How To Stop Missing Someone (21+ Tips with Images)

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Often, missing someone is a work of subconscious, and we are unaware of it. We are unable to pinpoint our exact feeling, and nostalgia becomes overwhelming for us.

However, when missing someone is affecting us severely, then How To Stop Missing Someone becomes our ultimate question. 

13 Ways How To Stop Missing Someone

Human beings are social animals. They crave companionship. Human beings cannot live in isolation.

Human relationships are based on emotions that help us to form attachments, either positive or negative. Our feelings are very unpredictable. One minute we are not caring about anything, and another minute we are diving deep in an ocean of overwhelming emotions.

Missing someone makes entire world look depopulated -How To Stop Missing Someone

Missing someone is one of the most overwhelming emotions. It is often associated with love, but that’s not always true. We can miss anything that was once closer to us or meant something for us. It doesn’t have to be necessarily a consequence of affection.

Sometimes, we miss something because that something was traumatic and brought emotional turmoil for us.

We not only miss our lovers or dead loved ones; we tend to miss our enemies and toxic people too. Missing someone can make us feel numerous emotions. Sadness and irritability are some of them. 

Before employing particular techniques to stop missing someone, it is crucial to identify whether or not you miss them. Here we are presenting you with signs that will help you to understand your feelings better. 

1. Do not Escape:

Escapism never solves problems. If you try to avoid your feelings, they will continue to get worse over time. Acknowledging your feelings is the first step of moving on. Give yourself some time to grieve properly. Facing your feelings will make you brave. It will allow you to be more determined to move on. 

2. Get Rid of Reminders:

If you are continually engaging with reminders, then you are deliberately choosing pain. Initial stages of hurt need distractions to soothe your pain. Anxiety will only ease once you get rid of reminders. Don’t look at old photographs again and again. Out of mind, out of sight is probably the case here. 

3. Find a Healthy Distraction: 

Do what you love the most. Engage yourself in your hobbies. Learn a new skill that was always on your list. Interact with new people and have positive conversations with them. This is a tried and tested technique to stop missing someone. 

4. How to Stop Missing Someone? – Socialize! 

Socializing is the most crucial aspect of moving on. Hard times demand support. Surround yourself with your friends; hang out with them. Go on a road trip. Do fun activities together.  

5. Move Forward:

Clinging to the past is not going to work in your favor. If you want to move forward, then living in the present and making healthy goals for the future is necessary. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Do not play the victim. 

6. Make Peace with Past:

If you want to make your life happy, then you have to stop rewinding your past in your mind. Do not keep overthinking about what could’ve happened. Focus on what is gone will blind you to whatever good is coming. 

7. Know that What Happened, Happened for Good:

Cursing your past is never a good idea. Acknowledge that there is a reason behind everything. If you deny the reasons, you will never make peace with reality. Living in denial can make you depressed. Acceptance is the key. 

8. How to Stop Missing Somone? – Rediscover yourself:

You had a life before your loved ones came into your life. Just because they are gone, it does not mean that everything is over. You can broaden your horizons of personal growth through self-improvement. A single relationship does not define who you are. Discover yourself. Find your passion. 

9. How to Stop Missing Someone? – Learn from Mistakes: 

Personal growth is dependent on what you learn from your experiences. Don’t just acknowledge your mistakes but also learn from them. Promise to become a better person. Work hard for the future. 

10. Don’t Stalk Them: 

If you want to stop missing someone, stalking is a big NO. Do not indulge yourself in stalking. Taking a break from the social media profile of your ex is a better idea. Stalking is addictive once you’re into it, it will drag you down the lane of haunting memories and obsession. 

11. Read Books: 

Reading is ideal for reducing stress. Psychologists suggest that reading a book for six minutes can ease your tension. Apart from that, it increases brainpower. It can also make you sleep better. 

12. Listen to Soulful Music: 

Listening to soulful music not only makes you happy, but it also reduces depression. Music not only reduces pain but also enhances your verbal intelligence. It can also keep your brain healthy in old age. 

