Types Of Rejection In Life & 8 Benefits Of Rejection You Might Not Know

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Rejection can be defined as the act of pushing someone or can be called the action of spurning a person’s affections.

A therapist Bryan jones elaborates that rejection is a universal experience, and everyone in the entire world goes through this feeling of rejection once in his or her life.

There are different types of rejection in life like you can be rejected from a job or you may experience it from your family, or you dumped by your school or university on poor performance, etc.

Rejection And Biology

There are different types of rejection and some types of rejection are more complex in comparison to the others.

But did you know scientifically rejection is considered a severe pain and this pain has its biological reason.

According to the biologist, when you are suffering from the physical pain of your body it will affect two parts of your brain.

  • Secondary Somatosensory cortex
  • Dorsal posterior insula

The secondary somatosensory cortex performs higher functions in a human body while the posterior insula plays a role in encoding the primary emotions of a human body. When you face social rejection from anywhere these two parts of your brain are activated.

But we all know with all good and bad movements of life we must live in the society and rejection is a part of life you cannot avoid it and we should know how to cope up with the feeling of rejection.

Types Of Rejection In Life

Here are some types of rejection that you can face in your daily routine.

1- Neglection And Unspoken Rejection:

Sometimes you want to make a connection with somebody in your personal or professional life and you put all your efforts into this task, but nothing happens in this regard. When you got rejected, it hurts as much as being told that you are not qualified for the task.

A renowned Ph.D. professor at Columbia university Geraldine Downey who studies rejection and relates this to human psychology said that “It makes you feel bad about yourself, and it makes you feel like nobody wants to be around you, so it makes you feel angry”.

It is very easy to say anything about rejection, but the real pain of rejection can feel the person who faces this once in his entire life. One thing you should do in this situation to handle this with high courage and stamina.

Studies predict that many people in the world have weak self-esteem so that the basic reason they feel rejection more than those of the people who have great courage to fight these feelings of rejection.

The worse thing than that is the people with low self-esteem take much time to overcome their failures and move forward with their lives. If this happens then the feeling of rejection effects is proliferating. Stay calm and humble in this situation but remind yourself that you can conquer all the failures of life and those feelings as well.

2- Abrupt And Careless: The Flat-Out ‘No’ Rejection:

People want closure. This is the main reason that TV show with to be continued are very popular. Everybody waits for the serial or the program just to watch the suspenseful end.

So that why people did not feel that flat-out not as they feel ignorance of a person or a company. There are a lot of companies that must cope-up with a lot of candidate’s applications in a very limited period, so they send a lot of rejection certificates to many of the candidates.

If you got that type of rejection, remember that you do not have to discourage yourself or feel depressed like you are rejected from a renowned company or organization, but important thing is that not to get discouraged. The finest approach to deal with flat-out rejection just to stop overthinking and access the situation logically that what is happening.

Another thing you should do in this situation is making a list of all your abilities judge yourself and find out the weak points on which you are rejected. Work on them. Polish your skills and go for another opportunity. Eventually, you will find success one day.

3- No Rejection In A Polite Words:

There are numerous kinds of rejection in which one is very nicely worded rejection like somebody says you we regret to invite you our party or we regret to inform you the wedding ceremony. When you wanted to be a part of some group or to be a friend of your crush, but you face a nice rejection from them it hurts.

A study conducted at the University of Michigan medical school by some psychologists revealed the fact that the human brain takes this type of social rejection, in the same manner, it deals with physical injury.

But another study discloses the truth that helps that rejected person frequently will reduce the pain he/she is suffering from.

There are some types of rejection that may have serious consequences according to psychologists.

4- Rejection From Family:

If someone faces rejection from their families like from their siblings or parental relations, it may consist of harsh words, neglect, carelessness or hold back the love and affection.

This kind of rejection some sort of serious out-turn. It may take the person to depression or anxiety.

A heart broken image is showing how it is painful when someone feel this types of rejection in life or in any relationship

5- Rejection From Society:

social rejection can take place in any phase of life. it can happen at an early age of childhood or when you become an adult. It consists of that type of rejection in which you face bullying and alienation in school or your university or It can happen at your workplace as well.

But we can also relate this sort of rejection to any social group or social friend’s circle. People who challenge the status or live their life according to their choice and their norm and culture is different from the society maybe suffer from this rejection.

6- Rejection In A Relationship:

Some people suffer rejection in their relationship or while dating.

