8 Really Solid Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

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Is your ex just pretending to be over you or has s/he really moved on?

In this article, we have collected the best signs that will provide you with the answers to the above question.

So what are those signs your ex is pretending to be over you? Let’s get started.

8 Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You:

There are the 8 points for you to understand better your ex has few feelings left for you or not. Please keep in mind that these are observed and experienced by many people, there can be exceptions as well.

1. Ex Is Playing The Jealousy Card

Right away after you broke up when you saw pictures of your ex on any electronic platforms with good looking mates.

Or they are posting love songs using a different hashtag. Like #love, #acleanslate and #relationshipgoals.

If you think that all this is for a show of, yes, it is. But to make sure, you can confirm through a mutual friend that this new supposed relation has any merit or if it is just a diversion.

These are the few methods your ex could try to make you jealous. The main point is your ex likes you to show some concern that they are happy with someone.

But the main point to note is there is some feeling left for you in them.

Jealousy is one of the Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You
Jealousy is one of the Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

2. Still Communicating.

If a couple is still having a conversation with each other even after their separation, that is a good signal.

People who hate each other do not want to see each other.

But if he is sending you text messages, it is a signal that he is not over you and cannot live without you.

If he is not interested in you, he will block your number and never contact you again. He will delete all your messages and images and will part his ways.

It is a possibility that your ex still has emotions for you, but he has not enough courage to talk to you about how he feels about you.

3. Your Ex Gazing At You.

If you catch your ex looking at you many times. Then you can be confident that there is some feeling left unattended. Or there is some loose end between you two.

It could be negative or positive, but if he/she is calm and not clenching her feet or fist, it is positive.

We only wish to stare at someone for long if we admire them or an attraction between us. If your ex looks at you while making a fist or pressing their teeth, then it seems she is angry at you, and there is some loose end between you two.

Still in touch with your friends is one the Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You
Still in touch with your friends is one of the Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

4. Your Ex Leave Their Belongings At Your Home.

Being ditched is an act that keeps some people finding it difficult to absorb it. Therefore many people intentionally leave their possessions at their house.

So they may feel their absence, or they may miss them by seeing their stuff.

They do so because the other person can get a reason to talk to them. There is still contact with that person, but it has greatly diminished.

Most people who do not want to end a relationship will do so deliberately.

It is because he does not want to lose you.

5. Being Helpful Is One of The Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You.

If you face any problem, the next thing you deep down know that he is there to help you. Usually, when a couple splits up, their love is not lost.

So now what you can do is that you can offer help.

It could be a sign that your people ended their relationship with excellent words or with great dignity.

Notice these things and think. We do not help people if we do not have feelings for them. If you are in trouble and he is the first person to come to your help, then think twice before ignoring him.

It is a powerful sign that he wants you hard.

Sometime people leave signs
Sometimes people leave signs

6. Responds Positively is One of The Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You.

Does your spouse always quickly respond to all your messages at any time, whether it is day or midnight? If they enjoy talking and responding quickly, it’s a great signal.

That represents they don’t want to sever the link between you. When you respond to their messages and calls quickly, they become very happy and want this forever.

They hope you will continue to send messages and will think about rebuilding the relation one day.

This is true if they are moving the subject directly to your thought and feelings about this relationship.

7. Your Ex Tries To Make Contact With Your Friends.

Generally, when a girl and a boy end their relationship, their friends also get separated from your ex. It is considered a natural thing. Your ex was connected to your friends just because of you.

When your relationship has ended, your friends do not need to remain in touch with your ex.

It does not happen that after the breakup, your ex enjoys spending time with your friends. Don’t forget; you are a regular person.

If he still meets your friend and talks about you, then it is a powerful sign that he wants you back in his life. Another Live Lightning Roulette strategy that you may find convenient is placing the so-called French bets.

He talks to your friends about his emotions, so maybe they can pass it to you, and you know how badly he misses you. You can ask from your f friends that how he talks about you now.

Appreciation is another great sign that he is still into you.

Still communication is  one the Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You
Still, communication is one of the Signals Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

8. Your Ex Likes To Look Back At The Past.

When things go well for you and your spouse, you are more likely to talk to each other more often.

If your ex likes to remind you of happy times, it is a sign that they are longing for the past.

He can tag you in a holiday photo of you on Facebook.

Or he may share a memory reminding him of the good times. He may want to argue a different matter or take your side and apologize. Whichever way he remembers is regrettable.

The promises you made, the finger locking moments you had are all good memories, which could be a way to relive a beautiful past that might make him come back.


If you see all these signals from your ex, it seems that you also feel desperate to get him/her back.

This is an opportunity that you both can forget about the past and start over fresh.

Time to rebuild the castle where love is in the air and romance does not leave out the window.

All you have to do is determine that he/she still has the spark that can still be made into a raging fire, the fire of love.

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