How To Stop Thinking About Death? 8 Effective Ways+5 Symptoms

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How to stop thinking about death? Well, that’s a difficult question to answer because everyone thinks about it. The frequency of wondering about death might differ depending on person to person, but everyone does THINK about death. It is like an involuntary feeling which springs out from the inside. 

Like every thought process, death’s perception also has an explanation in psychology, and here’s what that is. Psychology calls the thought of death as “Thanatophobia”. It is derived from the Greek god of death and characterizes by persistent feelings of death with a dash of fear and panic. 

It is also known as death anxiety. Therefore, if you think about death often, then the chances are you might be suffering from death anxiety

So let’s first check out the symptoms of death anxiety.


How To Stop Thinking About Death? 5 Symptoms Of Death Anxiety

1. How To Stop Thinking About Death – Panic Attacks

If you think about death, then you might encounter panic attacks. Panic attacks are an amalgamation of anger, guilt, or avoidance. The physical symptoms of anxiety will also occur- feeling sick, dizziness, increase heart rate and fainting, etc. 

Panic Attacks Are A Part Of Death Anxiety

2. You will Go At Extreme Length To Avoid Thinking About Death

Yes, that’s right. It is natural to avoid getting into situations where you think about death, and therefore, those conditions can become extreme. For instance, you will indulge in drugs or other dangerous activities, just to divert your mind from thinking those thoughts.

3. You will Become A Hypochondriac

Death anxiety has close ties with health anxiety, and so you will become a hypochondriac in this regard. It means that you will self diagnose yourself with illness and will visit the doctor frequently. When in reality, you will be perfectly fine. 

This is also a psychological condition and has proper treatments if you see yourself getting into that scenario. 

Hypochondriac Will Become A Part Of Your Personality In Death Anxiety

4. Previous Trauma Around Death

Past trauma around death can make you think about death a lot. Why? Because if you lost your loved one and it is difficult to forget it then it might result in death anxiety or development of any phobia. 

how to stop thinking about death
Past Traumas Can Instill A Fear Of Death In You

5. A Fear Of Losing Control

If you fear that you can’t control your death no matter what you do, then that alone is enough to make you anxious about death. In other words, you will not stop thinking about death and will show one or two symptoms described above. 

After looking at the symptoms, let us provide you some authentic ways to make you stop thinking about death.

How To Stop Thinking About Death? 8 Effective Ways To Fight This Thought

1. How To Stop Thinking About Death – Write Down Your Thoughts

Writing is an excellent outlet for your thoughts and frustrations alike. Almost every psychologist recommends it. So if you are trying on how to stop thinking about death, then start writing. 

Start by surely asking your self, “What was going on around me after I began feeling afraid or worrying at that moment?” For some of the reasons, this will be an insensitive question to answer in the beginning.

Start with the fundamentals. Think again over the previous few days and write down as much information as you can.

Do not forget about the times you idea about the loss of life. Include what you have been doing while the mind arose with these thoughts. Once you start doing this, your thoughts will get straight, organized, and you will be able to do a correct self-analysis. 

Next, write down any of the instances you can bear in mind, which allowed these thoughts to enter your mind. Reasons for this can be your fear or any other trouble.

Write, even in case you are not positive about whether or not or no longer the feelings were necessarily associated in any manner to loss of life or death

Write Down Your Thoughts To Let Out All Your Frustrations

2. How To Stop Thinking About Death – Be Honest With Yourself

Well, that goes without saying. We cannot stop death, but we can make our life much better till we die. Life turns into much precious when we find its transition in nature.

You know that you may face dying someday, but you should not stay lifestyles in worry. When you’re honest with yourself and face your worries and fears head-on, you may be able to begin deconstructing this phobia. That stands as the best way to stop thinking about death and live your life to the fullest. 

3. How To Stop Thinking About DeathFocus On What You Can Control

Death can be a particularly startling thing to consider, basically because it uncovered the cutoff points of life and what we can imagine.

Figure out how to concentrate on what you can control while as yet captivating with what you can’t. Try and learn to let go off things you can’t control, and you will come up with a better and positive approach towards life.

For instance, you might be stressed over dying from a coronary episode. There are particular factors that you can’t control about coronary illness, for example, family ancestry, race and ethnicity, and age.