For instance, you may suffer from a refusal to share an event or party with your loved one withhold affection. Or your partner can treat you as you were no more than a casual acquaintance.

When someone decides to end a relationship, this can also be an intimation of the feeling of rejection that the other person can feel. All kinds of rejections hurt a person a lot but when the rejection is done by the person you love and trust the most, it may seriously impact your personality and level of confidence. It may also have some serious consequences which lead to a person to death.

But the good news is these numerous therapies are happening by different psychologists to resolve this guilt of rejection.

8 Productive Benefits Of Rejections:

A girl jumps towards sky as she is near to fulfill her dreams after  rejection

Everything in this world has some pros and cons we must decide what should we go for. Suffering from rejection is a very difficult part of human life but almost everybody in the entire world must experience rejection once in life and this is the bitter reality.

Most of the people who suffer from this situation do not ever realize the benefits of rejection. Sometimes rejection becomes a very positive thing if you consider it in the right direction.

Here are the most effective and successful benefits of rejection which may be very helpful for you in dealing with rejection the next time.

1- Rejection Gives Motivation:

Sometimes you are wandering here and there in looking for a job, but you couldn’t find any job or you got rejected from somewhere by saying “You are not suitable for this job and the vacant post is given to someone other” that is the worst feeling maybe you have at that time which make frustrate as well.

When you are tackling this situation and want to get rid of this irritating situation of being rejected you need to do something different which you did not try before. Just try to dope out the right way on the path of doing some extraordinary. Sooner or later, you will get success.

2- The Natural Thing Happened To A Human Being:

Every human being goes through this feeling once in life and it realizes that we are human beings. Everyone is the hero of their own story; this can take to a considerable but wrong sense of one’s importance in the larger scheme.

Being rejected by someone is a good thing because at some certain point everyone can stand on their feet. Every human learned from their past mistake and previous experiences. Rejection helps us here because it reminds us it does not matter how many great qualities; we have we are just human beings.

3- Rejection Teaches Us Reevaluation:

Most people cannot handle rejection in a good way and this is a very natural phenomenon because it is a very painful experience. When somebody suffers from rejection again and again it took the person into depression.

If you listen to some sort of thing from your office like you have many qualities but you are not dressed properly in a meeting or your accent is not so good at dealing with other people is the basic example of this type of rejection.

Learning how to remake ourselves to be more goal-oriented and improve our skills and personalities to get some better result. We should reevaluate ourselves according to other people’s perspectives.

4- Rejection Teaches Us Patience:

Sometimes rejection is painful while on the other hand, some will be catastrophic. For instance, when you are looking for a job and you have been spent a month sending resumes, emails to different companies back-to-back instead of suffering rejection again and again.

However, after one and a half months you got a response from somewhere so in this way rejection teaches you to be patient and keep moving in life.

5- Explore New ways:

Sometimes rejection tells us the ideas and new ways of doing something. When we choose a way to achieve our goals is not good and not the right path to get our desires.

By rejecting somewhere gives much encouragement to do that thing in another way and that way may be the correct one which we did not consider before rejection. So, in that way rejection can be a positive experience if you are willing to try a new way or achieve the desire goals you want.

A girl sitting in the forest and waiting for the spring season as its the bingeing of  a new life in a different manner

6- Look Once Again To Our Goals:

Rejection helps us to reconsider our desired goals in different ways. As somebody wants to be a doctor in his life but that person is brilliant in mathematic or commerce subjects, so when he will go in medical and at there face rejection due to the marks or any other reason.

This rejection helps that person to reconsider his goals. At the same time when he pursues the field of mathematics, he becomes successful. So sometimes rejection is a way for the world to reconsider your desire goals.

7- Gives More And More Opportunities:

If you remember that person you knew sometime years ago who was claiming all the time that I would never have found the desired job or any kind of job and he was rejected from everywhere. But judge him now where he is. Rejection always gives us the right opportunities to find something better.

Rejection can be more a powerful force for analyzing that why we choose some specific area as our career. We just need to give some time to recover our feeling of rejection and listen to our inner voice.

8- Rejection Makes A Person Stronger:

Being rejected from somewhere is helpful to get stronger. As the famous quote that “The strongest fish is the one that swims upstream”. For the first time rejection makes you feel hurt but after it gives you the strength to make things in a new way and accomplish your tasks with full efforts.


There are a lot of types of rejection. It is a universal truth that being rejected from somewhere is painful but there are numerous benefits of this as well. So, one should come up with this rejection in a positive way.

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