Modern Day Hippie – 21 Authentic Signs of Modern-Day Hippie with Images

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What constitutes a modern-day hippie? There are many things, for instance, long hair, wearing bracelets or defying social norms completely. But what are the real indicators of modern hippie? Let’s find out in this article today.

21 Authentic Signs Of A Modern Day Hippie

 1. Conversations on “What defines being a hippie”

The first sign of a modern-day hippie will be that he/she talks about what comprises of a hippie? They will debate and will want to conclude the most authentic indicators of a hippie. So if you see people immersed in such a conversation, then they are an example of this phenomenon. 

2. A Modern-day Hippie Will Preach Peace And Love

Modern-day hippies preach peace and love. They are all about the new age and expressing emotions. Therefore, in a sense, we all are modern-day hippies, right? We condemn hate, extremism, and negativity.

There’s no limit to the love hippies feel within for the entire world. They don’t know how to hate something or someone or even to be angry. Hating and hurting others isn’t their thing.

Modern-day Hippie Will Promote Peace For All

3. Modern-day Hippie Will Have Abstract Names

People who are urban hippies have abstract names. For instance, Meraki, Dandizette, and Maude are all abstract names. So people having these names are easily termed as modern-day hippies. 


4. Modern-Day Hippie Will Have Dreadlocks

Okay, so this is the most coveted factor of defining an urban hippie. You have dreadlocks, see anyone in dreadlocks, or you consider keeping them then you are a flower child honey!

For those who don’t know, the dread lock is a hairstyle having long strands of hairs in braids or ringlets. It is most popular in Africa and Latin America. 

Hippies tend to wear their hair down, letting it flow naturally with no product. Therefore, dreadlocks are popular with them.

modern-day hippie
An Urban Hippie Will Have Dreadlocks

5. A Modern-day Hippie Will Avoid Wearing Make up

For women who are into urban hipster culture, they like to wear their natural look. Hippies avoid makeup as much as possible and prefer staying in their natural look. 

modern-day hippie
Urban Hippies Prefer To Wear The Natural Look

6. Modern-day Hippie Will Not Shave His/Her Hair

As mentioned above, modern-day hippies defy present social norms. Therefore, they are not in favor of shaving hair. Many people can be just very hairy and forgot to shave at the proper time, but hat’s not the case every time.

No shaving of hairs from legs and armpits defines that the person might be a hippie and is defying social norms. 

7. Sandals All The Way 

Another authentic sign of a modern-day hippie is that they prefer moving in and out in sandals! They believe that heels are showy and are a product of capitalism. 

Therefore, Sandals are the way forward for them. Birkenstocks were the sandals of choice back in the day, but now there are Chacos and Tevas. 

8. Modern-day Hippie Will Accessorize A Lot

Another defining factor of modern-day hippies is that they wear a lot of bracelets and rings. They accessorize to the max. Why? Because hippies were into crystals and their power of healing, so they used them in accessorizing as well.

You will find them wearing lots of jewelry, like various stones and natural rocks that are all beautifully wrapped in copper wire. You will also see them wearing a straw hat or a flat-brimmed one for the more modern feel.

modern-day hippie
A Modern-Day Hippie Will Accessorize A Lot

9. A Modern-day Hippie Will Use Essential Oils

If you happen to talk with a real modern-day hippie, you will find out that they don’t use deodorants. They instead choose essential oils that are just as good as a replacement. The most popular scent is patchouli, but anyone is more than fine. 

10. A Modern-day Hippie Will Wear Colorful Clothes

Colorful clothes are the true identity of the flower child! You know that the most significant symbol that the hippie culture had back in the day is their bright clothes. The thing is that they never wanted to match their colors, it was all about being a walking and talking rainbow.

This mix and match strategy is also prominent in today’s fashion, but the people who embrace the hippie culture don’t really care about matching. Therefore, people going casually with their colorful clothes are modern-day hippies for sure!

11. Love For Animals

Urban Hippies show great love for animals too. That’s why one of the most prominent signs of a hippie is compassion toward animals. They prefer being vegetarian or vegan because they don’t believe in the cruel treatment of living beings.

Urban hippies also refuse to wear leather and wool simply because they don’t want the dead skin of an animal on themselves. Therefore, if you see a person showing extra love towards animals and if he starts a campaign for their protection, then he is a hippie. 

12. Organic Food

A hippie’s choice of food will always be natural. Every time they go to buy groceries, they choose the organic options because that makes them so healthy. 

