Staying Away from Negative People

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Negative people will eat away at your soul. They are like termites that slowly and gradually eat you from inside out. They can exasperate people who are positive and like to lower others to their level. Due to these facts it is important to stay away from negative people when you can.

Most people want a happy life. they want to succeed, be well-liked and achieve their goals. But there is a lot of work and effort involved in achieving these goals. This makes negative people, who have failed themselves, think that success is impossible. Negative people will try to tell people about all the bad things that can happen. They want more people to feel as bad as they do. After all, misery loves company.

Negative people take away all your positivity and fill with negative vibes. Negativity is so environmentally unfriendly thing that can kill you. It destroys you psychologically, emotionally, and physically.

It is necessary to get rid of them to excel in life. For this, we should know the reasons to distant from toxic people and make a strategy to do so.

Reasons to Stay Away From Negative People

First we take a look on some reasons stay away from negative people.

1.  Egocentric:

Negative people have a toxic trait of egotism. They are arrogant, self-centered, and narcissistic. They always convey negative vibes to the atmosphere and make people mentally sick.

2.  Green-eyed:

Negative people are so jealous of others. They green-eyed others’ success, happiness, and achievements.

These people never cherish others’ happiness and neither let them be merry on their achievements. The comparison with others’ life destroys them completely.

Negative People eat your inside
Negative people are termites.

3.  Energy Drainers:

You might have noticed in your life that meeting some person gives you positive vibes and you feel happy. On the other hand on meeting a person you get negative vibes and feel exhausted. These are the negative people, they are the energy drainers.

What consume you, will consume you. In the surrounding of negative people, you will consume by their negativity.

4. Morale Cripplers:

Negative people never buck you up. They never appreciate someone’s actions, ideas, and thoughts. If they see something good in you they never show that but try to cripple your morale out of jealousy. They never encourage anyone.

Negative people do not appreciate to up your morale.
Negative people never buck up.

5.  Source of Depression:

If someone listens to a negative person’s life happenings, he gets depressed. Because they have nothing good to tell others except their failures and miseries.

They make that person think like them and their perspective to see life changes. And that person gets more and more depressed. He starts seeing his matters disappointingly.

6. Blame Gamer:

Negative people never take responsibility for their doings. They don’t realize that if something bad has happened to them, are because of their own mistake.

Negative people blame others or start complaints to fate. They play with others’ minds and make them feel guilty about that.

7. Time Vampires:

Time is money. If this time has gone, it will never come back to us. Spending our precious time on negative people won’t give us any productivity in our life.

Negative people are such a black hole. If you tell your achievements to positive people, they always encourage you.

They push you forward to do something greater. But negative people take your time telling you about their miseries. And you start thinking that you could utilize that time in some fruitful activity.

8. Cripple the Pace of Growth:

Negative people discourage you always. They always tell you about the cruelty of the world, they tell you what they experienced.

Negative people keep showing you the ugly face of life to you and try to divert your focus from your path. That cripples the pace of your growth.

Negative people hinder the process of success.
Negativity slow your succession.

9. Always Complaining and Never Satisfied:

Negativity is all about dissatisfaction. Negative people tend to complain about everything rather than being thankful for what they have.

They are never satisfied with what they have and how much they have. This attitude gives negative vibes to everyone around them.

10. See Bad in Everything:

Toxic people are like a news channel. News channels have a specific agenda to spread disappointment and melancholy.

A negative person is no different from the news channel. They have a negative aura and spread toxicity around them. If you don’t want melancholy in your life, delete this bad news channel from your life for good.

11. Difficult to Get Rid Of:

Spending too much time with such people makes it complicated for us to pull them away. They become nearly impossible to get rid of. The longer a relationship goes on, the more it is hard to part with. They keep clinging on with you.

12. Cloud Your Focus on Ambition:

Being around a negative person distracts you from your goals. They are a hindrance to accomplishing your dreams. They make you feel dull and down your potentials, which leads to cloud your focus on your life ambitions.

13. Change Your Way of Thinking:

This is a common fact that people spending time together start behaving like each other. The lifestyle and way of thinking of a negative person affect others.

They can change the perspective of seeing anything, which is of course negatively. Your optimism changes into pessimism and you can’t even foresee that.

Strategies to Stay Away from Negative People

Let’s move towards the strategies that will help you to stay away from negative people.

1. Only Listen, Never Reply:

The most effective way to keep distance from a negative person is to only listen to them. During conversations listen to them and try not to reply.

When you say something they could get another point of conflict out of your statement. This will prolong the conversation and cause your time wastage.

2. Tackle Their Negatives With Positives:

Negative people speak their negative thoughts. And in return, if we say something negative too, this will make the situation more disappointing.

Answer their negative things with positivity. This will keep the environment peaceful. Maybe that negative person gets any positive vibes too.

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3. Stand Up for Your Opinion:

If during the conversation you think you are right, do not step back from your viewpoint.

Always stand up for your opinion. This gives a message to others that you value yourself. Eventually, they’ll listen to you and consider your opinion too.

Respect yourself and value your ides.
Always value your opinion

4. Have a Sense of Humor:

Always be self-controlled with them. Do not take their negative remarks seriously. Try to be witty and humorous. Doing this you will create an environment of smooth talk with them. And their negativity won’t harm your mind peace.

5. Do Not Move by Their Talk or Second Their Opinion:

Negative people are such a drama. They manipulate your emotions in many ways. They try to gain your sympathy by telling you your sufferings and deprivations.

Or they influence your thoughts and opinions by denying them and make you follow theirs. You need to be aware of this drama and always follow your instincts.

6. Focus on Your Positive Bright Aura:

Talking to a negative person never forgets that who you are in real. What you are from inside, show that in your dealings with others. Always be an optimist and try to handle a negative with optimism.

Focus on positive vibes, ignore the negative ones.
Follow the positivity

7. Give Yourself The Importance:

An important and necessary attribute of living in this world is to give you importance. If you are not important to yourself, you have no regard in the eyes of others. Self-consciousness is really important.

Negative people have the quality of being a narcissist. If you give importance in front of a negative person then they will consider your being too.

8. Don’t Put Their Trash in Your Basket:

Everyone is responsible for their actions in the world. A toxic person creates that misery for themselves. So let them take the complete responsibility of their actions.

You have done nothing wrong to them. Don’t blame yourself for their mistakes. You will malfunction your life by putting their trash in your basket.

9. Be Enthusiastic and Focus on Your Energy:

Optimism and a positive attitude towards life are needed to grow. To reach your goals you need that enthusiasm that keeps your optimism on the roll.

Do not let any pessimism be the hurdle in your way. Focus on your energy and ignore negative people.

Hope keeps you on the move, but hopelessness makes your energy stagnant.
Optimism leads to success.

10. Keep Yourself Busy:

Sometimes it is hard to say bluntly to a person that you don’t want to be with them anymore. Avoiding them is the best solution for this. If you see coming to that person to you, start doing something and pretend that you didn’t see them.

If there are some other people around, engage yourself talking with them to ignore the person. When you see them coming, suddenly alter your path.

11. Block Them on Social Media:

Staying away from toxic people in the physical world isn’t enough. This is essential to block them on social media as well.

Block their phone number and end every kind of contact on all social media platforms. Break the contact through e-mails and shut them off your life completely.


Negative people feed on your response but remember one thing, the less you respond to negativity the more peaceful your life will be.

Do not feel ashamed or betrayal. Because subtracting negative people from your life doesn’t mean you hate them. It means that you love and respect yourself, too.

No change in anything comes overnight. Be patient and let the things get smooth gradually. But do not lose your control over yourself and everything else.

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