I Hate My Wife – Reasons Why Most Husbands Thinks Same

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Some of us got married about six years ago and some are for 20 years. But there comes a point when we realize that the feelings of love are becoming less. And, sometimes it feels like we hate our wife.

If you are in such situation than what to do next ?

When we got married, we make a promise to be together by, no matter what happens. But after some time, many of us get separated, and some take a divorce.

When you decide you have to go for a divorce than there are some actions you can take to save your marriage. If you want to save your marriage and you mean it than its possible.

Reasons Behind – Why I Hate My Wife 

Marriage is a beautiful thing. A person becomes special in life and it changes everything. Both of the partners put their efforts to make life beautiful. But many a times its not the ideal case as the marriage does not work.

When a husband says I HATE MY WIFE it means some reason are behind it that we may have not expected.

Its a common misconception that the husbands abused their wife in some form. May it be physical or emotional, but when a man says that I hate my wife then we have to see the reasons behind it. Lets check some of them.

1. She Shows No Respect And Acknowledgement

Many of the husbands say this with a lot of grief that my wife never appreciates or respect what I do for her. Usually it is consider to be a job of a Man to go out and earn for his wife and family.

Its not only the duty but a man take care of her wife, provide her everything she cares about. Take her out to dinner and shopping but most important to fulfill the wishes of her wife.

But in return what a husband get ?

In most cases the wife is showing very little care and acknowledgement to what her husband do for her. She says that her husband don’t care for anymore and don’t love her the way he used to do before marriage.

She is also using the lines that her husband don’t take her out twice a week. And many other complaints.

If you are in a blessed relationship of marriage than its necessary that you take time for each other. The attitude should not be complaining for the things you don’t get or have.

So all the wives, please try to show your concern to your husband efforts. He is always out and trying to resolve the issues so that you can be happy at home. Acknowledge his efforts and show gratitude.

She Shows no Respect and Acknowledgement
i hate my wife

2. She Always Persist To Change Myself

In any relationship or marriage there are some sacrifices. And it is the need of the relationship that both partners change their preferences time to time. The change in personalities is also needed sometimes to save the relationship.

But all these efforts are from both sides. If only one partner is ready to sacrifice everything and the other is not than the problem arise.

It is the behavior of our wives that they thinks she has left her home behind and left every comfort. As she has come to live with their husband so now he has to make every change to be comfortable with her.

That’s the point which starts building the pressure on the husband and its impossible. And that’s when many of the husbands say that I hate my wife.

So to all the wives out there, it is true that you have made many sacrifices. But also remember that it may be you who needs to change and make a new routine in your personality. So that the relationship can work as planned.

3. She Tries To Take Decisions Without My Understanding

In a marriage the husband and the wife has to take many important decisions. Like moving to a new house, buying new furniture, naming the newborn and etc.

Many a times there are decisions which are important and need consultation.

But the problem arises when the wives take these important decisions alone. They tell their husbands on the phone and try to convince them about the decision.

And adding salt to injury the wives try to convince the husband by telling all the examples. To prove positive aspect of their point and they somehow achieve in it and convince the husband.

This is a little trick that wives used to convince the husbands but believe me this triggers the effect. Many of the husbands agrees with you on that moment but after a while they will start hating you for this.

She tries to take decisions without my understanding
Problem Arises when wife take decisions alone

4. She Discuss Our Personal Things With Everyone – I Hate My Wife

A woman has this habit of discussing everything with their mothers and best friends. Its fine until they start discussing the things about their marriage. It is important that the wife keeps a certain things to only herself.

After a fight with the husband she goes to her mother and tell everything which is very bad. She also tells about it to her sister or some close friend and they will associate the image of husband with that.

In the above situation when wife tells the personal things. The image of her husband will always be bad. Even if you move on and live together.

This is also the reason why the husband start saying that I hate my wife.

So its very important to protect the privacy of your husband no matter what happened between you.

5. She Always Feel Insecure – I Hate My Wife

One of the common issue between a husband and wife is of insecurity. When a man goes out to work in the offices and in that environment there are female co-workers.

The insecurity rises and in some cases the wives are very sensitive to this and don’t trust the husband.

Sometimes the wives are checking the mobile of their husbands to spy on them. These activities will make the husband offended and if he is cheating the wife than he will be alert for next time.

If the husband is a loyal one then such acts will make him angry and he will think negative about the wife. All these activity will force the husband to think that I hate my wife.

If there is insecurity in you and you have negative thoughts than don’t offend your husband. But if you are sure that your husband has a flirty nature than do spy on him and his activities. Otherwise try to trust your husband and your relation and if you don’t than he will stop listening you.

She Always Feel Insecure - I Hate My Wife
If you Have Insecurity Than don’t offend your husband

6. She Believes She Is Always Right

 One of the another most important factor in relationship is when wife think that she is always right. As its nature of every girl that she thinks is always right and she never commits any mistake.

She never feel sorry for any of their activity as she is always right.

This type of behavior forces the husband to say that I Hate my wife. It forces the husband to think that he is always wrong and her wife is always right and it is hurting him inside.

If lets say that she accepts that she done a mistake and that’s not possible. She has the feeling to accept her apology right away. Every man needs a specific time to forgive and be normal again.

But women are more impatient in this matter. She think that its an insult to her even she appologised and was not considered. This all will lead to the wife feeling angry and again its the poor husband who is feeling guilty and be forgiving.

She believes she is always Right
After a while the husband will start hating you

7. She Changed Her Behavior After Marriage

All the wives are good when they are in relationship and feel the boundary. And they look different when they are alone or has a different mind set and carefree.

Men always looks for the women they fall in love with before the marriage. They look for the charm in her as she was before and hence he can say that he is now trapped in a long term relationship.

So the right thing is to maintain your charm and keep a good personality even after many years of marriage. And if you are changing your behavior and physical appearance than its not right.

Try to maintain yourself as better as you can and skip the family burden. Always try to balance both family and husband.

8. Her Children Become The Priority

When she got married to you and you started the relation it was all good and you both are into each other. And the feeling of the perfect romantic couple was there.

It was an ideal relationship with other people also mentioning you. After some time when a child is born and life became busy than the wife started to give her priority to children.

Its natural to get attached to the babies but trying to maintain balance is the key for a relationship.


So far, i have tried the best possible way to explain the reasons of “Why I Hate My Wife”.
After a long term relation its quite possible that a husband or wife may have conflict with each on a point of view.
Its necessary that you take a step back before any wrong decision which you regret taking. Sit with your spouse and try to talk the solution. Only this can resolve the conflicts and it will lead to a happy life ahead.

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