They might even operate an organic garden where you grow your vegetables and fruits. Therefore you won’t see a hippie at a burger place because that’s just not their thing.

modern-day hippie
An Urban Hippie Will Prefer Organic Food Over Other Options

13. Politically Educated

Hippies have ample knowledge of politics around the country and the globe. Why? Because hippies are known for their political influences and protests. Therefore they always discuss the current political situation of the country and what they visualize their country to become. 

14. Love To Dance

Hippies love to dance. You will see them making fantastic dance moves, and they will win your heart. Hippies believe that whether it’s dancing, running, or practicing yoga, they love to move your body to the rhythm of the universe.

Followers of hippie culture believe that it’s the best way to align your chakras and become one with nature. 

You lose yourself while dancing puts you in a state of euphoria and simply being in love with your body.  

Therefore, if a person possesses an extreme love for dancing, then it won’t be hard to detect that he is a hippie. 

Urban Hippies
A Modern-day Hippie Performs Amazing Dance

15. Modern-Day Hippies Are Very Spiritual

Hippies usually believe in a higher power – a higher consciousness that helps us on the way to becoming the best version of ourselves.

If someone is a hippie then/she will tend to read and know about the seven chakras; to know more about pineal glands and how karma works. He/she will exude spirituality so watch for calm and composed individuals who possess a higher consciousness. 

16. Modern Day Hippie Owns Crystals

Yes, that’s true. If you see a hippie, then you will notice that he/she owns a lot of crystals too. Why? Because they believe, crystals are beautiful gifts of nature and in their healing power. 

17. They Love Nature

It’s a no-brainer that hippies of the 60s were huge lovers of nature and they really made sure to never contribute to the pollution of rainforests and global warming. All they ever wanted was to help mother nature.

If you know a person who loves to take long walks in nature and always looks out for new ways to help the environment, then he probably is a modern-day hippie.

18. Special Taste In Music

A Modern-day hippie will show a unique taste in music. For instance, he/she will enjoy Bon Iver, but mostly still listen to the good old rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Jefferson Airplane. 

They love and admire the tunes, and it stirs a different set of emotions in them. 

19. Prefer To Live In Less Populated Areas

Modern-day hippies prefer to live in quiet and less populated areas. Urban hippies find people of today to be too violent and angry actually to fit into a society like that. 

That’s why they dream of living somewhere far, far away from society to be truly happy. Maybe even a kick-ass treehouse? Whatever and wherever it may be, hippies prefer it in the woods where no one can reach them.

20. Modern Day Hippie’s Got Wanderlust

Yes, you read that right. Hippies love to travel the whole world! They love to explore the world and see every little corner of our planet. Everything looks so beautiful that they want to capture that beauty with their eyes.

They want to swim in the ocean in every part of the world! You feel the excitement through my words, right? Well, that’s what lies in their spirit. 

21. No Money Obsession

Modern-day hippies have no love or obsession with money. They believe it does not mean anything, and sometimes it is just a mean of going through the day. Therefore you will notice that people belonging to hippie culture are simple and embellished. 

Hippies love to create also. Whether it’s writing, painting, or making music, they love to express soul feelings in one of these ways. They are also adventurous and exude positivism all the time!

It is not a surprise to know that modern-day hippies are quite positive and good human beings because anyone who has these signs has to be a real STAR!

Brief History of Modern-Day Hippies:

Most hippies originated in the sixties and became popular during the seventies when the hippie culture was at its peak. Yet they continued to flourish onward into the current modern-day. They’re also known as flower children, indigo or crystal children, bohemian, or free spirits.

However, these individuals can be of any age. They are forward thinkers and open-minded people.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On Modern Day Hippie

How Many Hippies Are There Today?

Estimates show that there are hundreds of thousands or millions of hippies in the nation today. The website identifies hippie havens in 39 states including not only Oregon, New York, and California, but also Hawaii, Alaska, and Arkansas.

Are There Modern-Day Hippies?

Hippies were basically a youth movement that was created in the United States, beginning in California, during the mid-1960s. A hippie movement is present still today. Their lifestyle has persisted through all these years and people all over the world intend to recognize themselves as modern-day hippies.

Who Is A Hippie Person?

A hippie person is usually a teenager who denies established social mores and customs for instance by dressing in an odd way of living in a commune and who resists violence and conflict particularly.

Do Hippies Eat Meat?

No, they do not eat meat. Animals and the rights of the animals have been a huge fight over the past several years, that might be why so many hippies are vegetarians. 


We have tried to include all the major signs of a modern-day hippie in this article. From their dressing to their psychological make-up, we have tried to cover everything related to a Modern Day Hippie.

It’s now your turn to share your own thoughts, observations, & experiences with the modern-day hippies in your life and society.

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