How To Starve Yourself Skinny without Getting Hungry

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“How to starve yourself?”.

This question sounds horrible because all we can picture is anorexic bodies and blood-drawn faces! But one can also starve himself smartly so that his metabolic rate increases along with weight loss.

Therefore, we will talk about how to starve yourself for a healthy weight loss.

The concept of fasting has become popular nowadays because of research in weight loss tips and diets.

Fasting is referred to as starving here because it is considered good for health. Although going overboard with fasting/starving yourself might result in dire health problems like anorexia and bulimia. Therefore, we gathered facts on how to starve yourself for a healthy weight loss. 

How to starve yourself to lose weight healthily

1. Intermittent fasting

As starving and fasting are intermingled here we will talk about intermittent fasting. It contains eating every four to five hours, skipping some meals, or consuming your meals in liquid form.

It must be done with the proper guidance of a dietitian/nutritionist so that they can prescribe you the essential requirements of nutrients by your body as it increases the metabolism and muscle mass which in turn, ignites your weight loss speedily.  

How to go without eating for days?
How To Starve Yourself tips advice to include Vegetables in the Diet

2. Eat vegetables to starve yourself healthily 

Yes, you heard that right!to starve yourself healthily is a meaningful phrase if we see deeply. You will eat healthily and you will fast or starve yourself for god five hours before eating anything else. 

As for vegetables, they are the best, fiber-filled, low-calorie food out there. Vegetables contain very small amounts of sugars and fats and you can eat them in plenty. For instance, you can eat broccoli like a cow and still stay lean. 

The best points of eating vegetables are that they are loaded with vitamins and minerals and increase our mental and physical performances. Therefore, start eating vegetables from today and see the difference.

3. Consume proteins to starve yourself healthily

 Protein is the number one food source that tells your stomach it’s full! For instance, if you drink a protein shake you will feel like you have eaten a huge amount of food when in fact it is just the mighty nutrients working their way. 

Include eggs and other sources of proteins in your diet to increase your weight loss. You will be thanking us later and don’t forget to give a gap of four to five hours in your eating schedule.

4. Avoid “white” carbs

Avoid any carbohydrate that is — or can be white. Bread, rice, cereal, potato, pasta, and fried things are those deadly white carbs that result in layers of fats around our body. 

Alternate it with fiber-filled foods and with intermittent fasting, you will starve yourself for a healthy weight loss.

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How To Starve Yourself Tips – Say No To Carbs

5. Don’t drink calories

Drink tons of water and other low-calorie drinks like unsweetened tea, black coffee, and iced tea. Do not drink milk, normal soft drinks, or fruit juice.

For wine fanatics, one glass of wine in the evening won’t hurt, instead, it catalyzes weight loss. So there is your “how to starve yourself to lose weight healthily?” on point!

6. Repeat your meals

Mix and match each constructing each meal by the following groups below:

  • Proteins(egg whites, meat(fish,chicken,mutton,pork)
  • Legumes (beans)
  • Vegetables (spinach, asparagus, peas, broccoli and all other greens)

Eat as much as you like of the above food items. Just remember: Keep it Simple. Pick three or four meals and repeat them.

Eat these meals with the gap of four to five hours and you will starve yourself healthily this way. 

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How To Starve Yourself Tips – introduce Cheat Days Concept

7. Take One day off Every Week To Starve Yourself Healthily

In other words, make a day for your cheating in your diet! Go crazy with all the food you love,i.e, ice cream, chocolates, etc. 

Spiking caloric intake in this way once per week increases fat loss by ensuring that your metabolic rate (thyroid function, etc.) doesn’t downregulate from extended caloric restriction. Now isn’t this amazing?

Eating our comfort food once a week will help in weight-loss. Your “how to starve yourself healthily tips” just got dreamy!

But what happens if we go slightly mad with the concept of starving?

What Happens if You Starve Yourself Too Much?

1. Destroys Your Metabolism

If you starve yourself too much then it destroys the glucose and insulin levels in the body which are key players to run the metabolism smoothly. 

Studies have shown eating irregular meals, like only once a day, impairs your glucose tolerance so you can’t use it as effectively. Therefore switch to intermittent fasting with a healthy diet instead

how to stay alive with no food?
Weak Metabolism is the result of Starving Yourself Too Much

2. Inability to Exercise

As glucose is the most essential energy component, its deficiency will make you unable to exercise. Lack of glucose means a lack of energy so that just can’t allow you to kill it at the gym.

