6 Reasons Why Technology is Taking Over Society – Are You Safe?

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Technology may be taking over, but it has become a significant part of today’s human society. Many of us are now addicted to some form of technology, and we cannot function without it. We are so dependent on technology that we use at our homes, offices, and even schools.

While doing any important task, we get distracted through our phones and social media. Our attention span has decreased to a severely low level.

If we talk about adults even, they have become less productive, and attention span has relatively low. We can see the younger generation is copying the adults.

It’s quite possible to see a young one using a mobile phone but don’t know how to read. This is affecting our children’s mental health, and their intellectual abilities are decreasing.

6 Ways Technology is Taking Over Society

We are quite dependent on technology, and while this is increasing among us, most of us are a little afraid. Now, the biggest concern is of Robots and Artificial intelligence. As the concept of machine learning is introduced, we are now concerned about its future.

While the fear is real, and there might be some of us who still don’t believe that technology could reach that point. Let us check some of the aspects that technology has taken over.

Ways in Which Technology Taking Over And Controlling Humans
The fear is real

1. Taking Over Many Jobs – Technology Taking Over

If we check a report of 2017 that published that automated robots will take around 800 million jobs by 2030. Given the situation that the population will continue to rise, and so is unemployment.

Jobs like phone operators and some banking work are now almost completed by robots. It’s a fact that many of us don’t want to do such jobs, but when in need of money, then anything will do.

But as technology is improving at an intensive rate than many other jobs will be at risk. It will not be very far when we can see that the only job humans have left is to fix the robots that are doing everything.

Taking Over Many Jobs
Only jobs humans have left.

2. Relying On Cell Phones – Technology Taking Over

 We don’t have to be afraid of automation’s risk on our jobs; rather, technology is doing some stunning effect. We all own a cell phone these days, and if we do, we are among the 5 billion people in the world that are using it.

We cannot imagine a life without smartphones as we don’t know much to do with ourselves.

As most of us now rely on keeping in touch with our friends and family through this technology. And yes, we rely on our business as we make important calls and keep track of information. Not to ignore, we make future strategy, and the list continues.

But the conclusion has a cell phone is not a bad thing, but our lives are becoming dependent on that. If one day, the system dies, then many of us have a meltdown, and this is because we don’t use cell phones, but we rely on them.

3. Distancing Us Apart – Technology Taking Over

We all are using smartphones these days, and it’s hard to imagine living without them. They help us to be in touch with our loved ones, but the truth is we are now more distant from people who should be close.

We are publishing everything we do right from where we eat, where we want to go for our vacations, and all sorts.

It has become a habit to use our phones and take pictures and post them while we are still in others’ company. We continue to engage in our phones rather than making the conversations, no matter who is sitting with us.

Many of us talk with someone else on the phone while sitting in the same room with one of our friends. All this creates a problem that would not have been there if we would be so much addicted to this technology.

Imagine a world where we all are communicating with each other. And we don’t have to spend so much time watching our smartphones. Sometimes it feels like we have become the slave of this technology.

Distancing us apart
Become a habit of using our phones

4. Confusion In Dealings – Technology Taking Over

Before proceeding any further and welcoming this huge change of technology and globalization. We need to be aware of the disruptive change that technology will bring and how it can cause conflict.

It will uplift the things to massive confusion in the global economy. People will start believing many things that are not true.

There was a time when the majority actually praised this globalization. Many of the Governments welcomed the Immigrants. The new technology and inventions were storming the world. And the economy was helping everyone to be rich.

It was the time of the mid-90s. The world underwent the most disruptive period of the century it can ever imagine. The humans faced the most rapid changes in the technology that changed everything.

From the change in societies, the changes in politics, massive increase in communication. The rise of car culture, urban planning, and the shrinking of household size.

As technology is creating much confusion around us so we should be preparing for it. Some of the questions that need our attention and should be answered.

How to deal with the challenge of distributing equal wealth.

  • What is the definition of equal?
  • Why and What if only very few humans will control the robot’s technology.
  • What are the changes required in our political system to adapt to technology?
  • If the technological change would be faster than we predicted it, then what will happen?

While I am an optimist, I am not sure that humanity will answer it or even prepare for it.

We have made enough money to go around the world many times, but unfortunately, we need to learn to share it. Not only that but in a fairway.

5. Children Are Becoming Less Creative And More Obese

After the evolution of technology, we have seen the changes in our lives. Not only affecting us, but our children are getting affected terribly.

If we notice and compare, our children are becoming less effective. The technology is working and making everything easy for them.
The Internet finds a solution for you without any brain activity. It deprives the brain of essential skills. Like critical thinking, problem-solving, and use of vocabulary skills.

There are a lot of distractions on the internet for children. They are relying on the internet and computer doing all their work.

Another problem the technology is bringing is obesity for children. The children these days are becoming diabetes and are obese. This situation is worse in Canada and the United States due to a lack of exercise.

Children are Becoming less Creative and More Obese
The technology is bringing obesity.

6. Future Predictions – Technology Taking Over

A prediction from the University of Oxford states that many of the jobs will be at risk in the next several years. Particularly, in the United States, many of the job seekers will feel the pressure.

The riskiest category will be the unskilled and low-paying jobs. But, the highly skilled and higher pay workers will not be safe either.

Another study by McKinsey Global Institute revealed that many of the jobs would be at risk. This study shows that huge progress in robotics and AI is the reason for human workforce cutbacks.

The Jobs That Are Safe From Technology Takeover

Some of the jobs that are safe as of now. But it’s uncertain that for how long these professions will be safe. No one can give security for future technology.

  • Therapist and Social Workers
  • Dentist and Doctors
  • Pilots and Air Traffic
  • Police Officers and Law Makers
  • Teachers and Professors
  • Robotics Engineers and Software Engineers

Jobs that are creative in nature or those leading in interpersonal skills are safe for now. But even though these jobs are safe, nothing can belong predicted as the technology is changing rapidly.

Future Of The Robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation:

Now that it’s quite obvious that technology is taking over at a rapid speed and humans see a risk for their jobs. Let’s discuss how Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation will shape the world.

But we should recognize the power of technology and make a decision today for our better future.

1. Next Step For Robotics

Even though many people believe that most factory jobs are repeating in nature, some of the jobs are only physical in nature, and Robots can do them in less time. But the truth is they lack the flexibility the humans have.

Modern robots are a bit complex, and they are unable to follow major instructions. Others may not feel safe around them when working in the same environment.

2. Where Is AI Going Next

As we know about Artificial Intelligence. That any software which can repeat and follow the process with human intelligence. Until now, it was not possible to develop a good AI system.

But recently, engineers and data scientists have developed a combined system. This system is “Deep Learning,” where Artificial Intelligence takes different aspects. In this system, it will start making decisions like a human.


It sums up that we cannot avoid technology’s progress, but we have to accept it and embrace it.

Some steps that are important for everyone to follow. To avoid any unusual circumstances, everyone must know where technology is heading. And what will be the effects on us?

  • Seek the Future and prepare for it
  • Use your networking power in your company
  • Training will be a Necessary part
  • Don’t hesitate to accept the changes

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