Sanctuary Cities Pros & Cons – 10 Most Useful Points On Sanctuary Cities

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Like me, many of you might have heard about sanctuary cities for the very first time. Those of you who wish to have sound knowledge of sanctuary cities, you’ve targeted the right article. Here, we’ll let you know what are sanctuary cities, how do they protect immigrants and refugees, and lastly what are sanctuary cities’ pros and cons.

Immigrants who cross their national borders in search of a safe and stable life in another country are undoubtedly one of the most demeaned and marginalized groups in our society. Often, they make their gateways to a new country owing to economic instability, fragility, brutality, and sheer violence in their countries of origin.

But even after they had flown the coop, they remain unguarded in foreign countries and fear detention, apprehension, and deportation. Sanctuary cities play a pivotal role in offering illegal immigrants a sense of hope and safety.

Let’s begin.

What Are Sanctuary Cities?

Sanctuary cities are defined as towns or cities that safeguard the undocumented immigrants from deportation or prosecution by not cooperating with federal authorities.

Many people proclaim that a sanctuary city such as Chicago, San Francisco, and New York should not receive funds from the federal government because it does not enforce federal immigration laws.

Others argue that sanctuary city policies are required for the protection of US citizens as well as unregistered immigrants.

Sanctuary cities protect illegal immigrants
Sanctuary Cities Should Not Receive Federal Funding

How do sanctuary cities protect undocumented immigrants?

Just because illegal immigrants do not appear in the documents doesn’t imply that the U.S. Constitution’s rights and benefits do not extend to them. But, to our dismay, their undocumented status is emblematic of their daily struggles.

The angst of imprisonment, banishment, and isolation from their family and loved ones tears the immigrants on the inside. They ought not to be deprived of life, liberty, or rights without due process of law.

By limiting alliance with national government implementation of immigration enforcement laws, sanctuary cities tend to provide social security to immigrants fearing expulsion. Also, these cities attempt to provide them with the chance to lead a comfortable life by treating them as a human being.

These cities normally do not allow local police or municipal employees to probe into one’s immigration status.

Now, let’s delve into sanctuary cities’ pros and cons to get a clearer picture of what we intend to cover.

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10 Most Prominent Sanctuary Cities Pros And Cons

Here are listed some of the key sanctuary cities’ pros and cons that will give you a broader perspective about sanctuary cities and the residing immigrants, either legal or illegal.

List Of Pros Of Sanctuary Cities:

Let’s first see what benefits do these sanctuary cities give to the immigrants who are often undermined in the society we live in.

1. Encourage undocumented immigrants to contribute to the economy and society

Immigrants play a wide role in the U.S. economy. The Americans benefit from the taxes they pay as well as from the money they expend on various goods and services. Thus, the removal of undocumented workers would amount to a major loss in the U.S. economic system.

Embrace undocumented immigrants for the economy
Undocumented Immigrants Can Raise Economic Growth

Undocumented immigrants are considered as the underprivileged aliens of society. They are often the victims of violent crimes just because of the status that comes along with their identities. They refrain from asking help as it would result in the exposure of their so-called status.

Regardless of their statuses, sanctuary cities do a lot for these unauthorized individuals by supporting them and their families enormously.

2. Evaporate the immigrants’ fear of deportation

Many immigrants who have entered the country illegally fear standing up for their official rights. Women just can’t voice domestic abuse because of the creepy feelings of getting deported.

These are the sanctuary cities that permit women to enjoy a healthy life out of their immigration status and also inspire women to voice their opinions and fight for their dignity and self-esteem. This is how sanctuary cities function to diminish the fear of eviction from the heads of unregistered immigrants.

3. Sanctuary city policies provide safety to both immigrants and citizens

Sanctuary cities guard the immigrants by devising policies and allowing the implementation of lenient laws. This way no one will be punished for undeserving crimes.

Not putting the immigrants behind the bars just for their existence beyond their borders will create a positive environment to live in without any fear.

4. Promote positive relationships between the police and immigrants

Given the expanding fear of detention, if the immigrants have a bad image of the local police in their minds, this will negatively impact society.

If they see the police with disbelief because of a lack of conviction, this will lay down tracks for the criminals to attack the victims.

Thus, by creating an atmosphere that fosters mutual respect and trust between immigrants and the cops, sanctuary cities can play a profound role in revamping the toxic devaluation of the minorities of society.

5. Create more diversity within the culture

Illegal immigrants are a means of societal diversification. They align their skills and knowledge with everyone else to create a stronger and productive nation. This can help in growing and achieving a lot for the benefit of society by adding new ideas, perspectives, and cultures.

