How to Find the Perfect Third Date Ideas

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The third date is particularly exciting as you are just beginning a new relationship. It is an important date, since it can be the beginning of a longer relationship. In this post, we have collected only the best and most fun third date ideas along with third date rules, tips & expectations as well.

In short, not only for third date ideas, this guide is the ultimate guide on everything related to the third date.

Third Date Ideas – 25+ Ideas for a Perfect Third Date

In this section of our ultimate guide on the third date, we are going to share 25+ Best & Practical Third Date Ideas so that you can have a date of your life.

Select any one of the dozens of third date ideas and surprise your partner with a great time.

1. Learn to Cook Together

Third Date Night idea of Cooking Together
Third Date Night idea of Cooking Together

Learning to Cook Together as a Third Date Idea will not only let you have a great time but will also inform you about your date’s superpowers related to the kitchen.

There are plenty of options for this unique idea for a third date.

You can book a cooking class in your local area, ask for a demo class in a cooking institute or you can also ‘get into the kitchen together and follow a good YouTube tutorial on cooking.

It all depends on the personality and the mood of your two love birds.

2. Dance Your Date Out!

This is another one of those third date ideas where both of you will have a lot of physical activity together (hey, not that kind of activity, yet).

Dancing is quite romantic, having your third date on the dance floor will make you bond with each other while having a heck of fun together.

Pro Tip:

Try not to criticize or teach dancing to your date. Trust us, it’s not romantic at all.

3. The Movie Date

Third Date Ideas - Movie Night
Third Date Ideas – Movie Night

This is one of the evergreen third-date ideas in our collection.

Watching a movie (or a show) allows both of you to share and learn about each other’s views about life and the different characters in the movie. It allows both of you to relate to each other.

Just pick any genre of movie or hit the top 100 movies list on IMDB and pick the one you are most interested in.

You guys can also try binge-watching a show or a series together, that will be quite a date!

4. Sing Together (Even if You Sucks)

Singing together is another off-the-hook third-date idea we have collected in our collection.

Singing together will allow you to have a fun, bond together & tease each other’s singing skills all at the same time.

You can also record each other singing and have a sweet little memory to cherish.

5. The Good Ol’ Drive-In!

Driving-In to an open movie theater is one of the most romantic third date ideas ever for two reasons.

  1. Drive-Ins are rare nowadays. Therefore, they are now a sort of a novelty that excites young souls. It takes you back in time, allowing you to live a different age together.
  2. Seeing other couples having a good time together will encourage both of you comfortable and share your heart with each other as well.

Talking about living a different age together, let’s move on to our next third date night ideas.

6. Visit Museum(s)

Visiting Museum on Third Date Idea
Visiting Museum on Third Date Idea

If both of you, even one of you, belong to the fact finder or knowledge lover type of group, then you are going to enjoy visiting museums on your third date a lot.

Notice that we have used the plural form of a museum.

Usually, big cities feature a lot of different museums nowadays. Therefore, you guys can dedicate the whole of your third date to going around the city and visiting various museums.

Usually, the following types of museums are great to visit with your romantic partner:

  1. Cultural Museum
  2. National Museum
  3. Open-Air Museum
  4. Maritime Museum
  5. Wax Museum

7.  Let the Coin Guide You

If you are out of ideas for third dates, then let the coin guide you for your third date idea.

Flipping the Coin is a popular game among different age groups. But the one which we are sharing is pretty unique.

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Choose a number between 10 to 20. This is the number of times both of you is going to flip the coin.
  2. Choose your Direction with the Coin. For example, if a coin turn on its head, decided which way is it going to be, right or left, forward or backward?
  3. Now flip the coin in the air and see which side it rests on.
  4. Follow that direction until you run out of your coin turns.
  5. Make a Date wherever you find yourselves.

If you have found yourselves in front of a park, then take a walk through the park as your third date idea. You might find yourself in front of a bar, go in there and have fun. If you have found yourself in front of a bookshop, go in there and intellectualize together.

Believe us, this will be one of the most fun dates you’ll ever have.

8. Volunteer to a Common Cause

Volunteering on your Third Date
Volunteering on your Third Date

Finding common ground is one of the most important acts a couple can do to strengthen their relationship.

In this third date idea, ask your partner about the causes they care about, if you have some feelings for the cause as well, then you have found a common ground to work on.

Simply decide to volunteer your date to a cause both of you care about. Spend some time together in building a better world to live in.