You will make yourself progressively restless by concentrating on these things. Instead, it’s far more advantageous to focus on the things you can control, such as stopping smoking, exercising, and eating great. Therefore, it will be easier this way to stop thinking about death. 

how to stop thinking about death?
Focus On What You Can Control

4. How To Stop Thinking About Death – Indulge In Worry-Time Period

Psychologists suggest that, like Me time, you should also devote five to ten minutes to think about your worrying thoughts. This exercise is crucial because it will give you a more clear picture of where you stand what you can incur in your daily lives to get rid of your troubles

It is universal that one cannot entirely eliminate negative thoughts from his/her mind. So keep up a balance and do think about all the troublesome thoughts. And don’t think, try doing something about them through positive actions. 

5. How To Stop Thinking About Death – Try Out New Things

Like I wrote above in the symptoms, it is typical to divert your mind by doing out new things. But those things or activities don’t have to be negative. To work on relinquishing control, pick an action you’d never consider doing and focus on checking out it.

Start by doing some surfing on it on the web.

Next, perhaps converse with individuals who have an interest in the activity previously. As you begin to turn out to be progressively OK with its possibility, check whether you are suitable to commit to it for long-term. 

This approach is constructive. It will not only stop you from thinking about death but will also instill positive thoughts and mindset. As you participate in new activities, you will likely learn a lot about yourself, especially regarding what you can and cannot control. 

how to stop thinking about death?
Indulge In Effective Activities To Divert Your Mind

6. Be Prepared For Death

 I know it is difficult to talk on issues like death, but we can’t deny it from happening. So what I mean is that you should be prepared for death. Develop a plan. Talk about it with your friends and family. For instance, you can talk about what you want to do with your wealth and leftovers when you die.

You can also instruct your family on how would you like to die and similar other things. Remember that death is always eventual, waiting for us in the end. Having your friends and family on your side and will make your life durable and your death easy. 

So do talk about what you have in mind regarding your death, and you will feel at ease. I know it sounds scary and weird, but it is the most practical way to deal with this issue. 

7. Reflect On Your Life

If you reflect on your life more often, then it is the sign of your great and robust mental health. Reflect on what you have done and achieved until now. Map out your possibilities for the future. Mark out where you want to see yourself and what else you want to do in your life. It is a part of self-analysis and is very crucial for positive change in your life. 

Also, try spending some time in nature. Make it a habit of going on a walk, and you will be surprised by the massive positive change in your thoughts and life overall. 

8. Live Your Life To The Fullest

No mortal can deny or stop death, so how to stop thinking about death? Because there’s nothing that we can do to stop it. The best advice at this moment is to live your life to the fullest. Inculcate all the above ways in your lives and live it to the fullest. 

Eventually, it’s ideal to abstain from investing an excessive amount of energy agonizing over death. Instead, fill every day with happiness as much as you can. Don’t feel down by a few little things.

Head outside, play with companions, or take up another game. Surround yourself with people that make you happy, and your time will be well-spent.

Simply do whatever will take your psyche on to more beneficial things. Center your brain around living and the dynamics of life and you will not find yourself thinking about death anymore.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on how to stop thinking about death

How do I overcome my fear of death?

Figure out how to Accept that Death is Natural. Peruse the Available Literature and Self-Help Guides About Death. Embrace Rituals and Explore Spirituality. In the event that you are interested in your family’s strict practices or need to investigate new otherworldly thoughts, this is the ideal opportunity. Plan for Your Passing.

What does it mean when you can’t stop thinking about death?

t is a fear. Fears are for the most part gotten or instructed. Passing nervousness may occur because of an injury from an earlier time, something you’ve experienced difficulty adapting to at that point.

Is it normal to think about death all the time?

Having some tension about death is a totally ordinary piece of the human condition. In any case, for certain individuals, considering their own passing or the way toward kicking the bucket can cause serious uneasiness and dread. An individual may feel extraordinary uneasiness and dread when they think that demise is unavoidable.

Why am I so afraid of death?

It is usually alluded to as the dread of death. All the more explicitly, it tends to be a dread of death or a dread of the withering procedure. It’s normal for somebody to stress over their own wellbeing as they age. It’s likewise basic for somebody to stress over their loved ones after they’re gone.

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