I Wish I Was Dead- 6 Best Strategies To Fight Off Darkness Of Depression

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Before getting to the thought ‘I wish I was dead,’ let us ask you a few questions to better understand what state of mind you are in and to know what’s bothering you the most.

Are you over with your life? Are you and living on anti-parallel roads? Do you feel you’ve screwed up your entire life? Is there anything left to cherish? Have you started to loathe yourself and your life? Do you think your existence is a burden to the Earth? Are you collapsing on the inside each day? Does the thought of ending your life often stroll in your head?

If YES is the answer to all the questions we’ve thrown at you, then something significant is going on with you which should not be ignored. Constant anxiety, persistent sadness, swings of fierce depression, fear of failure– all of which join hands to ignite the thought ‘I wish I were dead’ within you.

Many of us wish to be dead
I Wish I Was Dead Thought

Some usual verbal signals that come along with the expression ‘I wish I was dead’ are given below:

  • Wish I could die when asleep
  • Hope I could succumb my life to death
  • Want I were run over by a car in a freak accident
  • Wish I weren’t born

Point to ponder is that all these are passive wishes or thoughts, not the action plans to make these wishes come true.

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What holds significance is the form of suicidal thoughts you are wrestling with.

Now, let’s get you to the two primary forms of suicidal ideation.

Suicidal Ideation- Passive or Active

Suicidal ideation sprouts when a person feels out of control of his/her own life which fuels hopelessness and loneliness. Thoughts that are suicidal are of broad-spectrum. Major depression (clinical) and the depressive episodes manifested in bipolar disorder, both flow from these suicidal thoughts which come in two forms.

1. Passive suicidal ideation:

It involves envisioning death to a high degree with no plans to harm yourself severely. Mind it. It’s just what’s going on in your imagination nothing else. What keeps you from planning anything actively are your religious beliefs which do not let your suicidal thoughts turn into something more than ideas.

2. Active suicidal ideation:

It is a call for action and suggests the conversion of your ideas to plans of making them real. These are the dangerous form.

When you are fed up with life, I wish I was Dead thought appears repeatedly
Dying On Inside Is The Greatest Loss

‘I wish I was dead’ doesn’t signal your intent to die. Instead of dying, you crave for ceasing your existence.

So, here, we are to deal with the former as it deals with the wish to be dead and emphasizes the topic under discussion.

What urges you to think ‘I Wish I Was Dead’?

There could be multiple reasons that trigger this thought. A person may have the feeling of not living anymore when he/she is:

  • Not financially fit
  • Tired of keeping up appearances
  • Filled with remorse and shame
  • Not in harmony with the environment or the circumstances
  • Not able to do well in life
  • Going through any chronic illness such as cancer
  • Left heartbroken
  • Failed or rejected at any point
  • Coping with injured pride and bruised self-esteem
  • Isolated, lonely, and companionless

After understanding what are the forms of suicidal thoughts and how are they triggered, let us introduce you to the depression which is energized by these destructive thoughts of yours.

I Wish I Was Dead Depression

Depression is a common mood disorder that affects how you feel, think, and act. It withdraws you from the usual activities, and you begin to lose interest in everything.

Being in a state of depression often feels like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders but believe in us, you are not alone in this journey. Many of us have had experienced depression at some point in our lives.

Feeling depressed doesn’t point towards the fact that you are crazy, feeble, and flawed. It merely means that you are living through more pain than you can bear up right now.

Depression is terrible as it urges you to think badly about life
Depression Snatches From You The Reason To Live

When you’re flooded with the thoughts of despair, you are paving the way for major depression. Once it sets in, you begin to paralyze your self with the thought ‘I wish I was dead.’

Effects of Depression on Your Life:

Not only this thought cripples you on the inside but also hampers your normal functioning. You want to do work but to your dismay, you can’t. You begin to detest everything that is connected to you- be it your existence, your loved ones, your life, your surroundings, or your friends. In such a situation you madly wish you were dead. Tears well up in your eyes out of nowhere and your eyes begin to rain heavily. You cry for hours such that you get numb.

Let me tell you all such things are indicative of utter depression you are drowning in. Whether you’re under significant depression or are diagnosed with any mental health disorder such as bipolar disorder, you may passively wish for death to come upon you. This is because you are preoccupied with the thoughts of ending your life that are of no good to you.

You must know what are the symptoms of depression because many of us have everything to be happy, yet we are wounded on the inside. We try to put on a mirthful exterior but inside we are bleeding and are depressed.

When depressed you appear to fake your own existence
With Depression You Die Each Day

Therefore, recognizing the signs and symptoms of depression is fundamental.