5 Benefits of Volunteering on Your Third Date

  1. As you only know a bit of everything about your date on a third date, volunteering together will provide a lot of opportunities to learn more things about your partner.
  2. Working together on a cause will release certain chemicals in your mind which will strengthen your bond together.
  3. You can observe the behavior of your partner with people who are not in his/her class. This will allow you to observe how sensitive is your partner with other people’s needs and beliefs.
  4. Volunteering Together will allow you to develop empathy, understanding, and a desire to be selfless. All of these emotional muscles will help you in having a great relationship together.
  5. Even if both of you decide to call it off, you will have a great memory to cherish about the good nature of your one partner, which is beyond both of you.

9. Have Fun in a Photo Booth

This is one of the most common third date ideas you will find on the internet, but for a really good reason.

Hitting up a photobooth will let your guards down together. Humor and fun is a great ways to enter into each other’s world. Going to a photo booth on your third date will help you achieve just that!

When you are in the photo booth, take turns to make funny and cute faces for the camera.

After getting a little warmed up, simply appear in front of the camera as a couple and capture all of your personality sides through the camera. Be happy, sad, funny, angry and even comical.

Having a little fun has never killed anyone.

10. Play the “Questions of Love”

Third Date Ideas - Love Questions
Third Date Ideas – Love Questions

There is great research conducted by the psychologist Arthur Aron on the questions of love.

He claims that he can facilitate total strangers to fall in love with each other through his love experiment.

We suggest you try it on your third date!

You will get to know each other on a deeper level, which will allow you to build your relationship on a much stronger foundation.

11. How to Play the “Questions of Love”?

Playing this game is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is to follow these simple rules:

  1. Look for a comfortable and quiet place. Otherwise, you will be distracted by a lot of things.
  2. Have a list of all questions handy in two copies, one for yourself and one for your partner.
  3. Decide to be completely honest, otherwise, what is the benefit?
  4. Take turns in asking questions of love to each other.
  5. Look into each other eyes intently and with pure focus after finishing the list of questions.

12. Get Physical Together (In Sports, Duh!)

If you are not ready to bare out your soul in front of your date just yet, then we have another great third-date activity prepared for you guys.

Instead of getting into each other’s heads, try to join a sport nearby and get physical together.

Going to sports together will allow you to enjoy each other’s company in an environment. It will help you collaborate when all others are just competing. You will also get to see the upbeat and energetic side of your partner by choosing to visit a sporting event as your third date activity.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourselves register for an event nearby right now!

13. Hike Together

Hike Together as a Couple on Your Third Date
A Couple Sitting on a Mountain after Hiking

Before hiking up through life with each other, why not hike up a mountain together?

This is another one of those third-date activities which allow you to get all in for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

Hiking together will help you engage in a great physical activity, but it will also help both of you bond emotionally together by helping each other out throughout the hike.

After getting to the top of the hill, both of you will enjoy a great view of the amazing world you are living in. This will help you relax your mind and rejuvenate your soul as you are near and connected to nature at the top of a hill.

As an additional idea for third-date activities, you can try to have a little meditation on the top after hiking as well.

14. Have a Massage

While having a massage together at the beginning of  the relationship might feel odd to you, but it can be a great third date night idea for a married couple for sure.

After the hard day at work, both of you can wind down at a nice spa or massage center. This will help you get relaxed and then both of you can have a light yet romantic dinner together.

However, if you cannot afford to book a spa or a massage center, you can easily recreate almost the spa-like environment at your home as well.

15. Theme Park Tour

Another great activity for your third date can be going to a theme park together. Going to a theme park will be a fun activity for both of you as it will take you back to your childhood.

Apart from having fun on rides and thrilling floors, you both can try your luck at winning stuffed animals, glasses, hats, and various other prizes by playing some challenging but fun games together.

This can be a sweet little competition of ‘cowboy’ skills between both of you as well.

16. Visit a Comedy Show

Laughter is a great way to bond. Going to a comedy club is a great way to laugh, you understand our point here?

Deciding on the third date Idea of going to a comedy show together will be one of the best decisions of your dating life. You will remember the crazy jokes (even the dirty ones) for years if you both go up to have a long-term relationship.

So, to execute this third date idea, all you have to do is to check online about the nearest comedy show in your area and book two tickets right now.

Go in there, get some get some laughs, win the hearts.

17. Exercise Together

Third Date Ideas in 2019 - Cycling Together
Third Date Ideas – Cycling Together

As you are considering having a long-term long-term relationship near your third date with your partner, try to get in a good shape as well.

Pick a good exercise point or a club in your city and join together as a couple to live a healthy and thus happy life.

18. Plan a Trip

Sitting head-to-head together with your partner for planning a weekend picnic or a trip will be one of the most fun third date ideas you will ever execute.

Planning is a great mental exercise, it will allow both of you to carve out a little near future for both of you, preparing to carve out a longer future as well.

