Is My Wife Is Dumb? 17 Signs & Tips on How To Handle Her

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Have you ever thought while hearing the relationship problems of your friends that my wife is dear to me, but it is hard to live with her because my wife is dumb?

Or you may question yourself why my wife is behaving so stupidly. It might put you in an unexplainable situation or make you feel doubt about asking for help.

Here are the solutions if you are dealing with a partner who does not know how to respond to certain and uncertain things, then you must need to look for what exactly the problem is? We have made it convenient for you to know the signs of your dumb wife, how you can take impactful steps to deal with her and what causes behind her dumbness are?

8 Signs My Wife is Dumb

In our big world, we have people with different levels of intelligence. And everyone considers them intelligent. Intelligence is more important in all ways, but somehow people who think they are intelligent often perform a habit that shows their level of stupidity.

Similarly, if your partner seems so intelligent and her behavior and ways of taking things in life are different. Think and see what the problem with her is?

Maybe she does not have that level of intelligence that she shows. The following signs can help you to identify her dumbness and help you to rethink what to do before taking action toward her.

1. Your Wife Thinks She is Better than You 

Intelligent people help others at the time of need. They do have confidence in their abilities and qualities to make things right. But dumb and stupid people tend to present themselves as intelligent. They are afraid of being overshadowed. They hide not to expose their inner self.

Your wife has such kind of behavior and trying to prove that she is better than you. It must be a sign of her dumbness because she is not taking her intelligence broadly. And badmouth with you and others to cover her inner fear. You might notice she quickly judge others. It is not a sign of intelligence.

2. She Always Tries to Win All Arguments 

We cannot deny the fact smart people do react aggressively when they got angry. But you often found them angry and aggressive only on something serious we cannot ignore.

signs your wife is dumb- she will argue unnecessarily

On the other hand, if your wife is dumb, she must be angry about unnecessary things or when something is not according to her. It shows her insecure behavior.

3. She is Defensive Unnecessarily

You may have an experience that your partner is over defensive at the time she shouldn’t be. It is simple to understand people with lower IQ tend to defend themselves more just to hide their real fear inside them.

These people have a less analytical approach to see and accept things as they are. It might be the reason your wife is over defensive unnecessarily.

4. She Talks About Her Success Stories 

It can be the most prominent sign of your dumb wife, where she starts talking about her old success stories. Most of your conversation with her is about her repeated stores. She keeps proving herself superior to you and the rest of the people around you.

Such people usually practice their chain of thoughts during conversation. They do not take other things into consideration that affect others.

5. Self-Obsessed

Dumbness is a sign of those who take everything personally. Most people think of taking intelligence as a pride that is not harmful, but this pride somehow leads to self-love.

This self-love and over-obsessed personality that they want to hide will automatically appear in front of others. It is the way dumb people cannot judge what they are doing.

6. She Stalk & Jealous of Others Women

Stalking and jealousy are the signs of insecure and unconfident people. Dumb and stupid people are often hunted by jealousy and stalking.

You see, your wife keeps on stalking and comparing herself with women. It is a sign she is insecure about her abilities and has a fear of experience less.

7. She Will Blame You for Every Mistake

People, who cannot handle their mistakes and blame others, can not survive in this world effectively. They hide their flows and do not accept things to grow. Similarly, your dumb partner will never make her mistake and put all the blame on you for her stupid arguments.

These dumb wives or women follow the set patron of their minds. They do not accept new changes and the realities of life.

8. She Does Not Understand Intense Situations

Your partner may be the person who is too insensitive to your problems. It is not something they are doing intentionally. Their mind cannot understand how to respond to a problem or critical situations.

It might be the dumbness that causes them to feel irrelevant to your problem.

5 Tips to Deal with a Stupid Wife

How to deal with a dumb wife is a question to stay happy. First of all, you need to understand dumbness is not an incurable illness. It is entirely normal and can be acceptable. If your wife or partner does not contain a high level of intelligence, that does not mean he or she has no right to be in your life.

Somehow, people love their partners because of their innocence. You can handle your partner very effectively through the following ways that will work effectively.

