35 Interesting Things to Do At Home, Outdoor & By Yourself

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We humans can be called the creatures of habits. We build up a routine around our comfort and ease and continue to live with that. Yet we want some exciting and interesting things to do.

For the majority, life is a prolonged period of boredom with few exclamations of joy. It is hard to identify how the weekdays flow into the weekends and how weekends change into weekdays.

Don’t worry, If you are looking for some fun & interesting things to do, then let’s here is the list of the best ideas.

12 Interesting Things To Do At Home

Each living soul on this planet dreams about living a more exciting life. But fear of discomfort takes over. We wait and plan for a massive fantasy escape. During each day, we become less alive from inside.

‘Going for bungee jumping’ ‘travelling to our dream destination’ ‘deep-sea diving.’

It all sounds cool and exciting. But most of us don’t have the resources and freedom for such enthralling activities. So what should we do? Sit on our couch and watch T.V.?

Few small changes can break your routine’s monotony and help you keep your inner wanderer alive.

Looking for a change in your life while staying at home. Here are 12 things you can do:

1. Arrange A Meet Up With Friends:

Say bye to your boring Sundays, bring about a small change, and enjoy it. Call over a few close friends for a small cozy Sunday afternoon lunch. Or call it a movie evening with your best friends. This simple meet up will keep you energized for the next week.

Interesting Things To Do with Friends
Meetup with Friends

2. Re-Design A Living Space:

Are you feeling bored? Looking for a change in your surroundings? Little re-designing of your living spaces can help. Re-arrange the furniture of any living space in which you spent the majority of your day. You can also try some new DIY projects or paint the walls of your room.

3. Catch Up With Long Lost Friends:

Sometimes while chasing our life goals, we tend to lose connection with our friends. Whenever you find a chance, catch up with your old friends. Relive the time you spent together. It’s always a superb idea to know how your friends are doing.

4. Spend Some Time In Solitude:

The world so consumes us around us that we hardly ever get time with ourselves. So whenever you get an opportunity to avail it. Spending time with yourself in solitude will help you unwind. Get your sanity back; try meditating or gardening.

Unwind Yourself in Solitude
Time in Solitude

5. Pen Down What You Feel:

We are so busy working to make our lives perfect that we become dissociated with our feelings. We don’t take into count how things are affecting us. When you find an opportunity, sit back & write down your feelings. Don’t shy away from writing, even if you have very little to say or negative emotions.

Venting out your feelings by penning them down will help you feel fresh and motivated.

6. Cleaning Up Can Be Therapeutic Interesting Things To Do:

There is no denying that we all dread cleaning up. No matter how much we hate cleaning, it can break the enhance your daily life.

Organize your cleaning up plan so that it becomes interesting. In the end, it will give you a sense of accomplishment.   

7. Try A Change Of Routine:

For a change, try changing your morning routine on occasions. Wake up early and make yourself breakfast. Play some music while getting ready. 

Do anything that you have not done in months or years, just try to make your mornings different.

Mornings are best when we look forward to them, it makes sleep much better as well. Enjoy your mornings.

8. Explore New Recipes:

Eating the same dishes over and over again can become quite dull. Try experimenting with new recipes, or go ahead and try new cuisines. You can even try your hand at baking. Don’t be afraid of limited resources; look up for substitutes.

Trying New Recipes can be an Interesting Things to Do
Try New Recipes

9. Hunt For Thrift Stores:

No doubt how much we love shopping, but it can drain out our finances. Hunt for a thrift store near you.

You can find designer articles at a low price.

10. Arrange A Backyard Bonfire:

If you are lazy and don’t want to go out for dinner night out, have a small bonfire in your backyard. It will give you the opportunity to work with your siblings or your partner, or to explore your kitchen & your house if you are single.

Have a Fun Bonfire in Your Backyard
Bonfire in Backyard

11. Solve A Puzzle:

Looking for some exciting things to do? Remember how we used to love solving puzzles? Find a good mystery and solve it.

There are different types of puzzles for different people, look for the ones that suit you. Solving a puzzle is a form of mental exercise as well.

12. Star Gazing Is One Of The Interesting Things To Do:

Grab a pillow and comforter, go and lay under the sky get mesmerized by the stars. You can plan an all-nighter with your significant other or best friend. You can look up for ‘Meteor Shower.’

Try Star Gazing with your Friends
Star Gazing

13 Interesting Things To Do Outdoors

There is a limit to interesting things that you can do at home, therefore, we have included 13 ideas on exciting & fun things that you can do outdoors as well.

1. Plan A Surprise For Some Loved One:

The cycle of our day-to-day routine can distant us from our loved ones. Break that cycle and surprise a loved one with an unplanned visit. Cook something special for your significant other. Plan a movie or picnic outing with your cousins.

2. Volunteer for A Cause:

Working for a cause gives you a sense of contentment. It also allows you to break free from your mundane life. You can use your off day to volunteer for a charity event or be a part of the cleanup drive.

