the love that you have dumped somewhere long ago, try to be honest to your own self for your own good.

2. Note Down What Makes You Hate Your Life:

Simply just get a blank page and a pen and jot down what you hate about your life.

Just shift all the negative thoughts from your mind onto a paper. This will help you identify what triggers your negative thoughts. This way, you can connect things of similar magnitude and intensity and it will give you a better idea on what to do to reverse the effect.

I can guarantee, taking this action will enable you to quench the flame burning inside you. You’ll feel lighter and better.

3. War Against Your Inner Voice:

The best tip on how to not hate your life is to turn your back on inner critic
Win The Battle Against Your Inner Critical Voice

The inner critic that resides within you is your biggest foe. It not only passes comments on every step of yours but also criticizes you to shake your confidence. It breaks you into pieces with its commentary.

This inner critic is always there in each one of us but mostly when we are stable and resilient, it works in the shadows (having least or no effect on us).

Whenever you hit a rough patch, this inner critic roars to life and adds fuel to the fire. This eggs you on to hate your life as much as you can.

To learn how to not hate your life, what you need to do is to behave antagonistically toward your inner critical voice. Don’t allow it to tear you apart. The less you pay heed to what it narrates, the easier it will be for you to revitalize and get the lost love and happiness back.

4. Walk Away from People who Poison Your Life:

People overstep their borders and you let them do so. They poison your life and you do nothing about it because you are OK with everything they do and bring to your life.

To walk away from toxic people is one of the best strategies on how to not hate your life
Let Go Of People Who Make Your Life Toxic

Try to understand they are not your friends; they are your worst enemies. They fake their identities. They try to be good to your face but talk about you behind your back. They are the silent killers who slowly inject poison in you and you don’t realize what harm they are causing you.

They will never show up whenever you are in trouble. You expect a lot from them but they never live up to your expectations. This makes you gloomy and you begin to detest your life, thereby allowing the cloud of darkness to settle over.

So, those of you who are poisoning their lives by staying with such people, it’s my humble request to take the initiative of walking away from lives of such people in order to get closer to your own life.

This is tough but is one of the most striking tips on how to not hate your life.

5. Get into the Company of Positive People:

One of the secrets of how to not hate your life is to enjoy the company of positive people. Surround yourself with people who have an optimistic approach. Learn the secret of optimism from them.

They are the ones with whom you can share what bothers you. They can heal your wounds with their positive energies.

6. Do not Compare Yourself:

Comparing yourself with others is one of the root causes of hating your life. Mind it, we are not clones of each other. We have been created differently.

Why do you always try to fit yourself into the image of others despite knowing the fact you have your own identity?

By avoiding comparison you can learn how to not hate your life
Avoid Comparing Yourself With Others

Comparison always makes you feel inferior. When you try to chase the life of others just to come up to their level, you actually lose yourself in the way. Thus, this comparison is terrible. Just get out of this comparison thing.

One of the best tips on how to not hate your life is to live and lead your own life and be grateful for what you have.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On How To Not Hate Your Life

What Does It Mean When You Hate Yourself?

You hate yourself mean accepting your negative feelings, blunders, and failures, and comprehend them as messy human moments. It implies forgiving your own self in the same way you would pardon your adored one for nipping at you in a moment of annoyance.

What Is Self-Loathing A Symptom Of?

Self-loathing is also a common symptom of several personality disorders, involving borderline personality disorder, as well as mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. It may also be associated with guilt for a person’s own actions that they regard as unlawful like survivor guilt.

Why Do I Have Low Self- Esteem?

Low self-respect or esteem often starts in childhood. Tension, anxiety, and difficult events in life, like the serious illness or bereavement, may have a negative impact on self-esteem. Personality may also play a part. Some people are simply more susceptible to negative thought, whereas others set incredibly high standards for their own.

Is Low Self-Esteem A Mental Illness?

While low self-esteem does not make up a condition only, in conjunction with some other symptoms it can point to circumstances involving depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and bipolar disorder.


Life is a turbulent journey. Whenever life gets hard on us, we become hopeless and enclose ourselves in a dark box. We begin to think of life negatively and hate it for not going the way we wish to. Hating your life is not a solution to any problem. Instead of moaning, think of what you can do to not hate your life.

Following the aforementioned six tips on how to not hate your life, you’ll definitely get all your lost things- be it love, happiness, laughter, joy, etc. Taking these actions, you’ll be able to realize yourself with your real eyes.

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