24 Obstacles in Life & How to Overcome Them

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Life is challenging. We face challenging obstacles in life that we need to overcome to achieve happiness and well-being. Nothing happens the way you have planned. Achieving your goals can become an unending struggle.

For some people, obstacles might pop-up once in a while. Other people may find obstructions occurring routinely. Before we discuss how to overcome obstacles, let’s first discuss what these obstacles are.

Obstacles are like body traps that keep you from achieving your goals. They restrict your achievements in life. You can’t move forward in life without overcoming them.

All of life’s obstacles are not of the same. Some obstacles are immense; like the death of loved ones or loss of a job. Other obstacles in life might seem minor to some, but still can mess with a persons equilibrium. But irrespective of the size of an obstacle, they all can lead us to feeling helpless and frustrated.

To help you overcome life’s obstacles it is first important to understand what these obstacles may be. That is why we have also collected some common obstacles in life in addition to discussing ways to overcome these obstacles.

Since the most important part of these obstacles is taking the action to overcome these obstacles we shall start with some simple tips to give you some ideas on how to overcome the obstacles that life may throw in your path.

Let’s get to it…

10 Tips on How To Overcome Obstacles in Life

Few things that you can work on to overcome obstacles in life:

1. Work On Your Emotions:

Among all species, human begins have the strongest emotions. Any obstacle that you face can peak your emotions of sadness and frustration.

So the first step towards overcoming an obstacle is to work on your emotions.

2. Be Open To Changes:

We all want our lives to be organized the way we want. We reject any change that obstacles bring. Everything will not end up happening the way we planned. Change is an unavoidable part of life.

Be open to change, embrace it. Consider change to be an opportunity for growth.

3. Believe In Your Strengths:

Whenever you face an obstacle in life, remember the previous obstacles you have overcome. Instead of doubting yourself, believe in your strengths. You have had trying times that you have gotten through in the past, there is no reason to believe you will not overcome your present obstacles.

Never forget that your strengths are what make you, you.

Help Yourself Overcome Obstacles in Life
Don’t Doubt Your Strengths

4. Identity What Is Stopping You:

Each time an obstacle comes your way, sit and reflect;

What is stopping you?

If you have trouble meeting deadlines, figure out what’s the problem. Not having enough time is not the answer. Look for where you are spending most of your time.

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5. Keep Record of Your Progress

When pursuing your goals and dreams, keep a record of achievements and challenges. So whenever you face an obstacle, you can compensate with success.

6. Work on Your Problem-Solving Skills

Working on your problem-solving skills can help in a lot of ways. Few points that will come in handy in this aspect:

  • Make things easy for yourself.
  • Form a list of all the possible solutions.
  • Use optimistic language.
  • Define the problem at hand clearly.
  • Focus on solutions rather than problems.

Problem-solving skill is an important soft skill in today’s time. You must work hard to develop these ‘muscles’.

7. Take up Pro-Active Lifestyle

Adopt a pro-active lifestyle; don’t procrastinate your tasks. Because you are bound to face some obstacle, no matter what.

Actively working on your tasks will make it easy to meet challenges.

Maintaining a to-do list is best.

8. Dissect Your Goals

It is hard to achieve bigger goals all at once. You can dissect your goals and break them into pieces. This will make it easy for you to accomplish your goals.

Obstacles in Life Stop You from Achieving Goals
Achieving Goals

9. Accept What is Out of Your Hand

Acceptance is the key to overcoming any obstacles in life. There is a list of wants and desire, and it can be hard to attain all. Plan your life around what you have rather than what you need.

Focus on: What you should do instead. How to learn from challenges. Overcoming the obstacle.

10. Resort to Nature to Overcome Obstacles in Life

Clam your nerves, spend some time out in nature. Go for an evening walk in the park.

Nature will clam you down. Give you the strength to deal with any obstacle you are facing.

Benefits of Nature
Effects of Nature

9 Common Obstacles In Life We All Face

Life is not a bed of roses for each living human being. Here is a list of some common obstacles in life that everyone may face:

1. Being Wrongly Informed:

All of us rely on advice from others, the majority of the times in our lives. There is no guarantee that the advice people give us will lead us in the right direction.

Being wrongly informed can become an obstacle in our way of achieving our goals. It thus very important that we listen to advise from others but should not solely rely on them.

2. Things You Never Faced Before:

We prefer comfort over everything else. We fear things that we have never faced before or is unknown to us. As it challenges us to break free from our comfort, and it can be intimidating.

Don’t let the fear of unknown hold you back from achieving your dreams.

3. Over-analyzing Goals:

Before acting on goals, we want to make sure that we have a perfect plan in hand. This can lead us to the endless cycle of cross-checking our goals.

Also, we can never have an ideal plan for something that still needs to be implemented. Analyzing and planning your dreams is a good thing but also act on it.

4. Pressure to Satisfy the Social Group:

Human beings are social animals. We have an innate need to belong with a social group. This places us under the constant pressure to satisfy the social group so that we stay a part of it.

It can be an obstacle in your way. To save yourself from this obstacle, look for a support group of like-minded people. Try to stop caring about what people will say.

5. Finances Maybe Obstacles in Life:

There are thousand and one things we struggle for, because of the limited finances.

Finances can be a significant obstacle in your way to achieving something. What you can do is save up. Financial security will give you a sense of comfort, and courage to take a leap of faith towards your goals.

Work on Your Finances
Work on Your Finances

6. Doubting Your Capabilities:

Not having faith in your capabilities can be the biggest obstacle in life. This will not only crush you but also result in you doubting yourself.

Don’t allow the slightest set back to hold you. Have faith in yourself. You can bring about change in your life till the last breath.

7. Inability for Decision Making:

Do you keep on changing your mind? Can’t decide what would be best for you?

Being not able to make a decision is an obstacle most of us face. As it will not give you clear direction to move in. Try to make a decision and then stick to it.

8. Living up to The Expectations:

All of us love our families, but their opinion on what you should do can be an obstacle in your way. Living up to your family’s expectation, and working on your goals can be tough.

Let Nothing Stop You
Goal and Family

9. Social Reputation:

We hold our social reputation very dear to ourselves. It can be a huge obstacle as it is unlikely of you to act on something that will threaten you.

5 Reasons Why Obstacles in Life are Important

With doubt, all of us consider obstacles in life to be only limiting us. But these obstacles that we face are essential for us. Here is why:

1. Allows You to Redirect:

You can’t always choose the right path in the first attempt. This is where obstacles come to play. They help you reanalyze your decision and take the right direction.

2. Strengthens Your Abilities:

Life is a constant battle where you have to face one obstacle after the other. Obstacles are not only ‘hurdles’ they also strengthen you. Make you more resilient and courageous.

3. Introduces You to Your True Self:

Some obstacles in life crush you and bring you face to face with your worst fears. And it is only through these obstacles that we become aware of our true self and capabilities.

4. Let’s focus on what is important:

Clarity of mind and focus is key to achieving your goals. When you feel a lack of clarity because of obstacles, redirect and focus on what is important.

5. Explore Your Creativity to Deal with Obstacles in Life:

We don’t go out of the box to explore something new until you meet with obstacles.

It is the obstacles in life that help you to be creative.

Call To Action:

Are you facing an obstacle in life?

Don’t sit and wait. Take a step back. Analyze your situation work out a plan to help you. Be thankful for whatever you have in life.

Never forget most of the people wish for what you have. Think of obstacles as an opportunity.

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