12 Signs That Your Male Coworker Likes You (3 That He Doesn’t!)

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We all know the value of good relationships with coworkers. But what are the signs that your male coworker likes you?

Having friends at your workplace not only lift your mood, but it also increases productivity. It makes you feel more connected with the company.

However, sometimes, these good relationships turn into a romantic relationship. Dating your coworker can be a real adventure. Especially for ladies, there is plenty of fish in the pool! But how to identify signs that your male coworker likes you? 


Positive work environment and good relationship with coworkers go hand in hand-Signs That Your Coworker Likes You

12 Undeniable Signs That Your Male Coworker Likes You 

1. He talks to you a Lot:

There can be many reasons why he talks with you the most. Chances are, he wants you, he needs something, or you are new at the workplace. If you are a newbie, he might be trying to make you comfortable and not feel left out. In another case, if you are not new at your workplace and he still talks to you the most, then he might like you.

He Likes Talking To You A Lot -Signs That Your Male Coworker Likes You
What to do?

Pay attention to signals. How does he talk to you? Look for his physical gestures. If your male coworker only talks about work-related things, then it might mean that he is only interested in you as a work partner. Talking about personal stuff is a positive sign that he likes you.

2. He smiles at you in meetings:

When he smiles at you in meetings, it’s a good sign that he wants to spend more time with you. If you are giving a presentation, he carefully listens to you and pays attention. He encourages you.

Smile is a mood lift- Signs That Your Male Coworker Likes You

What to do?

Be open and polite with your gestures.

3. He brings you coffee without even asking:

If he brings the coffee for you, just the way you take it, then it is a good indicator that he likes you. A male coworker who does this regularly like bringing you food or drinks, without even asking, then it’s self-evident that he likes looking after you. It shows that he wants your attention.

If he brings you coffee without even asking then it's a good sign

What to do?

Pay attention. Is he trying to make you feel special, or is he just a considerate man? Try to figure it out.

4. He asks you about your day:

If a male coworker asks you about how your day went outside work, it shows he is interested in your life and genuinely wants to know about it.

Texting habits reveal his interest

What to do?

Be mindful about your approach

5. He wants to hangout:

If he asks you out for lunch, chances are he wants to get more comfortable and close around you. This can one of the most basic signs that your male coworker likes you.

In most workplaces, being open isn’t feasible, especially if your boss looks over your shoulder or work environment is restricting. Asking you out means he wants to show you his more comfortable side instead of a typical workplace demeanor.

What to do?

Go with the flow. See what awaits you. Chances are his intentions would be clear once you hang out together.

6. He Chooses to Sit Next to You:

If he sits next to you most, it seems like a coincidence, but if it happens more often, chances are he is intentionally doing it. It is an innocent way of getting closer to you. He may want you to know that his attention is on you.

What to do?

Act surprised and play along with the game.

7. He Accidentally Touches You:

If he ‘accidentally’ feels you or bumps into you more often, it’s a clear sign that he likes you. He might not be being clumsy at all. While this can be the signs that your male coworker likes you, it can also be a form of harassment or disrespect

What to do?

Be bold and feel assured that if he is bumping into you deliberately, then his feelings for you are clear to understand

8. He helps you:

No matter how busy he is, he will always be willing to help you. He would even set his work aside to offer you help. If your male coworker likes you, he will keep asking you if you need assistance now and then. Even if you tell him that you don’t, he is still going to ask you next time. This shows that he is a keeper. He may feel; good about helping you.

What to do?

Be wary of such help. Some men use these sorts of tactics as a quick way to get into your bed. Be aware that is he liking you for the right reasons or not. If his intentions are pure, be courteous with him. Don’t let someone do most of your work for you. Don’t take him for granted.

9. He defends you:

If your male coworker becomes protective of you, chances are he cares for you. Whether it is a conflict, argument, or someone bad-mouthing you, he is always going to be on your side. He will stick to you even if others come after him.

He will always back you up

What to do?

You might think that he is taking the side of the right one, but if he is taking your side more than once, then it means you’re his “right one.

10. He gives You Nicknames:

Giving nicknames are one of the surest signs that your male coworker likes you.

If he likes to tease you with endearing nicknames or call you by the short form of your name, then it’s a visible sign. He is not just being friendly but trying to tease you flirtatiously. If this makes him blush or smile, then it means something. He is trying to take your closeness to the next level.

What to do?

Observe that whether he has a habit of giving nicknames to everyone, or its just with you.

11. His Work Schedule Matches Yours:

If all of a sudden, his shifts are changed and they are the same as yours, then it means that this is not a mere coincidence. Feel flattered! He might be doing this to be around you more often.

What to do?

Enjoy the deal.

12. His body language towards you:

Body language reveals a lot about our feelings, even if we are trying not to make them obvious. If his shoes are pointed in your direction while sitting or talking, if he leans his body towards you, touches his hair or fidgets around you, then it probably means that he likes you.

Subconscious signs are a major hint

What to do?

Notice his body language. Also, note that there might be some cultural differences in interpreting the body language.

Three Signs That Your Male Coworker Doesn’t Like You 

Now as we went through signs that your male coworker likes you let’s look for signs that in case he does not likes you. Here are three tell-tale signs:

1. Your gut feeling tells you:

If your instincts tell you that there is nothing special and he is just cooperative or friendly, then it might be true. Our bodies sometimes sense what our minds couldn’t perceive yet.

What to do?

Trust your gut. Don’t overthink too much.

2. He doesn’t make eye contact:

As we discussed earlier points, gestures reveal a lot. When someone is not interested in another person, it is very tough to maintain eye contact with them. If this is the case with you, chances are he is not interested.

What to do?

Look for his gestures. Try to decipher their meaning, whether positive or negative. This can also mean that he is the shy guy at the office.

3. He acts the same with everyone:

If he acts the same around everyone, especially with other female coworkers then it might mean that being over-friendly or flirtatious is just his nature. He might be a player too.

When A Man Wants A Relationship Its Not Merely Sexual Attraction

What to do?

Proceed with caution. Do not make any advances on your own.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On Signs That Your Male Coworker Likes You

How Do You Know If A Coworker Secretly Likes You?

If he is giving you strong eye contact and start conversations that have absolutely nothing to do with the job and ask you to hang out with him outside work. These signs indicate that your coworker may have a crush on you.

Is He Picking On Me Or Flirting?

It is the possibility that he is flirting with you, and it is likely that he is not much good at it. Ask yourself whether he would have said the things he is stating to some other guy. If this is the case then he might just be a jerk and you ought to perhaps avoid him before he steps about your emotions and ego.

Does My Colleague Have A Crush On Me?

Look for these indications that your colleague might have fallen in love with you. He gives you strong eye contact. He starts a discussion that has nothing to do with the work. He asks you to hang out with him outside the job place.

How Do You Tell If A Female Coworker Is Flirting With You?

A female coworker is flirting with you. A lady you just met looking into you. A colleague who may have fallen in love with you. Here are some signs a female coworker is flirting with you. Comfortable and excited around you, Grinning and looking down quietly and shyly, Turning towards you, Moving nearer to you, Warming up to your touch, and Touching you.


In this article, we have shared all the signs that your male coworker likes you as well as the 3 signs that your male coworker doesn’t like you. 

Now it is up to you to take all the other information like his marital status and cultural differences, to decide whether he truly likes you or not. We know that this can be one of the trickiest decisions of your life, therefore, try to be as prepared about this as possible.

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