Positivity Is A Choice – 5 Simple Steps To Be More Positive

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Positivity is a choice. That’s a statement that we hear from everyone who’s trying to help overcome negativity and depression. But choosing positivity over negativity is not an easy task. A person has to be stable in mind and perception.

Therefore, today, we will look at the steps on how to make positivity a choice and direct your focus towards it.

Positivity Is A Choice –  5 Great Steps To Make It Your No.1 Choice

Choosing To Stay Positive Depends Solely On You

1. Positivity Is A Choice – Believe In A Positive Attitude

This first step is hard to take. Why? Because people often see the negative side of the situations first. We don’t reflect on the positive aspects of something/someone, and that’s what destroys our mental state.

Therefore, the first step to making positivity a choice is to learn and start believing in the power of a positive attitude. 

People blame negativity on all the external forces- namely fate, experiences, parents, relationships, etc. But they don’t try to change themselves for the better. It means that people don’t know that they can also Choose” positivity. 


Bad things happen. Bad choices are made. That is an immutable fact of life. You can’t live your life hiding and hoping nothing bad happens. When I wind up in an awful situation, I realize that it’s dependent upon me to find the good in the situation. Because surprisingly there is usually some good in most bad situations. In fact, “times of trouble” is often seen as synonymous to “time of opportunity” for many people.

This is another version of “positivity is a choice”. Because you can choose to see all the negative or try very hard to see some positive aspect of the situation. For instance, maybe the worst happens and a beloved family member dies. It is impossible to view this as “good”, but there might be some positive if they are no longer in pain or have a spouse that has predeceased.

It‘s dependent upon you to pick how you need to feel about it. You are in charge of your mindset. Nobody can remove that from me.

positivity is a choice
Believe In A Positive Attitude

2. Positivity Is A Choice – Get Rid Of Negativity

The second step is as difficult as the first step because who doesn’t have negative thoughts? Well, everyone has negative thoughts. If a person doesn’t have negative feelings, then there will be no meaning of attaining a positive attitude altogether. Therefore, you have to tread to get on this step and master it slowly.

You can start by indulging in different, new, and mind-boosting activities. For example, you can opt for painting or a Zumba class. It will serve your recreational purposes and will be a great hobby too. 

Also, you need to break contact with negative people in your life

I will give my example in this regard.  

As a contrary individual, I am pulled in by negative people. Being around these people encourages me to become more negative, which I hate, because I yearn to be a more positive person, and I need my life to be free from negativity.

Nobody is perfect. Flawlessness isn’t the objective. I get occasional negativity. I do it myself sometimes, though I try hard to choose positivity. However, there are individuals throughout my life who are reliably negative. And I needed to quit investing such an enormous amount of time with these negative people and discover more positive friends.

This, as you can envision, wasn’t simple. It can sting to remove yourself from friends, even when you realize they aren’t beneficial for you or your present way of life. These friends might hold a special place in your life, but for the sake of your betterment, you have to take this step.

3. Positivity Is A Choice – Seek The Positive In Everyone

As I mentioned above, it is difficult for people to look for the positive aspects of anything or see some kind of positive in another person.

What I am trying to say here is, start looking for positive traits of people you know. Even if they possess negative aspects too which can’t be helped. But, if you start looking on the brighter side first, you will find effective ways to deal with your own problems and gloominess as well.

Your mind will reason logically to shun those negative thoughts in your mind.

Why? Because when you observe quality traits in other persons despite their negative aspects, then you will get encouragement. This encouragement refers to the powerful thought which says,” Yes, You can also do that!”.

If a person treading on this step faces a difficult situation, he will not let it get him down. Instead, he will ask himself, “What is good about this, and what can I do to fix it.” No matter how terrible is the situation, he will try and look on the brighter side. 

Again, it is easier said than done, but its a GREAT way to incur positivity in your life and make it an irreplaceable part of your life. 

positivity is a choice
Try Out Mind -Enhancing Activities Ti Get Rid Of Negativity

4. Reinforce Positivity In Yourself

Once you start seeking positive in everyone, then you will reinforce that positivity in yourself. That means that you will imply the same attitude and habits in yourself. As with any sort of training- the more you practice, the better you get, and you CAN PRACTICE BEING POSITIVE.

