Lost Control of Your Life? Big Ideas to Regain Control!

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Despite doing your best efforts, life can still be out of control, and it’s okay. The point is to keep your head high and to gain back control as effectively as you can, even if you feel you have lost control of your life.

In today’s uncertain times, many of us are going through such emotions. “I’ve lost control of my life” is the thought on millions of people as YOU are reading this.

In today’s article, we are sitting together in a heart to heart conversation on this matter to help you gain back control over your life. 


5 Ways To Get Back the Lost Control of Your Life!

A time comes in everybody’s life when they don’t know what to do? Where to go? When will things get back to normal? Here are the tips for dealing when you feel out of control.

1. This Is Your Life:

When your life is not in control, it is time to make a significant life decision.

I've Lost Control Of My Life
Not every person suffers because of their foolishness and ignorance.

Action is what will reveal the root cause of why you lost control of your life. You may find the clue in three areas of your life; workplace, relationship, and social circle.

Remember! Life is a whole challenge, and you can’t change or control everything. Plenty of things are there ready to stress you out. We need the ability to cut everything that pulls at us.

You deserve to live your life to the fullest.

Explore your power of personal agency to choose your way and command of your life. Raise your standards of the practice of reacting to things in life. In a way to get your life together, you must have a clear mind with a vision.

Don’t let others take over the control in your life. It’s impossible not to be influenced by those people around us.

Suppose some people are just pulling your leg or letting you down. You immediately need to set your boundaries with such people. 

Instead, surround yourself with positive relations. Who encourages you to reach your full potential. And give you the reality check when you behave negatively

It is your life, and you are your superpower.

You don’t need the approval of other people for being who you are. Become your guru, and choose your aim. Stick to that aim until you achieve it.

Yes, you can do it to regain control of your life.

2. I’ve Lost Control Of My Life – Accept The Reality:

To know why you’ve lost control in life, you must look for things as they are. Radical Acceptance skill is that you accept reality no matter what it is. 

Courage is required to start this process. But don’t worry; that courage is already inside.

You’re only weak when you choose to give up!

Lost Control Of My Life - Accepting Reality
Rejecting does not change the fact. It only makes things worse.

Denialism is a process that drives people to reject the truth or validity of something. This self-deception to avoid acknowledging our weaknesses and secret desire can be harmful.

Accepting reality is the essential step to bring positive change in your life. Otherwise, you will be stuck in negative emotions. Rejecting does not change the fact. It only makes things worse.

I know it’s not always possible to find a solution or change how you feel about an issue. In such times, try to accept reality by practicing radical acceptance. It would be a smart choice.

Radical acceptance is about giving up what you can’t control. It enables a person to take a break and reason to find a way to retake control in life. 

Accepting reality helps you in changing the way of responding to unpleasant situations or difficult problems.  

3. Meditate Yourself:

When our unconscious emotions drive us, it makes us overwhelmed. Meditation helps us to de-stress and calm down. It is a healthy self-care exercise that consists of focusing your attention to calm the mind.

Your emotions influence your thinking and behavior. Meditation takes efforts to uncover your inner thoughts and feelings.

You must be self-aware to know your thought process. If you want to take good care of your mind by meditation

I've Lost Control Of My Life
If you want to take good care of your mind by meditation

Practicing meditation will help you to not accepting negative emotions automatically. 

And will also change your perspective on things happening around you. It will help you to identify the false thoughts that occupied your mind. You can fix your mind with potential by meditation. 

It improves our general well-being. You’ll find yourself more peaceful and focused. 

There are various types of meditations. Breathing is the focal point in meditation to remove distractions and worries from your head.

You can adopt Silent Meditation – that allows you to meditate alone. Or you can practice popular Mantra meditation by repeating a mantra in your head. It would be helpful to shut out every thought and bring relaxation.

Meditation will give you positive healing results. With a calm mind, you can better plan to take your control back in life successfully.

4. I’ve Lost Control Of My Life – Be Proud Of Yourself:

At some point in life, anyone can be a bit too hard on themselves. Being hard on yourself won’t get you anywhere. Don’t be too disappointed by your failures. Instead, use your energy to work hard.

Be Proud of yourself - Do not lose control of your life
Know your worth, and figure out your values.

You don’t always get what you want in life. But remember all the obstacles you’ve overcome. You must have endured painful and challenging things before.

It’s been a long journey of ups and downs, but somehow you managed to make this far.

Many people do have a problem with low self-esteem. But there’s a lot of ways to improve it. I’d recommend practicing positive affirmations to counter your negative self-talk.

Stop! Whenever you get yourself self-criticizing. It will also help to manifest your wants and needs.

Being proud of yourself is an essential part of your happiness. Know your worth, and figure out your values. Each day, give yourself compliments. Reward yourself for your accomplishment to keep moving forward.

The person you need to get an endorsement from and to make proud is yourself. Be proud of yourself for your hard efforts.

However, sometimes society makes us feel inadequate. Like you must be doing wrong something with your life.

Let’s the people talk and judge, but don’t let it affect you at all. Struggle with mental health is not your fault. They haven’t walked in your shoes. 

Not everybody is here to support you. Keeping a healthy family and friend’s support can turn things around for you. It’s okay to take a break and then pursue your dreams. You’ll get through this eventually. 

Lessons and Blessings in people
Set your boundaries with such people.

Be encouraged enough to figure out at what point the things are getting out of control. And continue to improve your life. Keep trying, no matter what. So you can be proud of not giving up.

5. This Won’t Last Forever:

From ‘I’ve lost control of my life.’  

To ‘This won’t last forever.’

I've Lost Control Of My Life
I’ve Lost Control Of My Life, but This Won’t Last Forever.

Being bothered by unhappy situations is part of human life. Someday you may feel like you can’t rid of problems you’re facing, maybe alone. But you’re not alone in feeling this way.

People, time, fame, or feelings; nothing meant to stay forever. It is good, and it is terrible. Changing is the law of nature. And that’s how it works.

Try to be kind and patient in your rough times. It’s better to face the situation alone rather than passing your anger on others. Everybody goes through their problems. Life is not perfect, and it is not meant to be.

In such times, look at people below you and count your smallest blessing to be thankful. You may don’t want to hear this now. But you can’t deny this.

I know that it’s easier said than done. But what would you do if you got to know it’s your last day to live? How would you want to spend it?

Know that there’s always a way. Try to find or make one.

We all know our time is limited. It would be best if you learned life having fewer regrets. The trial that we go through makes us strong. It transforms our individuality.

I've Lost Control Of My Life
You’re A Champ

As we grow, we gain more experience in life for better or for the worse. We keep learning. It would be pure bliss if we mindfully savor the moments.

Lost Control of Your Life Conclusion:

Losing self-control in life is possible and can happen to anyone that makes us overwhelmed. But you can learn how to cope with what you can’t control.

To regain control of your life, you have to take responsibility for your life. Don’t try to avoid or hide from your problems. Accepting reality is the essential step to bring positive change in your life.

Believe in Karma, believe in yourself, and believe in God.

Find the clue of your problems in three areas of your life; workplace, relationship, and social circle. Explore your power of personal agency to choose your way and command of your life. If you have lost control of your life, remember there are ways to regain control.

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