15 Pros And Cons Of Vampire Facelift with Images

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The pros and cons of vampire Facelift are highly debatable today. Why? Because most people see its benefits of bringing back that youthful glow in them while others disregard it due to its hazards. Nonetheless, it is still prevalent among women and keeps flourishing. 

Before we talk about the pros and cons of vampire Facelift, it is essential to know its procedure first. So here you go. 


Now let us see the pros and cons of vampire facelift.

15 Pros And Cons Of Vampire Facelift

Vampire Facelift Pros:

1. Pros And Cons Of Vampire Facelift- Better Alternative To Surgery

Yes, that is right. Vampire facelift is a more reliable alternative to surgery. Why? Because you don’t want your face to be a playground for knives and other surgical tools. Though it uses the needles they are painless and take lesser time than any surgery. Therefore, it is the best pro among the pros and cons of vampire facial lift. 

Vampire Facelift Is More Reliable Than Surgery

2. Pros And Cons Of Vampire Facelift- It Is Safe 

It is safe and secure because a person’s own blood is part of PRP Therapy. No external source of blood supply is in use and therefore, it stands as the best procedure so far among facelifts. 

3. Pros And Cons Of Vampire Facelift- No Bruises

The most significant pro among the pros and cons of vampire facelift is that it does not cause any bruise. Unlike other facial treatments, it is safe and leaves no blemishes. 

Instead, the platelet-rich plasma increases RBC count in the blood, which helps the person from relieving the skin allergies, burnt skin, and healing the existing wounds. That’s why many doctors overlook the cons of vampire facial lift when they see this golden benefit!

Vampire Facelift Gives You A Clear Face

4. Less Repetition Of The Treatment

We see that Botox and other treatments require multiple sitting, and the cycle repeats after some time. Whereas in vampire facelift, that’s not the case. Vampire facelift does not possess any downtime, which means after undergoing this treatment once; it is not necessary to repeat it after some time.

Therefore, this stands as the most significant pro among the pros and cons of vampire facelift. Because it saves you the extra money, time and hassle.

5. Pros And Cons Of Vampire Facelift- Improves Blood Flow 

Your own blood works wonders for you in the process of a vampire facelift. How? The treated blood naturally induces the growth process and improves blood flow. This improves the complexion of the skin, giving it a better tone.

It also improves the clarity by removing scars and spots, reduces skin folds, and gives a better texture.

6. Pros And Cons Of Vampire Facelift- No Side Effects

Yes, you read that right! There are zero side effects of a vampire facelift. Why? Because there is no outside chemical involved that body may reject or show zero resistance.

Therefore, this stands as the most coveted pro among the pros and cons of vampire facelift.

7. Strengthens Immunity

So Vampire facelift is a full package because it also strengthens our immunity and restores cellular respiration. Moreover, it also stimulates metabolic processes in the body! Now, isn’t that amazing to get all these fantastic bodily functions with just one magical treatment! Because it sure is and this pro is too much to AVOID!

8. Slows Down Aging

Well, who doesn’t want to stay young forever? It is not possible but the process of aging can slow down due to breakthroughs in science and technology. And Vampire facelift does the same; slows down the aging process. 

What’s more good than staying young for a long time? Every woman can go for this option. Also, it is a hypoallergenic process, so you will not encounter any allergies at all. 

This smashing pro here closes the deal in the analysis of the pros and cons of vampire facelift. 

pros and cons of vampire facelift
Vampire Facelift Puts A Temporary Stop On Ageing


1. Medical Regulatory Does Not Support It

Yeah, that’s true. Despite its fame, a vampire facelift does not get ample support from Medical doctors and surgeons. Why? Because doctors cannot guarantee full safety, although it is safe by all means. But sometimes, the process can go slightly wrong, and that depends on different internal and external factors.

Some people also doubt its approval from the FDA, which is most of the centers claim. This means the people opt for vampire facial treatment on their own risk. Therefore, going for a treatment with no guarantee from the doctors is, in fact, the biggest con of vampire facelift. 

2. It May Cause Redness

Vampire facelift does not cause a bruise, but it does cause the redness of the area, which sometimes lasts for days. It gives the face a little artificial appearance before its actual effects begin to show.

Also, the result may be not up to the mark for some people if they compare the results of surgeries and Botox. Therefore, people label it as a crucial dis benefit among the pros and cons of a vampire facelift. 

advantages and disadvantages of vampire facelift
The Process May Cause Rashes Or Redness On The Face

3. Pros And Cons Of Vampire Facelift- Results Take Longer

The results of vampire facelift take longer than the usual treatments to occur. Why? Because the rich- in- plasma blood works on its natural pace to generate new cells. Whereas, in the case of plastic surgeries, results are visible as soon as the operation is over. Therefore, people also dismiss this procedure due to its long time for results. 