The best and most effortless approach to reinforce positivity is to be confident with regards to what your identity is. Disclose to yourself that you’re magnificent. Tell yourself that you look great! Remind yourself that you worked superbly at work or bringing up your children or whatever it is you do.

Be straightforward with yourself, yet give a valiant effort to search for the great. What’s more, whatever you do, don’t concentrate on the negative.

It’s alright to dislike everything about yourself, yet don’t concentrate on what you don’t care for. We as a whole, have positive qualities, and it’s dependent upon you to help yourself to remember them consistently. In this way, you will reinforce positivity on yourself ideally. 

Reinforce Positivity On Yourself By Practicing It

5. Positivity Is A Choice – Share Positivity With Others

The last step to make positivity your ultimate choice is to share your positivity with everyone around you. It is similar to a situation when you say that someone has positive” vibes.” This means that they exude positive signs or omens.

What happens when you share positivity? When you work on sharing your positivity then it helps other persons to fight with all the minor and major battles in their lives. 

For example, giving a reassuring hug can release your nervous friend’s stress before an interview. If you often smile while providing some advice, then it is going to have an altogether positive effect over the listener. Therefore, sharing positivity is not that difficult!

If you start to feel that the idea of being a positive person is daunting, then remind yourself that it takes these baby steps to acquire a positive attitude finally. You have to be consistent and believe that positivity is a choice indeed, and you are free to choose it. 

Also, try not to treat others as you were treated back in the past — instead, teat people with goodwill and love. People appreciate positivity, and the more you share it, the more you will be practicing it in your life. 

Positivity is a choice, as straightforward as it sounds. In reality, you have all the power with you to either feel happy or feel hopeless.

We, as a whole, possess a fantastic blessing- the capacity to concentrate on anything we desire to indulge in our lives. Therefore, remember this small point, and you will do perfectly with positivity!

By Sharing Positivity You Will Spread Happiness

Positivity Is A Choice – Focus Is The Key To Get It

Focus works as a magic ingredient in this regard. To master all these steps towards a positive attitude, you need focus. You need to direct your Focus towards good things, and only then you will find the ultimate positive mindset. 

The motivation behind why many people feel low-quality feelings is on the grounds that they center around low-quality stuff. For what reason do they focus on low-quality stuff? Since they did not decide it! 

Except if somebody threats to kill them and instructs them to concentrate on the wrong side, I don’t think there is any necessity to let your focus go astray. Therefore, keep your focus clear and steadfast in its dynamic.

A malpractice that I see individuals doing often is to attempt to utilize strategies or methodologies and to want to get outcomes out of something. Please know that 80% of achievement originates from the standards/outlook, while just 20% originates from the strategies or procedures.

Being sure only for it doesn’t work except if you truly comprehend what it means and how being positive influences your life.

Therefore, It shouldn’t be utilized as a way or a “strategy” – to feel better at times. Instead, use it to improve your general life by settling on the choice that you will agree to no less than what you really want: enduring joy. And again, Focus is what you need here. Focus on what you can do to achieve that long-lasting happiness, and you will automatically find yourself doing all the right things. 

positivity is a choice
Focus Is The Gateway To Attain A Positive Attitude

When you gain power back on your capacity to focus, everything will change around you. It will reflect the significance that you will provide for the occasions around you. 

Positivity is a choice, and you have the privilege and decision to guarantee it at any minute in your life. Positivity is an essential aspect of personal development.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on Positivity is a Choice

Is it true that happiness is a choice?

Truly! Numerous glad individuals acknowledge bliss is a decision and it’s dependent upon them to deliberately pick it each and every day. Upbeat individuals are not held prisoner by their conditions and they don’t look for satisfaction in individuals or assets.

Is love a choice?

Love is settling on a decision consistently, either to cherish or not to adore. That is it. This doesn’t mean we don’t adore the individual; it implies we are left with a decision. There is a contrast between feeling love for somebody and adoring somebody.

Why being happy is a choice?

It is discovering bliss in regular encounters. At the point when you decide to remember others for your satisfaction, at that point with it comes network—in both informal communities and shared encounters.

How do you choose to be happy?

Decide to be as well as can be expected be. Choose to be around the privilege people. Choose to concentrate on what you have, not on what you haven’t. Choose a decent attitude. Choose to grin all the more regularly. Remember: Positivity is a choice.

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