Therefore, consume the necessary glucose so that it is easy for you to break it down when you exercise. 

3. No sleep

If you starve yourself then you won’t be getting any sleep. Why? Because they fee so hungry all the time that their bodies keep waking them up. 

Secondly. our brain requires glucose to function. No glucose means it will keep the body awake as it needs the energy to function. Also, your overall performance would be affected badly.

how to survive with no food?
Sleep Disorders incur if You Starve Yourself too much

4. Starving will affect your thinking badly

Yes! The brain suffers most of the aftershocks of starving as it uses the 25% energy of your body. Again, no glucose means no energy and your brain will run on fumes. 

You will be tired, cranky, have headaches, and an inability to create which is going to affect your physical and mental performance. 

Therefore, don’t starve yourself to death!

5. You will develop Binge eating

We all know that it is hard to control yourself after a long gap of no food. For instance, if you don’t eat all day long, by the end of the day, your body’s demanding immediate calories rather than the ones you stored from last night. This will make you give in and you will eat a ton. 

This will result in sudden weight gain and maybe obesity if you don’t control it with a proper diet. 

Even if you have eaten a pizza last night, have something light in your breakfast the next day to fix your schedule again. 

6. Bad Breath Problems

No eating will equal to bad breath. How? If your body isn’t getting the carbs it needs for energy, you’ll burn fat and it sounds great, but if you’re only burning fat you go into this state called ketosis. In the state of ketosis, you produce compounds called ketone bodies that cause gross breath.

Therefore, always EAT to let go off that bad breath because it affects your personality badly. 

7. Starving yourself will result in excessive hair fall

Yes, you read that right! If you don’t feed yourself you will not be giving your body enough vitamins and minerals. This will result in hair loss, dark circles around your eyes, and wrinkles on our skin. 

Staying healthy does not only wok for a great figure but it also rejuvenates the body from every aspect. Therefore stop going crazy over “how to starve yourself” tips for a fast weight loss, instead, follow these healthy tips.  

How stay without food for days?
Binge Eating is the Outcome of Starving Yourself Too Much

8. Digestion Problems

Digestion problems may form if you starve yourself excessively. No food for a long time can make our stomach desperate for fuel. So when you eat after the long gap, your pangs of hunger are still not gone and you will feel hungry after a short while again. 

Eating all the time will result in excessive weight gain and the problems of constipation or a loose stomach. 

9. Mood Swings

Mood swings are not fun, any time of the day. They destroy the sentiments of the occasion and people alike, therefore, EAT healthily to avoid those mood swings.

For instance, you can go to being sad to really angry in a minute, and without any reason. This can be dangerous because you may snap at someone who is not intending to upset you, or worse, someone who is trying to reach out and help you. 

Therefore, starving yourself has this nasty effect on you so stay away from long food gaps.

10. You Might Faint

If you take “how to starve yourself” tips very seriously then you might end up fainting. Why? because your body is short on every essential nutrient, mineral, and vitamin. The food stored in your body will only keep you going for five days, after that the chances are you will collapse. 

The brain will stop working or your heartbeat might drop due to lack of glucose. This scenario is relevant to my experience of starving me to death. I became so anorexic that I fainted in my classroom during a lecture. 

Therefore, never bring your body to such low levels of energy where it has no energy to move. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On How To Starve Yourself Skinny without Getting Hungry

How Do You Starve And Not Feel Hungry?

Here is a list of some ways to reduce excessive starvation and hunger. Eat a Sufficient amount of Protein, Fill Up on Water, Pick Solids Over Liquids, Drink a cup of Coffee, Eat Mindfully, Eat Some Ginger, Indulge yourself with Dark Chocolate.

Is It Bad To Starve Yourself To Get Skinny?

Starving yourself is the most appropriate way to weight-loss. The biggest problem is that this sort of diet is too difficult to sustain. You might also be missing out on vital nutrients as crash diets may be limited in the wide range of food eaten.

Is It OK To Go To Bed Hungry?

Not much research has been conducted on this topic, but many individuals report that eating a little before bed helps them be asleep better or precludes them from wake up hungry throughout the night.

Why Fasting Is Bad?

Fasting is not a bad thing but fasting for a prolonged period of time is bad and awful for you. Your body requires vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional substances from food to remain healthy.

How to Starve Yourself Skinny Effectively?

The answer to this question is simple: Include vegetables, fiber, and proteins in your diet. Create an effective mix of starving and fasting which will boost your weight loss.

Also, you will be eating foods that you know will make your weight loss faster than only fasting

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