I Miss My Dad – 6 Best Ways To Cope With His Absence

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 I Miss My Dad Like A Restless Fish Without Water. 

Grief and sadness occur at a different level of intensity from person to person. We all experience different emotions throughout our life.

But the emotions of losing a parent hits hard. Nobody is ever prepared to deal with this situation. It comes flashes from nowhere and leave you shocked.

 By the time you come to your senses, your parent will be no more with you. You will feel grief, sadness, depression, aggression, and in the last, acceptance. Out of all, this acceptance takes longer to merge in your mind and heart. 

At first, you will find yourself in the denial phase. Every day to the undefined time, you will feel that your father is going to come back. Dad is out to go for a meeting. He has gone out on tour and  will come back by the end of the day. It depends upon your level of attachment with your dad.

 “Out of all the blessings I have in my life, the existence of my dad was phenomenal.”

6 Things I Miss About My Dad

 It feels he is going to be coming from a business tour in a fortnight. We will be eating at the dinner table again. I still get flashbacks of his dry sense of humor, his wicked laugh, his golden personality. He was the epitome of everything in my life. 

Like my day used to starts and ended with him. It always starts with Good Morning, lad! Too sweet dreams, my chunky pie! Every day, I am there waiting for him at the balcony near the house’s main entrance. 

My dad used to teach me about my exams. He was the one I learn driving from and had ample knowledge of the world.Dad would guide me about everything, from social life to relationships. About my career, he would always guide me to pursue a certain direction. I miss my dad like every microsecond of my life.” 


I miss my dad because of his kindliness nature.
dad kindliness nature

 These are some of the ways that remind me of my dad in a positive manner.

1.I Miss My Dad – His Never-Ending Support:

 He would lend me a helping hand always. He would always get me out of any difficult situation. I can’t fathom the moment where he left me off of his attention. He was a knighted man for my darkest hours. He supported me in every decision. Whether I want to opt-out of my course to pursue my dream of horse riding. OR my decision to do the business of cars spare parts. I had his 100 % support with me.

2. I Miss My Dad – His Understanding:

It won’t be a lie to say that I had a sharp-witted dad. He was an engineer by profession. He knew how to fix everything. Like from kitchen sinks to broken coverage. From fuse bulbs to out of order T.V and Fans. He was smart at everything and knew how to put a smile on a sad face.

Further he would cheer up the whole room with his dry sense of humor and has immense knowledge of my era. The kind of education I am getting. What is trending on the news. Who is successful these days what is happening in the stock exchange. He knew everything. 

I never have to read the newspaper and watch the news on T.V because my father was my encyclopedia

He would walk by and give us the news. He would tell me stories about history and enhance my knowledge. My friend always compliments me for my comprehension and understanding of history. I would bow my head and accept appreciation, but I knew it was my father who needs appreciation deep down.Further always called him my knight-man. 

3. I Miss My Dad – His Soft Conduct And Behaviour:

 When it comes to temper, My father rarely loosed it. Everybody remembers him as a soft-spoken. He never shouted at me nor called me names. If I ever made a mistake, he would help me in his lap and talk to me in a nice but suggestive manner. He used words that were neither too harsh nor too soft.

He had a balance in his speech. People recalled his nature in good words. His talk was always smooth. His choice of words was remarkable. If he had to disagree, he would choose soft and less hurting words to raise his opinion. I miss my dad because of his slimy yet virtuous spoken nature. 

4. I Miss My Dad – His Funny- Bone Nature:

My dad loved to crack jokes. I miss my dad because of his humorous demeanor. He was a funny-bone on the table. Nobody can stay sad when my dad was around. He would cheer up everybody by his witty nature. But his jokes and wittiness were always respectful. He never belittles somebody by cracking bad jokes.

I always looked up to him, owing to his jolly nature. I wished I would adopt an ounce of his jolliness. His smile was infectious. Often, my dejected mood would swing to a happy mood only by looking at his happy face. His laughter was like music to my ears. My house was always a buzz because of his loud laughter. How can I not miss him? as I no longer have him around to make me smile. 

5. I Miss My Dad – His Cricket Commentary:

While watching cricket, I miss my dad. Because his cricket was famous in the whole town, every weekend for about 2 hours, he would invite over his couple of friends. He would cook something for them. Then they all would gather around the lounge and watch cricket on T.V. He was a die-hard fan of cricket. He would comment on every six and four. Amidst the match, he would crack jokes. He was a mood booster. 

I Miss My Dad because he has tender heart
knighted man for darkest hours

5. I Miss My Dad – His Silent Charity:

After his death, a lot of people stopped getting rashan parcels. Only then they contacted the courier service. They got to know the address where the parcel was coming from years. They followed the address, and it led them to our house. He was not only a knight-man for me, but he was a knight- man for many.

I could not ask for a better dad and became forever grateful to Almighty Lord for blessing me with his angelic being.Moreover I miss my dad like crazy at charity work. His charity was crossing a million minds and hearts and helping many. He was silently feeding many bellies. 

6. I Miss My Dad – His Intelligence:

I know I mentioned earlier about how much knowledge my dad had. Adding to it, he was a wise person. He was a combination of understanding, Intelligence, and wisdom. Further He was not a word boaster and used to  kept his promises. Moreover He was a man of words. Whatever he used to say.

People used to listen to him. Because he was famous for his decision-making skills and wisdom, he used to talk softly. A tone that is suggestive yet mild. His words had the power to change brick-hard minds. He would resolve disputes in his society. People trust him. 

7.I Miss My Dad – His Generosity:

My father had a tender heart. He would cry upon looking someone in trouble. He used to share the grief and sorrow of his fellow being. I used to get annoyed at him for his generosity. Because many times he got himself in serious trouble. I miss my dad owing to his kindliness nature. Paving the way for others and helping them was his motto.

My Father was a knighted man for my darkest hours.
knighted man for darkest hours

He used to say to me:

”Lad! understanding the unheard wants and needs of those around you is a duty. The creator does not bless everyone with this quality. Only lucky and chosen ones get it. So, lights up the candle for others if they are facing darkness.”


I miss my dad every nano-second of my life. My whole being is the testimony of how the person he was! I can never stop writing much I miss my dad. 

Whenever I cry, I laugh, I shared with him. I now cry and laugh and want to share with him eagerly. Part of me died every minute upon seeing the good-ness he spread. 

His virtue knew no boundaries. Writing about how much I miss, my dad is like a therapy to me. I find solace and comfort in writing about him. 

Only writing gives me a closer feeling with him. I had my fair share of grief upon losing my dad. But I pray that nobody should get the news of the sudden death of their dad.

 It is heart-breaking. I have accepted his death, and you will too. Only hold on to positivity towards your deceased dad and pray for him every day. 

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