How to Overcome Codependency – 7 Effective Steps to Apply Now in 2019

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Learned things, acts, and thinking can be Unlearned, fortunately! Codependency is a negative learned behavior of someone from parents and society. Codependency is pathological loneliness.

It’s a tendency to keep Unhealthy relation with an addictive person and a sense of responsibility for the actions of others. In this article, we will go through the concept of codependency and will discuss how to overcome Codependency.

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Are you in an Addictive & Codependent Relationship?

So check yourself whether you are codependent or not by answering these questions.

  1. Do you feel safe and sound when you are giving to others?
  2. What did you get from this relationship?
  3. Are you always insure about your relationship?
  4. Do you lose your self charm? If the answers are not satisfying.

If you have found yourself to be a codependent personality, then these effective steps to overcome codependency will help you a lot.

6 Powerful & Effective Steps to Overcome Co-Dependency


For overcoming codependency in your relationship, ask yourself what you really want for yourself? Which act let you down in a relationship? If you think it pretty much difficult to be alone and cope up with a broken relationship or you are nothing without this relationship, then now is the time to challenge your boundaries and believe in your self-worth.

If you are not giving importance to yourself, you might miss the opportunity to get real happiness and true love that you actually deserve in your life. Put your needs and wishes first.


Overcoming Codependency through Being Positive

Never be pessimistic. Always remember that where there is a will, there is a way! Stop yourself to worry about your relationship status.
The most effective way to overcome codependency is to be hopeful and passionate about your life. Follow your dreams and endorse all those activities that make you fly, shine, and bloom.


How to Overcome Codependency

Loving can hurt sometimes, but that’s not the only thing you deal with it. Stand up because love and harmony are the symbol of strength, not weakness. Sometimes you need to change your living pattern to heel your relationship from being destroyed or suffer.

Getting extra protective and giving an excuse to others on behalf of your partner will damage your own personality. Stop yourself in explaining and being responsible for the actions of others.


How to Overcome Codependency by Fearlessness & Establishing Boundaries


Let your heart and life be free from all the distractive aspects of society. Avoid all the outer voices and inner voices that lower your self-esteem and stops you to move freely. So, the matter of the fact is, to be in a healthy relationship, you need to dialogue with your inner self and motivate yourself against the distraction.

To overcome codependency, you must be strong to uplift yourself and being able to self soothe by validating your own feelings. Your happiness is your responsibility, not others, and others happiness is their responsibility, not yours.


How to Overcome Codependency through Fearlessness

If you are always finding yourself saying sorry to others or doing extra favors to repair your relationship with others, then you maybe need to establish boundaries because that will help you not to feel bad or hesitated to put others aside. It’s not bad to know from where you need and want to start and others’ end. It will help you to become aware of that, is this relationship drives you towards codependent and seeking what kind of relationship.

Set up of boundaries is an immense part of overcoming the problem in any relationship.

6. Challenge Yourself with a Pretty Hard Task:

Dr. Forshee suggests very easy and easy-going practice, “go around into the world, get new ideas and explore things – try to do new skill and challenge yourself with a pretty hard task, meet people and come out of your box.”

By reading this book, “Sowle, J.J. (2014). The Everything Guide to Codependency: Learn to Recognize and Change Codependent Behavior” you’ll be able to know your behavior and others’ behavior as well. This book will help you to identify the sign of codependency and teach you how to overcome codependency.

Codependency can be destroying a person itself and destructive for the whole family. So, to avoid this behavior, one should seek professional help through therapy. This is the most effective way to overcome and help an addictive codependent.

7. Do Not Take Things Personally:

This is one of the basic principles of a happy life. But in an addictive and codependent relationship, it is quite hard not to take things personally. But it is essential for your well-being and happiness that you learn to separate other people’s behavior from your own self and to see them in a wider perspective. This will really help you learn about how to overcome codependency.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question about How to Overcome Codependency

How do I stop being codependent?

Comprehend what codependency resembles to you. Make sense of where your relationship desires are originating from. Set up limits for yourself seeing someone. Fight the temptation to fix, control, or spare.

How do I know if I’m codependent?

Signs of codependency include that Experiencing issues settling on choices in a relationship. Experiencing issues recognizing your sentiments. Experiencing issues conveying in a relationship.

Do codependents really love?

In light of low confidence and profound situated weakness, the mutually dependent can’t be the individual they truly are. Rather, they work to satisfy the other individual so as to guarantee they will be adored. In this way, a mutually dependent lower their requirements for those of the other individual.

Are codependents controlling?

Due to low confidence and profound situated uncertainty, the mutually dependent can’t be the individual they truly are. Rather, they work to satisfy the other individual so as to guarantee they will be adored. Thusly, a mutually dependent lowers their requirements for those of the other individual.


In this, we get a primer overview and help the co-dependent to not to forget yourself and be a responsible part of society. If you keep all these steps in your mind then you will be able to overcome codependency and improve your and your partners’ lifestyle.

We would like to know your opinion and experience about codependency and let us know what you have got from this article.?

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