No One Will Ever Love Me – How to Deal with It? (Ultimate Guide)

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“No One Will Ever Love Me.” This is the kind of statement your inner critics’ voice keeps on telling you.

This is what you are reminded when you see happy couples holding hands, families throwing parties, and friends planning road trips together. Feeling that No one will ever love me is a sign of deeply hidden insecurity. It is a sign of fear of abandonment.

Feeling Unloved Is worst Feeling Ever- No One Will Ever Love Me

Questioning whether someone is going to love you or not is a very complicated thing to conclude. You cannot be 100% certain about the feelings of other people for you. All you can do is self-assessment. It is essential to know why you feel unloved and what to do about it. 

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7 Reasons Why You Think “No One Will Ever Love Me”

1. You are depressed

Depression affects your behavior and feelings. A depressed person feels no pleasure in anything in life. Depression makes them think that nothing can make them happy. Self-esteem is also affected due to depression.

A person starts doubting everything, and the situation becomes hopeless for him. Depression can be a leading cause of feeling unloved. It can create emotional turmoil. 

Depression begins with disaapointment-No One Will Ever Love Me

What to do?

Stop generalizing your entire life situation. Depression can trigger life memories of negative experiences. Allow yourself to recognize the good in the present. Try to do the opposite of what your inner depressive voice is telling you. Spend some time in nature. 

2. Anxiety 

Anxiety makes you question everything. It makes you feel that everything is temporary. You start over-thinking everything. Anxiety urges you to over-analyze every little, even irrelevant things. You become restless and feel distracted. Anxiety is a big liar. It creates illusions. It can make you question the intentions and feelings of others for you. 

What to do? 

Identify what triggers you. Try to remain calm. Practice deep breathing and use aroma-therapy. Try to meditate daily. 

3. Fear of rejection 

Fear of rejection can affect your confidence level. It occurs due to a lack of self-esteem. You fear rejection because you have a low opinion about yourself. Because of this fear of rejection, you build the foundation of your emotional experiences on feelings of other people, such as criticism or praise. This makes your happiness depend upon external factors. Fear of rejection urges you to feel that no one loves you, and something is wrong about you. 

What to do?

Identify what you want. It will motivate you to overcome your fear of rejection. Feeling rejected sometimes means that you are manifesting to be rejected again. It creates an unhealthy cycle of negative thoughts. You need to stop making negative assumptions. 

4. Trust issues

Trust issues are our defense mechanisms. They are based on negative past experiences. Trust issues are developed to avoid the risk of disappointment. Due to trust issues, you don’t trust the feelings of other people. No matter how much they try to re-assure you, you always doubt their intentions.

Not Trusting Enough Is A torment - No One Will Ever Love Me

If you have been cheated in the past or suffered a bad breakup, chances are you have trust issues. These trust issues are affecting your new relationships by making you wonder, “no one will ever love me.” 

What to do? 

Acknowledge and learn from the past. Every person or situation in life is not alike. Try to confront your inner emotional baggage from the past. Be honest about your feelings. Do not let past trauma take hold of the present. 

5. You feel unappreciated

When you feel unappreciated, chances are you are being taken for granted. Feeling unappreciated can not only affect your emotions, but it also has a negative impact on your mind. This feeling means that you need validation from your relationships

Give your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence

What to do? 

Try to figure out why the approval of others is essential for you. Ask for what you need. Try to be objective about your situation. Talk to a trusted friend. Don’t try to change the behavior of others. 

6. You are around Emotionally Unavailable People 

Being around emotionally unavailable people is a harrowing experience. Emotionally unavailable people are dishonest, they make excuses, they keep their feelings vague, and they are distant and make you feel unimportant. They are often arrogant and try to control you. 

What to do? 

Toxic relationships can sabotage your peace. Try to move on from toxic relationships. Value your well-being. 

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 7. Your Love Language is different 

A different love language from your partner can cause many problems in a relationship. It makes communication hard. There are five kinds of love languages that include: words of affirmation, gifts, and acts of service, physical touch, and quality time.

If your love language is acts of service, you will feel loved when your partner does things for you without being asked. Undivided attention will make you feel happy if your love language is quality time. If you have a different love language from your partner, chances are the same thing that doesn’t make you both feel loved. 

Feeling Loved Makes Us Blossom

What To do?

 Identify you and your partner’s love language. Talk about it. Make your wants and needs clear. 

No One Will Ever Love Me – 5 Ways To Deal With It 

We have talked about the reasons that make you feel unloved; let’s talk about how you can deal with feeling unloved. Here are five useful tips:

1. Self-love is the most important 

Before you can receive love and respect from others, you have to learn to love and respect yourself. Self-love is not selfish. It is about creating good standards for you and caring for your peace and well-being. Self-love allows you to fill the void that is left from love from external sources. It motivates you to form better relationships

Love Yourself First

 2. Stop searching for Love. Let it find you

Don’t feel pressured to find love at a certain age or phase of life. Don’t be desperate about love. Let the time decide best for you. Allow yourself to grow. When the right time comes, love will come to you on its own. Genuine love is far more worthy than a relationship that was based merely on the settlement. 

3. Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

Don’t let negative experiences dictate your feelings. Challenge your confirmation bias from the past. Learn to live in the present. Do not assume anything on your own. Sometimes it is good to give others the benefit of the doubt. 

4. Surround Yourself, Positive People

The company matters a lot. Positive people can bring positive energy into your life. They create a support system around you that makes you feel better. Positive people motivate you for better things in life. 

5. Be Compassionate 

When you are feeling unloved, loving someone feels almost impossible. But love is anti-dote of feeling unloved. Cultivating feelings of compassion can neutralize negative emotions. It allows us to find peace at the moment. It reduces depression and enables us to understand ourselves and other people better. 

Value of life increases with compassion

FAQs on No One will Ever Love Me:

How do you accept that No One will Ever Love you?

To prevent yourself from depression you should keep in mind a few tips. You must have something good in you, you should believe in self-love and stop pity on yourself.

Can a person be incapable of love?

Sadly, but yes there are few people who exist in this world who don’t know how to love someone because they don’t even love themselves. To love someone else they first need to love their souls.

How can I find love?

Many people feel like they can never find love because they have not experienced any true relationship in their life. You might have to lower your standards but you should know your worth & never settle on something due to the fear of being alone.

Why do I have no friends?

There might be multiple reasons behind it, the person may not know the skills of making new friends or he might be shy, confident, or socially anxious.


In this guide, we have discussed all the reasons why someone can believe that no one loves him or her and then proceeded to guide you about how you can deal with this negative belief.

We have tried to cover almost all the topics related to this self-limiting belief if you think anything should be added, let us know in the comments section below.

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