How to Play the Player? 8 Ways & 6 Sure Signs of a Player

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How to Play a Player? No one wants to date a player. It is one of the biggest nightmares of women, and yet it is also one of the common dating scenarios these days. You start a relationship, and everything seems perfect. It feels like you have found an ideal man for you, and he is going to stay, such scenarios are too good to be true.

A man may shower you with his love, but after the initial few months, he doesn’t seem like the same person. He stops behaving warmly and makes you feel unwanted, looking dumb.

This is why you are looking for “how to play the player” because you are a modern woman and you don’t believe in crying.

play the player

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Playing the player seems like a fair deal because that’s what they deserve. Players often get their ego boost by seeing you chasing them and being love drunk. However, you can turn the tables and flop his entire game.

Just shock him and let him know that he is not smart enough to get away with his games. But what are some of the common games men play? Before proceeding with how to play the player, let’s look for signs that he is playing games.

 8 Sure-Fire Signs that He is Playing Games

1. He Never Introduces You to Anyone

Imagine that you are hanging out with your boyfriend and he comes across some of his friends. When they ask who you are instead of telling them about your relationship, he says to them that you are just a friend.

If even months within a relationship he hasn’t introduced you to any of his friends, and you don’t even know who his best friend is, then this is a big red flag. He might be telling you that he is a private person and wants to keep everything personal. Do not buy into this because chances are he is lying with you and doesn’t want to go official.

Narcissim kills love- how to play the player

2. He Loves Bombs You

One day you are having a wonderful conversation with him, and the other day he stops replying to your text messages. If he blows hot and cold, then this means he is love bombing you.

Playing hard to get is a technique that players use to make you chase them. When you are pursuing a player, they get an ego boost at your expense.

He may make lame excuses like he was busy with some work or had some family problems. But none of the excuses he makes are true. You will have that gut feeling. A guy who is serious about you will always return your texts to at least inform you about his situation because he knows that you are concerned about him.

Players will never do this because they deliberately use situations for their advantage.

3. His Compliments are Back-Handed

If he tells you that you look pretty in your black dress because it hides your “extra weight,” or you should wear makeup more because it makes you look sexier and “conceals your dark circles,” then this shows he wants to make you feel insecure about yourself.

His compliments will always have a hidden meaning that is meant to make you feel bad about yourself.

If you write an article and ask him to read, he will say something like, “It is good, but you make too many punctuations marks mistakes.” He feels empowered by demeaning you and making you believe that you are not enough.

His high self-image is dependent upon how good he feels by making you feel bad. Men who are threatened by a strong woman start insulting her in subtler ways to affect her self-esteem. This is known as “negging.”

Men play games

4. He Never Sticks to His Words

Players like bragging about a lot of stuff. He may make hundreds of promises from going out with you often to changing himself, but one thing is quite clear that he is a man of words, not actions. None of his promises are ever going to be fulfilled. He wants to keep you hanging.

5. He Deliberately Hurts Your Feelings

He has a habit of playing with your feelings. A player will joke about leaving you or cheating on you because he wants to get you emotional. Getting a reaction out of you every time he says some mean stuff is his way of exerting his power over you.

6. He is Self-Centered

Players are often narcissistic, and some of them are sociopaths too. The entire relationship revolves around them, and for them, everything starts with “I” and ends with “me.” He doesn’t care about you. All he cares about is himself and personal gains. You are irrelevant to him. If he only talks about his problems and never yours, then he is a confirmed self-centered person.

when men make you feel guilty -how to play the player

7. He Doesn’t Make Memories

He won’t waste his time trying to make memories with you like a typical lover. A player stays with you for a reason, and that reason is his self-interest. Making memories like going to places together or have deep conversations is not a thing for him.

8. It is all about Getting Physical

As mentioned above that a player will stay with you for a reason, the majority of times that common reason is sex. Some people can stoop so low that they can fake an entire relationship for getting free and easy sex. They are unable to communicate like an adult and be real with you.

