10 Reasons [#7 Crazy] Why Your Life Is a Mess – My Life Is a Mess

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My house is a mess, although not even half as messy as my life. My spouse is not having a conversation with me, my work life appears uncontrollable, my social interactions do not go the way that I want, and I feel like there is something missing in my life.

10 Signs My Life Is A Mess but I Am Actually Mastering It

In this section of the article, I am going to tell you 10 signs that you life may be a mess, but in reality, these things give me a lesson about becoming an expert in my life. 

1. My Life Is A Mess – I Am Struggling to Have A Good Job:

I am underpaid and have a dead end job. I would like to be economically independent, but it is very difficult for me to obtain that pipe dream job.

I am trying hard to make a choice between following my passion or just finding a job that will pay off my all kind of bills. Although, notwithstanding all the efforts and desperation I still work very hard because I completely know and understand that being a triumph requires diligence.

So, I pledge to myself that I am not going to give up and believe that soon I will get the job which I have always wished for.

2. My Life Is A Mess – I Have No Idea What I Want in My Life:

My Life is a mess
My life is a mess

I feel missed, puzzled, and feel like I do not have a good goal in my life. The reality is that when I feel lost all along the way, it indicates that I am questioning my own survival and existence.

I am recognizing that my life will need to be more than just existing, and I want to re-traverse my life into something significant. Only some people have come to realize that they are lost, so when I am feeling lost; cheers myself! The reason for this is that it means that I am looking for values behind my own life existence.

3. I Feel as Though I Do Not Have Made Any Difference in This World:

The feeling of being useless, futile, worthless, and feeble within the world in which I live are indications that I really care about my surroundings and environment. Those are sentiments and feelings that show I have compassion and feel the need to make another person’s lives better and healthier.

When I feel as though I cannot change the world, then it’s time to proud as it means that I would like to do something good for other people while also being realistic and sensible at the same time.

4. My Circle of Acquaintances Are Becoming Smaller with The Passage of Time:

i don't know what is more messy my life or my room
messy room

I realize that my life is a mess if I have been missing several friends and the people I love. I grew apart and I began to be acquainted with the feel of separation.

Allowing people to go is not a whole new lesson for me and now my group of friends is becoming smaller as it is not easy for me to have trust and confidence in people any longer.

As time went on, I understand that friendship is more about the quality over quantity and I focused and concentrate on keep relationships with just the people who recognize and accept me just the way I am. This time, I do not have any time with toxic people.

5. My Life Is A Mess – I have failed in numerous things, countless times:

Sometimes I feel I have failed in my life. But I have to take a moment to remember that failure is not always a bad thing.

Failure only means that I have given my best effort to get something in life. There is a famous saying, “failure is the mother of success“. This means that it often takes a few failures to get the experience that will ultimately lead to success.

Failure is evidence that I have tried to face a difficult challenge so I could live my life better. Failure may make my life a mess, but failure will also make me feel more alive than those people who have never even tried and struggled anything at all.

6. My Life Is A Mess – I Want to Escape from My Life:

my life is a mess and i am not afraid to admit it
messy life

When I cannot stand my life at this precise moment, I can say that my life is a mess because a decent life will never make me want to flee.

But it is also a positive sign because it indicates that I refuse to accept a life that does not satisfy my well-being. My willingness to flee is the soul that is telling me that I am living a life that does not make me glad and happy. Do not ever settle down when you hate your life just move on and make changes.

7. My Life Is A Mess – I Do Not See Love as My Main Reason to Be Pleased:

Love can be one of the most important factors in life for many people. But my life is such a mess that love is not a source of contentment for me. I love and feel like I am loved, but this does not bring much joy to my life.

The problem is that love is an external focus, and while it can feel good to be loved, it does not always bring happiness.

It is far better to focus on self-love. When you care about yourself, you will always be there for yourself, whereas love can sometimes be fleeting. Even if your love life is a mess, if you love yourself, it will open up the world for you.

8. My Life Is A Mess – My Friend’s Lives Look Better Than Me:

As I am sure you have heard, “the grass is always greener on the other side”. But it is still easy to be jealous of the lives of others.

While my life may not be ideal, our modern world makes the lives of my friends and acquaintances seem far better than they may actually be. I see the fun tweets of my friends. Perfect Instagram posts. Facebook posts and stories. And even Snapchat and Pinterest pins. It seems like everyone I know has perfect lives according to what I see on social media.

But this may be an illusion. People often only share the high points of their lives on social media. Not the low points, the arguments, fights and insecurities that they also live with.

Everybody is struggling through their own problems and no one’s life is worse or better than the other. So, those comparisons you are making with someone else will only force you to stand up again and try to be better than yesterday.

9. My Life Is A Mess – I Feel Like I Cannot Control My Life:

I Feel Like I Cannot Control My Life
my messy life

When I feel that my life is a mess, I will feel like I have no control over what is going to happen next in my life. I only want to go with the flow because I understand that the only thing, I can control is my own response.

But making the decision to go with the flow of life is an achievement since not many people are able to do that. Once you understand that you cannot control your life, that means that you stop fixating on things and begin to enjoy life as it is. And it is the true definition of living your life to the full extent.

10. My Life Is A Mess – I Always Find Myself Re-Evaluating My Life:

I understand that now my life is a mess when I keep repeating to myself that I must start over and get my shit together. And it is a good accomplishment because that means that I know that I deserve a far better life than I have.

My Life is a Mess –Conclusion:

Getting a messy life is an indication that you are learning the skill and art of being alive. You are making progress and being messy is only an indication that you need to keep going on.

In the end, the messier my life is, the more lessons I learn, and unconsciously, I am becoming an expert in life.

I hope you like this article, share these ways with your family and friends if they are suffering from such kind of situation. Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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