4. May Effect The Eyes

Vampire Facelift does not have any side effects, but it can affect the eyes. That depends if you have sensitive eyes. 

5. High Price Of The Procedure

Many people who speak against vampire facelift say that its high price is a massive barrier in the way of getting acceptance and fame by a broad audience. Therefore, the people who can afford it go for the vampire facelift. It is THAT MUCH expensive because there are no multiple sittings of the treatment/procedure.

So here goes another crucial con among the pros and cons of vampire facelift.

6. Spreads Blood Borne Diseases

No matter how popular vampire facelift is if it doesn’t have a clean and hygienic procedure, then it might spread a lot of diseases. These diseases include HIV and hepatitis B and C. How? When the blood sampling takes place in the procedure, the chances get high for these diseases to spread. Also, the process involves a device that punctures the skin (microneedling), so the possibilities get even higher here.

Some of the cheaper devices used to do the microneedling will suck blood up into the handle; therefore, the next patient can quickly get any disease. 

Therefore, one must be careful before going to any med spa for a vampire facelift.

pros and cons of vampire facelift
Spreads Blood-borne Diseases

7. May Use Stem Cells

The most significant disadvantage of vampire facelift is that there is a new technique in PRP, which involves the use of stem cells. Now that is highly alarming! Why? Because operations with stem cells are not thoroughly studied until now. Also, there is no reliable information on how the stem cells behave after interfering with their activity. Some scientists even show the involvement of such cells in the formation and development of infectious tumors in the body.

For instance, if a person has cancer, the stimulation of stem cell growth may well provoke an increase in the growth of infected cells. Therefore, doctors recommend the clients to get a full check-up before opting for the PRP Therapy. 

The procedure of Vampire Face Lift

  1. Vampire Facelift uses the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy. In this therapy, a person’s blood is used for the treatment after separating the platelet and serum. Therefore, blood is extracted from the body using the syringe and then placed inside a centrifuge.
  2. The spinning of the centrifuge separates the plasma from the serum. 
  3. The Microneedle is used to insert the separate plasma back into the facial skin.
  4. After this, the production of Fibroblasts and Keratinocytes comes in stimulation which renews the collagen. With the formation of more collagen, the skin begins to look vibrant, tight and younger. 

What are the indicators for the treatment of vampire Facelift?

If you one of the following, then you are suitable for the Vampire facelift:

  • Acne
  • Post-acne
  • Face wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Face contouring
  • Reduction of skin tone
  • Skin restoration after deep peeling
  • Removal of hyperpigmentation
  • Scar removal
  • Rosacea
Wrinkle-free Face Is The Outcome Of This Procedure

Also, Let’s know, In what situations we cannot go for this treatment?

Here are the situations when one must not opt for the vampire facelift treatment:

  • Mother feeding
  • Pregnancy
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Infectious or chronic diseases
  • Blood disorders
  • Specific allergies to certain blood components
  • Use of antibiotics
  • Hepatitis
  • Mental disorders
  • Oncological diseases

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on pros and cons of vampire facelift

How long does vampire FaceLift last?

It outfit’s the body’s regular procedures to shape new tissue, results are enduring. Inside 2 to 3 weeks the tissue begins to look full and regular. The impacts of the strategy improve for 2 to 3 months and keep going for at any rate 1 to 2 years!

How much is the vampire FaceLift?

Its expense can shift from specialist to professional, with costs running somewhere in the range of $900 to $2,500 per treatment. The normal expense is about $1,500.

Does vampire facial really work?

These are an extremely powerful treatment, lamentably they can’t do precisely what plastic medical procedure can.. A Vampire Facial assists with skin appearance, scratched in wrinkles and lines, melasma, skin inflammation, and skin inflammation scarring.

What does a vampire facial do for your skin?

The facial, otherwise called a platelet-rich plasma treatment, is utilized to make skin smoother and lessen the presence of wrinkles. Vampire facials are commonly sheltered—as long as your professional uses sterile gear in a spotless situation.


So, there you have it, all you need to know about the pros and cons of a vampire facelift. Now, as we end, it is rational to say that while there may be some ambiguities about the approval and recommendation of the procedure, it is a highly-safe and beneficial facial rejuvenation process.

It has only one or two serious safety concerns, which is why an increasing number of women are choosing it as a preferred facial procedure.

Nonetheless, it’s now up to you to assess the vampire facelift pros and cons and see what’s best for you.

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