Just getting you acquainted with the positive aspects of sanctuary cities is not the sole purpose of this very article. We intend to broaden your horizon by putting forth both the sanctuary cities’ pros and cons.

Now, let’s see some of the demerits of sanctuary cities.

List Of Cons Of Sanctuary Cities:

Given below are some of the negative aspects of sanctuary cities everyone should know.

6. Create a dangerous environment by harboring criminals

Illegal immigration provides opportunities for terrorism and crime. Due to the over-protection of the illegal immigrants, the criminals may wander here and there in search of victims. This would eventually lead to the subversion of the U.S. legal system.

Among the sanctuary cities pros and cons, creating a dangerous environment is a con
Sanctuary Cities Create An Unfavorable Environment For Citizens

In sanctuary cities, the impact of a great inrush of illegal workers engenders harm to the legal inhabitants and other lawful immigrants who live in those cities. This influx results in the resources which may cause the taxes to increase.

Also, the unvaccinated immigrants that land on the U.S. ground can potentially increase public biohazards by introducing bacterial or viral vectors in the foreign environment. Hence, sanctuary cities create a tense and dangerous environment.

7. Stop the clearance of undocumented immigrants

Sanctuary jurisdictions across the U.S. prevent federal law enforcement in an attempt to shelter the undocumented aliens. This stops their removal from the country.

Some people argue that sanctuary laws should not be enforced
Sanctuary Cities Should Be Banned

These immigrant favorable laws can potentially cause harm to the Americans and also to the framework and integrity of the state.

8. Give false security to the people

Sanctuary cities are misleading. Living in a sanctuary city gives illegal immigrants a false hope of security that allows them to become quite blasé’ about deportation. This suggests that being in a sanctuary city doesn’t mean you’re 100% safe.

The federal government can take action against immigrants and can also conduct a raid on their workplaces. Lulling the undocumented immigrants with the deceptive security places them at a higher risk of expulsion.

9. These cities violate federal law

Sanctuary cities keep the police from interrogating and arresting people who have violated federal law. The country could be shielded from the criminals if the cops are allowed to investigate the immigrants. Many unlawful acts can be prevented if a local law is enforced in sanctuary cities and the undocumented immigrants are captured or detained for their first-ever crime on the U.S. ground.

Sanctuary cities should not federally funded
Work To Protect The Legal Citizens

Turning the immigrants to federal law enforcement and punishing them for infraction of the law will provide the legal residents with the living rights they deserve.

10. Allow violence and law breaching

Kathyrn Steinle, the high-profile murder case, remains on the front-line of the sanctuary cities’ pros and cons debate. She was assassinated by an illegal immigrant on the San Francisco pier. This murder cranked up furor about immigration and sanctuary laws.

Sanctuary cities give over protection to illegal workers and push aside legal citizens
San Francisco Pier 14 – The Place Of Murder

Therefore, sanctuary cities can potentially protect criminals who take advantage of their statuses. This is how the welfare of illegal immigrants pushes the safety of legal citizens away.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on Sanctuary Cities Pros and Cons

What does it mean to become a sanctuary city?

There’s no single explanation of what is a sanctuary city, yet as a rule, it’s a city, a region, or an express that constrains its collaboration with government migration implementation specialists so as to shield low-need foreigners from expelling, while as yet turning over the individuals who have carried out genuine violations

What is the purpose of sanctuary cities?

Sanctuary city (French: ville sanctuaire; Spanish: ciudad santuario) alludes to civil locales, ordinarily in North America, that limit their collaboration with the national government’s push to uphold movement law.

What cities are sanctuary?

Newark, North Bergen, Plainfield, Trenton, Asbury Park, Camden, East Orange, Hoboken, Jersey City, Linden, New Brunswick, and Union City are known as sanctuary cities. Those with explicit official requests made by chairmen or goals by city boards are: Jersey City. Maplewood.

What is Freedom City?

Freedom Cities is a development that looks to make whole urban areas, towns, and networks alright for laborers, individuals with incapacities, workers, Black individuals, Muslims, LGBTQ individuals, and every single persecuted network.


We’d like to share our final thoughts on sanctuary cities’ pros and cons within a few lines.

Sanctuary cities defy federal law enforcement to keep the undocumented immigrants safe and to let them enjoy the basic human rights as everyone else. But they also have downsides as these cities threaten public safety.

Sanctuary cities’ pros and cons is a controversial and debatable subject. After going through the above-mentioned sanctuary cities’ pros and cons, what do you think: Are sanctuary cities a problem or a solution? Also, let us know do sanctuary cities provide protection to undocumented immigrants or allow criminals to roam free?

Before you go, take a second to tell us about your opinion regarding sanctuary cities in the comments section.

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