3. Give Yourself The Haircut You Fancy:

Without a doubt, we all have a haircut in mind we can only wish for. Gift yourself that haircut. Enjoy the happiness and joy a simple haircut can bring to your dull days.

Hair Cut can be Interesting thing to do
The joy of Hair Cut

4. Dare Yourself To Do Something You Are Afraid Of:

If nothing is working for you to break the monotony of routine, try doing something you are afraid of. Challenge yourself to do something you are scared of. Go for a ride at an amusement park you are fearful of.

Conquering what you are afraid of will give you a significant boost.

5. Go On A Weekend Road-Trip

Spending your weekend, in the same way, can be a bit tiring. Get up early in the morning, go for a relaxed road-trip to the countryside. Let the fresh air and peace of the country do its magic.

Go on A Road Trip to Country Side for Change
Road Trip

6. Enroll For Class Can Be One Of The Productive Interesting Things to Do:

Enroll yourself in any class of your interest. It can be anything, like music, yoga, dance, cooking, baking, etc.

It would become easy for you to spend your day looking forward to class at the end of the day or weekend.

7. Initiate A Conversation With Someone:

We usually hesitate from having a conversation with someone we don’t talk to much. But talking to people and getting to know about their likes and dislikes is always fun. So next time you get bored, start a conversation. It can be a colleague at work, a classmate at school, or a lovely neighbor.

Initiate Conversation with People
Talk To People Around You

8. Wonder Around With Your Best Friend:

You are looking for how to make your weekends or even your weekday evenings enjoyable? Here is what you can do!

Call your best-mate and visit a new restaurant. Try a new hiking trail in your neighborhood. Or have a chat with them in your backyard with a cup of coffee.

9. Plan An Adventure:

Rather than lazing around on your couch, get out of home, and plan an adventure. It can prove to be an interesting thing to do.

10. Relive Your Childhood Days:

As we grew up, life becomes all about work, work, and work. It can be a fun idea to relive your childhood days. Play a game of hiding and seek, hopscotch, or make bubbles.

Relining Your Childhood days can be Interesting
Relive Your Childhood

11. Go Out for A Game:

Being at home, browsing the internet seems very comfortable. Yet it feels boring, so instead go with your friend for a game of blowing or any other game you like.

12. Visit Historical Places :

Historical places can be fascinating. You get to know about your culture and history—Hunt for less famous historical sites on a weekend excursion.

13. Take A Trip To The Farmers Market:

Visit the farmers market near you and grab some fresh fruit and vegetables. Other than supporting the local farmers, it can be a soothing change for you.

Visit to farmers market can be Soothing
Farmers Market can be Soothing

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10 Interesting Things To Do by Yourself

Want to enjoy your own company? Ten things you can do for your own-self: 

1. Learn A New Language:

Learning a new language of your interest can be very interesting and useful. But don’t be hard on yourself; enjoy the process, and appreciated what you know about a new culture.

2. Explore Your Passion:

Exploring what you are passionate about will give you so many opportunities. You will get to meet people having a similar interest as you. Following your passion will add to your happiness index.

3. Cycling Around Can Be One Of The Interesting Things To Do:

Cycling around can prove to be a refreshing change. Grab the cycle lying in your garage or rent a bicycle, and go on a relaxing stroll around.

Cycling is One of the Interesting Things to do
Cycle Around

4. Make Life Happen:

Don’t sit and wait for something magical to happen for you. Make an effort and do something that excites you ‘feel alive.’ Next time instead of waiting for a plan to come your way, make a plan yourself.

5. Act On A Risky Plan:

Usually, we all have some business plans or any other ideas that seem risky on paper. Please bring them to action but be careful with how you implement them. Even if you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, it will teach you some important lessons.

6. Explore Your Local Library:

With technological advancement, we have transitioned from book to mobiles. From searching for information to reading books, all have been digitalized. Visiting the local library can be revitalizing.

Local Library can be Fun
Explore Your Local Library

7. Don’t Shy Away From Asking Questions:

Ask your work friends or your acquaintance’s questions about things you want to know. It might end up you finding something interesting about them or something new.

8. Get Out In Nature:

Shift your weekend life outside. Read a book, or complete your undone task while enjoying the fresh air and chirping of birds.

9. Visit A Place You Loved:

Don’t force yourself to binge-watch series when you are feeling low. Get out of your bed and revisit the place close to your heart. Let the nostalgia of your special place work its magic.

The nostalgia of Specials Place

10. Be A Tourist in Your City:

All of us wish to visit a new country but rarely visit the tourist spot in our city. So don’t wait for a visit to a different country to let your inner tourist come out.

Explore the tourist attraction of your town and country.

Final Thought:

These simple changes in your routine will help you make your life more interesting. Because you have to bring about the change in life that you wish for. So don’t just sit there waiting for something to happen in your life. Make an effort daily for an interesting life that you want. Stop looking for exciting things to do & start doing things in an interesting manner.

Get up and step out from your comfort zone. Do something small and simple to brighten up your life. Don’t miss any chance to do something interesting, because nothing will come to you on the plate.

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