Plan a trip, talk about everything. Talk about the food, the clothes, the places to visit and anything you can think of. Half of the fun of all trips is in planning, right?

19. Go Horse Riding

Girls have always dreamt about the prince on a horse coming to marry them and making their life a great, happy, and all shiny life!

Gals, it’s time to make this dream a reality.

As your third date activity, plan and try horse riding together to learn a new skill, have fun, and bond with each other all at the same time.

You can ride the horse with the help of a trainer individually or you can both ride on a single horse as well. (Well, the second one is much more romantic).

20. Visit a Beach

If you guys happen to live in a city near the coast, then make your third date about visiting the beachside with your partner.

Beach is always considered to be a nice, romantic spot for couples.

You can play some cool water games as well.

21. Enjoy the Sun Set

While you guys are at the beach, stay there a little longer to enjoy the marvelous beauty of the sun setting down on the horizon.

Holding each other’s hands while watching the sun going down will be one of your most cherished memories together.

22. Light Candles on the Dinner.

Third Date Night idea of Candle Light Dinner
Third Date Night idea of Candle Light Dinner

After playing hard at the beach, you guys must be hungry as a child.

To treat yourselves to an even more romantic and sweet third date, head to a nearby restaurant and have a nice little candlelit dinner together.

Third Date Conversation

Third Date Conversation is another important topic to discuss. Apart from the third date ideas, you will need to know what (and how) you will be conversing with this new, awesome-looking person.

In this section, we are sharing the three most effective tips which will help you to have great and engaging third-date conversations.

1. Keep it Light

The first tip related to the third date conversation is keeping it light. You don’t want to discuss deep philosophical, political or religious topics on your third date. Therefore, it is best to keep your conversation around lighter topics.

Instead of philosophy, politics or religion, choose the topics of the interest of the other person. If he/she is interested in sports, then talk about that sport. Also, try to be natural and share about yourself as well.

Choose topics and subjects which are less probable about creating a conflict or mess, you will learn your compatibility level in future dates but for now, keep the conflicts away.

2. Keep it Fun

Third Date Conversations in 2019
Third Date Conversations

As mentioned several times throughout this guide on the third date, we advise you again to keep your third date conversation as fun as possible.

Science has revealed the power of fun and laughter in relationships. Fun and humor let two people bond with each other in unique ways. Therefore, remember not to shun your fun nature just for the sake of looking mature. Have fun, be fun.

3. Keep it Open

For your third date conversation, you don’t want to decide on all matters there and then.

It is best to keep your third-date conversation ideas open and progressive. You don’t need to trigger the deep topics for now, but if you are on it, then you don’t need to decide about the right or wrong.

Be a good listener, try to understand your partner’s point of view, and try to empathize with them.

By keeping it open on your third date conversation, we mean to let the discussion hang in the air till your next date. In this way, you will have more dates with this amazing person, with an even deeper understanding.

Third Date Rules

One of the most famous and yet controversial third date rules is this: Do not be intimate until your third date.

But many relationship experts and laymen as well do not follow or honor this rule.

As a responsible publisher, we suggest you make your own decision. But we also advocate having sex only after marriage as it is more stable and in this way you put other, more important things, way above than just your flesh.

What are your thoughts about the third date rule? Let us know in the comments section below.

Third Date Tips

In this section of the Ultimate Guide on the third date, we are going to discuss some really practical and effective third date tips for you all.

These third date tips will help you execute your third date in a smooth, memorable, and dignified manner. Putting these third-date tips into reality will depend on the specific context of your relationship, but these tips on the third date are practical and easy to execute.

Third Date Tips for Ladies:

Third Date Tips for Ladies
Third Date Tips for Ladies

Yes, we have separated our section of third-date tips ideas for ladies and gents. In this section, we are going to share some amazing third-date tips for ladies so that they can have a fulfilling and long-term relationship.

  1. Don’t Treat Him as Your Boyfriend – Yet!

Your heart might be pouncing, your nerves might be dancing, but it’s just the third date.

Girls, relax and let your partner know that you are looking for a long-term, stable relationship. Therefore, you don’t want to make him feel that he has won you on the third date.

Boys will try to treat you as a girlfriend, but it’s you who have to set the limits.

  1. Choose a Casual Place

You want to learn about your partner as much as you can, which will be a difficult task to do when you are in an extremely romantic or cozy environment.

So, try to choose a casual place such as a public park or a local restaurant where you will have the perfect balance of flirting and mature communication.

  1. Don’t Have Sex

This is one of the most important third date tips as it relates to the foundation of your relationship. Sometimes, the male is in pursuit of your body, if this is the case with your partner as well, it is a big red flag right in front of you.

Even if the male is not pursuing just your body, it is best to avoid sex on your third date.