13. How to Stop Missing Someone? – Know your Worth:

You should learn to value yourself. If you are not going to respect yourself, then no one else will. Do not degrade yourself into relationships that are not good for you. Instead of draining your energies, learn to be positive

4 Signs You Are Really Missing Somone

1. They are always on your mind:

If you are continually thinking about them, if they are your first thought in the day and last thought at night, then it means that you are missing them badly. You are craving their presence, missing someone makes you sad because you are unsure about what you want with them. If you broke up recently or went through a rough breakup quite some time ago, then thinking about your ex means you miss the old days. However, this might not necessarily mean that you want them back. 

2. Little things remind you of them:

If every little something like smelling the perfume your loved one use to wear or passing by the same cafe that was your favorite rendezvous, then it means you are missing them. It is normal to miss someone if you see something familiar that relates to them, but if little things become unenjoyable due to this familiarity, it indicates your longing.

Your absence has gone through me Like thread through a needle Everything I do stitched with its color.  - How Not To Miss Someone


3. You are Feeling Stressed:

Missing someone can make you depressed and stressed. It can irritate you. You can also suffer from mood swings and insomnia. 

4. You are Re-thinking Entire Scenario with Them: 

If you are playing the whole situation in your head again and again, then it means you want some of those moments back. Either for changing something about it or re-living them, you are craving them to happen again. 

I dont miss you alone I miss you and me together- How Not to MIss Someone

As we have gone through 3 major reasons that show you are missing someone now, let’s explore possible ideas that make you miss someone. 

3 Reasons Why We Miss Someone

1. You had a Connection: 

Human connections are very complicated. It doesn’t matter if a said connection was based on love, understanding, or merely an attachment grown due to spending some time together. Be it any attachment; once it’s gone, it hurts to let go. The pain is immense.

There is a void that is left once that person leaves. This void will keep haunting you. Sometimes it can make you believe that maybe you want that person back. It can make you think that perhaps you loved that person even though that was merely an infatuation. If there is no alternative to that connection immediately, you will become desperate and sad. Avoid giving in to such thoughts. They shall pass. 

Soul connection between lovers

2. They Made you Smile: 

It is tough to forget happy moments in our life. The person who once made you happy will always hold a special place in your life. You would love to recall all those sweet memories you made together. However, this situation can be tricky. Missing someone or missing how someone made you feel are two separate things. Learn to differentiate between them. 

3. You are Lonely:

If you are bored and lonely, if you have nothing better to do, you will indulge deep into the past. This can become your biggest hobby! There are many instances where exes contact each other out of sheer boredom. Don’t let this surprise you because this is very common. When your life is spice-less, you would want to delve deep into re-kindling old flames mindlessly. 

Missing someone is not a bad thing. Missing someone is favorable to sustain healthy relationships. It allows you to value the other person. But sometimes missing someone is just a waste of time, especially if your relationship was toxic. Missing a toxic person can prolong your healing process. It can drag you deeper into trauma. In such a case, we are here to give you 13 tips about how not to miss someone. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On How To Stop Missing Someone

How Do I Stop Missing Him?

Try these mind tricks when you miss him. Bring to mind all the things you didn’t like regarding him, try to keep yourself busy, try to make all the things that you didn’t when you stayed together, Focus on your interest and hobby, Go out as far as possible, Take admission in a new class, Allow it to go and stop repeating.

Why Do I Keep Thinking About Someone I Don’t Like?

In certain cases, you might even hate the individual. Other reasons as to why you cannot stop the thought of somebody is because you are attracted and attached to him, fell in love with, or hate them.

What Does It Mean When You Miss Someone?

When you miss somebody, this means that how satisfied or happy you were with that someone special. It is not about that individual at all. The individual whom you were missing hasn’t shifted but your demeanor and emotions about him have been altered and now you don’t miss them any longer.

Is It True That If You Can’t Sleep Someone Is Thinking About You?

yes, it is true. Most people think a lot at night and therefore their anxiety inhibits them from falling asleep. Instead, many psychics think and believe that if you are not able to fall asleep chances are somebody is thinking and dreaming of you. When someone dreams, she delves deep into her unconscious mind.

In A Nutshell…

We went through signs of missing someone, Reasons Of Missing Someone, and Ways Of How To Stop Missing Someone. The real idea is to learn that our circumstances do not define who we are; instead, our choices determine our reality. You have to learn to prioritize your feelings. Do not entertain unnecessary feelings especially if they are a drain.

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