Now, as we have talked about some signs that show he is playing with you, let’s proceed further and get to the main point: How to play the player?

8 Hard-Hitting Ways of How To Play the Player

re-write the rules

1. Call Him Out

Players often believe that their victim is a blind fool. Shatter his notion by calling him out. That’s when he will know that he lost power over you. You are going to enjoy this because as soon as you call him out, he is going to change his stance and turn into a puppy. He will deny everything and try to lure you into his fake promises of love. Don’t buy into it because chances are he is making desperate attempts to get his power back.

2. Start Pretending

Play along with him. Allow him to use his tactics to charm you and make him believe that you believe him. Fool him into thinking that he is fooling you. This is going to give you a good laugh in the end. He s going to look very silly.

3. Be a Free Bird

You don’t have to tie down yourself into a relationship with a player. He is free, and so you are. Play in the field as much as you want to. Let him knows that you are not sitting glued to your phone, waiting for him all the time.

He should know that he is not the center of your world, and you have your own life besides him. Options are open for you.

4. Act Like Karma

Whatever sh*t he puts you through, put him back through it. Give him some taste of his own medicine. If he doesn’t reply to your messages, do the same to him for weeks. Stop flattering him with any compliments.

If he asks you about his new look, tell him plainly that its just average. Do not go out of your way to make him feel good about himself. Treat him with the same non-seriousness with which he treated you. 

If you have ever considered about how to play a player, then acting like Karma is one of the best methods.

be his karma

5. Don’t Give Him Much Time

A player can get mad fast if he sees that you fail to succumb to his charms. Make him feel unimportant. Walk away from him and leave him wondering that what went wrong. This will give a severe blow to his pride. Bring him to his knees.

6. Be Brutally Honest

Honesty is kryptonite for players. They can’t take it. Be brutally honest with him. He wouldn’t make it, and you would be surprised to see the player in him getting out of the equation.

7. Dump Him Before He Dumps You

Dumping girls after making them crazy in his love and enjoying the chase is the number one fantasy of a player. Before he gets to dump you, dump him! This is going to hurt his pride and flop his entire game plan.

Let him know that he is not a hero straight out of Hollywood that ever another girl would beg for his love. Neither you are disposable that he can dump you whenever he is done with his fair share of enjoyment.

8. Do Not Get Jealous

This is another way how a player enjoys at your expense. Now and then, he will deliberately do something to make you feel jealous. This is his way of feeling as an important person. Be it eyeing other girls in front of you or speaking highly of his exes; he will try to make you insecure by also drawing comparisons with other girls. Check your jealousy meter.

Don’t forget jealous and do the same with him. Compliment some other guy in front of him.

giving him a leverage and compromising on your standards -how to play the player

FAQs on How to Play the Player:

How to deal with a player?

Well, when you realize the person is a player try to avoid going out with him, don’t make yourself available for him anytime. Let him realize your worth by chasing you.

How to recognize a player?

You can identify a player by his actions such as he always makes a generalized statement rather than talking about you. He loves to talk about himself all the time. He has all the same likeness for things as you and lastly, he invites you passively for places.

How to make a player jealous?

You can use the following tips. Talk with him about your ex, get appreciation from his guy friends, ignore his calls and keep your details to yourself.

Will a player change?

Yes, there are possibilities that a player can change but he will only change if he has a strong desire to get change otherwise no one else can compel him to change his behavior.


It is fun to play the player, but they are not worth your timeThis ultimate guide on ” How to Play The Player” will help you. Once you are done teaching him some lesson, discard him out of your life immediately.

Do not prolong the game because chances are it can backfire. No matter how much you want to play him back, remember that you were more invested than him. It can still somehow hurt you, and chances are apart from damage to his ego; he isn’t going to care about anything. Playing back never changes a player. Save your time and energy.


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