Symptoms of Depression:

  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Reduced or no more interest in favorite activities
  • Alteration in appetite
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty in concentration and focus
  • Excess worries and anxieties
  • Suicidal thoughts pop up
  • Panic attacks

Having known what depression is, let us walk you through the main points we have pulled together on how to stop the overwhelming feelings of death and suicide from striking your head. Focusing on these points will help you bury the idea ‘I wish I was dead.’

How to Stop Thinking I wish I was Dead!?

No matter how hurt you are at the moment, you have many of us in your journey. Many most talented and admired people have been at the very same point where you are now. You need to believe that depression is curable, and hope is renewable. You can get over your negative thoughts if you wish to come to grips with them.

If you don’t know how to escape this turmoil, agony, and depression, we’re here for you. We’ve worked for your betterment by creating ways out to reverse the effect of ‘I wish I was dead’ notion. Focus on these six strategies to overcome the thoughts of death or suicide that pool up in your head.

1. Identify What Triggers You

Look for the pain points or the circumstances that implant within you the wish to be dead. After identifying your triggers, eliminate at least what you can on your part and try to relax when in any stressful event.

2. Reach Out for Help

If you or someone you know is suffering from major depression or bipolar depression, you need to take your loved ones into confidence and openly tell them what’s the cause of your botheration. Bring into their notice what is hurting and aching you deeply.

If you feel no one worthy of sharing your terrible feelings with, reach out to the medical practitioner or a psychologist immediately before you ruin everything.

3. Exercise Regularly

If you or anyone you love has fallen prey to suicidal thoughts, it’s advisable to exercise regularly to be in good terms with your physical and mental health.

4. Do Things That Make You Gleeful

Get yourself involved in activities that you fancy. Just think out of the box- dancing, singing, painting, gaming, etc.- or go for any other thing that distracts you from your thoughts. This will surely keep you from ‘I wish I was dead’ and other coupled ideas and will help you regenerate the love, happiness, and joy in your life.

5. Encourage Good Sleep

Make sure you sleep well as it’s crucial for the optimal functioning of your mind and body. If you find it hard to sleep and you are among those who continuously lay their eyes on the ceiling, it’s better to take prescribed anti-depressants for some time.

6. Enlarge Your Social Circle

Get yourself submerged in the company of those who are empathetic and competent listeners. Be with them and harvest the positive energies they radiate. Such friends or people turn out to be a real source to alleviate the pain you’re hiding inside. They are the pure souls who can see the smile that is plastered on your face. Being with them, you will observe the change in your behavior.

Top 6 Must-Read I Wish I Was Dead Quotes

‘I Wish I Was Dead’ thought could hit anyone’s head at any time. Such an idea occurs when a person thinks he/she will not be able to get through the overwhelming situation. But such ideas are mostly passive and temporary, which can be beaten easily.

A mass of great writers have penned down their valuable thoughts on ‘I Wish I Was Dead.’ Have a look at the best, and the top read quotes we are sharing with you and see what these great minds intend to convey.

i wish i was dead thought injures you badly

Death is not the solution to anything

Depression comes along with I Wish I Was Dead notion

Pain is more than you can cope with

When you wish to be dead, you lose your days and nights

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On I Wish I Was Dead

What Causes Suicidal Depression?

Anxiety, depression, eating disorders such as anorexia, and substance abuse are the main causes of suicidal thoughts. Individuals with a family background of psychological illness are more likely to have suicidal thoughts in their minds.

Are Suicidal Thoughts A Chemical Imbalance?

A chemical in the brain can explicate why some people are becoming suicidal and it might link inflammation of the body to abnormalities of the psyche. According to the latest research, suicidal persons have higher levels of quinolinic acid in the fluid that surrounds the central nervous system.

What Suicide Causes?

Suicide is the act of deliberately which causes a person’s own death. Psychological disorders, containing personality disorders, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, depression, and substance abuse including drunkenness and the use of benzodiazepine are important risk factors.

Is Being Depressed And Suicidal The Same Thing?

This difference between depression and suicide is important, because in more serious cases, depression may be life-menacing, with suicide as a possible result. Depressed people might also fail to come up to their prospective, performing poorly in school and colleges and living on the social edges.


Just to run over- either you are struck by depression or are struck with any mental disorder, you are your savior. You have to get yourself out of the thoughts that play in your ground to harm you. Thinking passively of death is also dangerous. If you don’t let go of, you will always be trapped in your thoughts which will function to impair you mentally and physically. Just don’t let the fear of stigma to keep the illness to your self. Combating this stigma will help you achieve a lot for your self. Control your life rather than be controlled by depression. Throw away the things that make you think you are unwanted and are of no use.

Always bear in mind that change never comes overnight, but with the help of the right person, you can pull depressive thoughts aside not to let them overshadow your life. Eventually, you’ll begin to take steps towards life once again.

Just don’t waste your life on depression. Life is beautiful, live, and love it the way it demands!

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