1. Choose Silence than Unnecessary Arguments

It is impossible to tell your wife that you are dumb. You can not say this. They can now realize that they are dumb. You can only use this tip of silence to make your dumb partner feel wrong about what she is doing in this position.

First of all, do not extend the arguments with them. Stupid people want to win in every little fight if you keep on proving them wrong. They won’t let you do.

To understand them and keep yourself away from an unnecessary argument. The only way you can save your relationship.

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2. Accept Your Wife the Way She Is 

Dumbness is not something that makes you feel hate for others but only when you are not dumb. You are in love with your wife, and she may possess many other qualities that enough for you to stay with her. You need to understand it you can not live with the person of your requirement.

My wife is dumb- do not make fun of her

Learn to accept your wife the way she is. Try to alter things politely, with love and affection. Things will change over time but do not expect that you can change her whole personality.

3. Explain the Situation How it Feels 

It is evident that when someone is being aggressive and doing something wrong, they are blind. Dumb people can not analyze the conditions. Similarly, your wife can not see the Situation.

You can talk to her in a light mood to make things easily understandable. She may get your point during conversation or while discussing a topic to make changes in behaviors.

4. Try to Make a Useful Conversation that Benefits Her

Mostly it has been seen dumb people do not take part in deep and intellectual conversations. They might do not understand the complexity and try to avoid these topics. Why they do not develop the habit of critical thinking and remain happy with their low mental approach.

In this way, this tip will be helpful for you if you think your wife is dumb. You can talk about such topics that not only increase her intelligence even develop her sense of analysis. So she can perform better over time.

5. Promote Her for Self-Awareness 

It is the most prominent sign of dumb and stupid people who do not believe in self-study and self-awareness and follow social behaviors and mindsets. I never allow them to think ahead.

As a partner, it is your responsibility to help your wife. You can promote her self-learning by showing her some authentic examples. It will attract her more to go with the concept of self-learning.

Why Your Wife is Getting Dumber? – Causes

Somehow, stupidity and dumbness are not genetic is come as a result of the following causes. Do not judge your wife on the selected criteria of foolishness. See the core and decide your next level as you think you are more intelligent than her.

1. Insecurities

Insecurities can cause many problems for those who do not learn to manage their life towards progress. And all those people are dumb and stupid who miss the chance of learning to avoid hard work.

It can be the reason your wife is dumb, is act stupidly to hide her insecurities. She was not getting the easy way to polish herself and stopped her thoughts from growing.

My wife is dumb - may be lack of your attention
causes of dumbness- she is neglected

2. Lack of Capacity 

Have you ever read about stupid people? If not! Then you do not need to worry because almost all stupid people are the same. They make mistakes, are outspoken, aggressive, and do silly things to highlight themselves in front of others.

But somehow, for some people, stupidity does not mean a choice. People are born in such a way to make others feel for them. They do not possess the capacity to make changes in their mind. You can call it a human error, but this is an undeniable fact.

3. Lower IQ 

Lower IQ might be a reason your wife is dumb. She can not understand everything so suddenly. It is acceptable. All you can do is ask to help her get a higher IQ with various sets of tips and tricks.

4. She Is Emotionally Disturbed 

She might have spent her life in depression. Depression and negative emotions can cause damage to your thought and brain. It lowers the capacity to analyze things for improvement. It reduces your healthy growth of mind. In this way, people can not judge themselves what they are doing and respond to certain things. And this behavior is so-called dumbness for others.


To conclude the arguments, thinking about my wife as stupid is one factor of your intelligence. But the first answer to the question is what you are thinking about her matter to consider because you have an equal responsibility to manage your relationship. If one is less capable in this tries to help. You should use your intelligence and productiveness to make her dumbness her uniqueness, but only promote those factors that you can handle.

Secondly, dumbness is a state where people do not have a proper understanding of some fact. They behave the way they want. What they need is the appropriate guidance from their loved ones.

The key to a healthy relationship with a dumb wife is to make your intelligence more effective for her while using the above-given tips.

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