  1. Converse about the Future, Respectfully!

You want to know about the status of your relationship on your third date, but you don’t want to look needy, right!

Therefore, try to talk about your future politely but do not push the subject much.

One of the best ways is to talk indirectly about the subject, like where do you see yourself in 2 years for near future and where do you see yourself in 5 years for a bit farther time.

  1. Enjoy the Date

You don’t have to have a hidden agenda or a mission to fulfill on your third date. Therefore, remember to have fun throughout your third date, even if it means breaking some norms and rules.

Show your interesting side, express yourself truly and don’t try to direct the date to a certain destination. Let yourself enjoy the process.

Third Date Tips for Guys:

Third Date Tips for Guys
Third Date Tips for Guys

In this section, we will be sharing some effective third-date tips for guys. Try to follow these third-date tips in the context of your relationship and your own culture.

Remember, these are just the guidelines, not some rules and principles written on a stone.

  1. Do Not Pursue Sex

If you are in this girl just for her body, then please grow up now.

Sorry for being so hard, but screwing a girl just for the sake of it has never been the way of a real man.

If you are serious about the relationship, don’t pursue sex in the beginning. Get to know your lady in her true light, see her as the mother of your children, as the partner of your life. In this way, you will be able to appreciate her real strengths and understand her weaknesses much more effectively.

  1. Don’t Be Insecure

Some guys are insecure about their personality and financial status, and thus behave awkwardly in front of their dates.

Don’t’ be that guy.

Have trust and confidence in your self. If you are going through a tough financial time, know that it is just a phase and that you have skills and abilities inside you to get yourself out of this condition.

Treat your life as a journey and know that each destination is there for a reason, enjoy that process.

Having this mindset will help you feel more confident and in control on your third date, which will make your girl fall in love with you.

  1. Express Your Full Personality

If you have expressed your hard, tough, and cowboy side personality on the first two dates, then it’s time to show your well-rounded, easy-going personality on the third date as well.

You don’t have to be a completely different person, but express other dimensions of your personality so that she can truly see you in your whole personality.

  1. Have Fun, Boy!

This third date tip for a guy is the same as the third date tip for women,  have fun, enjoy the process.

You are on a date, not an office meeting to finish an agenda.

Be relaxed, express yourself, be mindful, and have fun on your third date with the beautiful soul you are blessed to spend time with.

Even if you are not seeing the future with this person, at least leave yourself and them with some good memories to cherish about this little friend.

Third Date Expectations

All in all, a third date is not your average date. The third date is expected to be a deal maker in your relationship. Generally, third date expectations are quite high as compared to the first two dates.

In this section, we are going to demystify some of the most common third-date expectations so that you can have realistic and attainable third-date expectations from your partner.

1. Will We Have Sex?

Sex is among the most common third date expectations for any relationship. No, you won’t necessarily have sex on your third date and we do not recommend it as well.

This depends on the nature of both people involved, but generally, no there won’t be sex on your third date. It is better to get your third date expectations clear.

2. Is it a Long-Term Relationship Now?

Being asked out for a third date might make you expect that your partner is thinking about you in terms of future as well, but this is not always the case.

There are other signs to gauge if your partner is in for the long-haul or not, but being asked for a third date is not one of them.

3. Is the Third Date Significant?

Yes, as discussed above, the third date is much more significant than the first two dates.

This is the reason why we are asking you to set only the real and practical third date expectations from your little relationship. As for the significance of the third date, make sure that you are the version of yourself that you want your partner to accept.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question about Third Date Ideas

What should I do after the third date?

On and after the third date talk about your aims. Having similar aims for your lives can keep you together on troublesome occasions. Make the third and following dates an opportunity to discuss your life objectives.

What is the Third date rule?

Third rule date directs that the two individuals retain union until at any rate the third date, so, all things considered, a couple can engage in intimate relations without agonizing over being deserted.

How do u know when a guy is playing You?

He shows no enthusiasm for meeting your friends. He never needs to hang out at 11 pm. He consistently messages, but never calls. He’s consistently on his telephone, messaging and smiling. He abstains from discussing what’s to come.

What does it mean when a guy holds your hand and your not dating?

Almost certainly, he discovers you appealing and that he needs to either have a relationship with you or to begin dating you. It may likewise be that he was attempting to reassure you or to secure you.

Conclusion on the Third Date Ideas- The Ultimate Guide

So, finally the end, this is the most comprehensive guide on the Third Date you will find on the Internet.

We have discussed dozens of third date ideas, provided third date tips for ladies and guys, and also talked about the rules and conversations around the third date as well. In the end, we have also demystified the expectations related to the third date and provided our reasoning as well.

What are your thoughts on the third date? How was your personal third date? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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