6 Types Of Soul Wounds To Understand The Voice Of Your Soul

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Most of the people in this world are suffering from emotional disturbance. They only adopt some traditional methods without identifying the real core of their emotional problem.

Our minds and emotions are connected with our souls. And dealing with emotional disturbance means your soul is dealing with loss. The lack of several hopes and desires makes our soul wounds more strong. But de can we understand how these soul wounds emerge within our soul?

In this way, everyone needs to understand what types of damages and wounds our souls can deal with. To understand, we have given the kinds of soul wounds and their causes that will help us heal our soul wounds at any stage.

Types of Soul Wounds

The soul is immortal, and we all know that our soul aims to evaluate the natural way to experience the feelings, regrets, fears, and causes of being wounded by life. Similarly, everyone wants to explore the real purpose of being born and being lugged for the next incarnation of life. Of course, you are not the only one eager to know and be intellectually aware of your physical and spiritual form.

To understand the real pain of life, you must realize what life wants from you and how you would standardize its regulation. We must accept the actual wounds of our spirit and seek to learn this without an egoistic mind approach.

Therefore, here we need to discuss life’s journey with few types of soul wounds to heal yourself & listen to your intuition more deeply.

type of soul wounds- emotional disturbance and lack of understanding
types of soul wounds understand you feelings

1. Injustice

Most people are suffering from childhood mental trauma, whether it’s because of their parental dryness issues or any harsh experiences of life. More specifically, from the age of four and six, they are agonizing over such problems.

It reflects a grating reaction which is manifested by these terms:

  •  Stop being exhausted. You are feeling annoying to accept the problematic experiences.
  •  Continual hopefulness.
  •  They Manifesting you to be a perfectionist.
  •  Fear of losing your temper.
  •  You are ignorant of your injustice behavior towards others.
  •  You are hiding your hard feelings.
  •  Too cold and over the patient with pain.
  •  Impulsive behavior controlling ability.
  •  They were highly criticizing personality for own self & others.
  •  Priorities expertise than feelings.

2. Humiliation

This wound of humiliation activities in the age of one and three in which a child feels shame. It builds in a relationship with a parent who was rejoicing all types of physical and sensual pleasure.

In self-egoistic reaction, he puts a masochistic mask on him, which is manifested by:

  • The feeling of being constantly notices and embedded
  • Doing everything to be worthy in God eyes and his beloved
  • Always available for the people he loves
  • Ability to holding his words
  • The capability to account for others
  • Unwillingness to accept your sensuality
  • Fear of torturing for excessively happy in life
  • Over sacrificing for others despite realizing his own basic needs
  • Feeling careless and unworthy for himself
  • Try to manifest things with alternatives that can feed the desire
  • Having a great talent to make people smile but often embarrassing himself.

3. Abandonment

This term is starts at the age of one and third years of human life. In this relationship, a child feels an emotional lack of support with the parent of the opposite sex, and he suffers from a lack of interest and care from their loved ones. He became dependent and manifested itself by:

4. Betrayal

There is also a loss of trust due to parent’s unfulfilled promises: lies or signs of frailty.

It builds the controlling behave in a child, which can be shown by:

  •  Demanding from other to do thing according to your will forcefully.
  •  Not connected with your vulnerability.
  •  Always show off your strength to others
  •  Constant desire to be progressive
  •  Aspiring for appreciation, acknowledgment, and respect needs to be specially treated.
  •  Attaching VIP protocol as the need to maintain reputation.
  •  Good in speaking lies but never be tolerant to other’s lies.
  •  Highly demanding in their expectation from others.
  •  Cold behavior, manipulation, and commanding
  •  Strong planning capability but a lack of flexibility to unforeseen conditions in a relationship.
  •  Having trust issues in the opposite sex
  •  Feeling difficulty exploring and confiding other people
  •  Fast in giving conclusions
  •  Always ready to justify their arguments and actions
  •  Highly emotional decision-maker to break a relationship and cutting of connections.
  •  Extremely impatience.
  •  In the end, these people feel dissociation from people and prefer to be separated and denial

5. Rejection

This type of wound creates from the age of conception when a child starts feeling sentiments and reactions. In this state, a child feels rejection from his parents of the same or opposite sex. 

It became hard to trust or asking for his rights, and his belief got shattered about his integrity.

He started withdrawing himself from any situation in life and manifested through:

  •  Not satisfied with his existences
  •  Analyzing yourself as an aimless personality
  •  Less self-respect
  •  Thinking about yourself as a family freak
  •  Always defend yourself from rejection.
  •  Depression & Stress
  •  Not to be attentive to material matters.
  •  Hiding feelings by escaping into alcohol, drugs
  •  High standards
  •  Withdrawal state of mind, constant loneliness.
  •  Always seems busy anchoring in the material world
  •  Try to perfectionist all time.
  •  All-time feeling panic in different situations.
types of soul wound - rejection
types of soul wounds- Do not follow your past

6. Emotional Torture 

It is mental abuse and torture that leaves marks and emotional wounds on your soul. You can heal physical injuries, but soul wounds can have a diverse effect on a human’s mental and psychological conditions. Sometimes, it makes you a different one.

A person suffering from an emotionally destructive and torturing situation has a gradually falling heart and weakening thoughts. This process can be started from past childhood or adulthood experiences, making your soul numbed with the imminent possibilities to revolt against those who were behind that.

Additionally, emotional abuse is a toxic element of your life that can destroy your identity. Usually, the victim of emotional torture confines his mental disabilities and insecurities, which can cause to let him weaken day by day and lower his self-esteem gradually.

More often, it happens with a person’s consistent dominating behavior towards another one who feels contempt, ignorance, and criticism in a relationship. In the end, this can make that person helpless and a mental prison of his mind. 

6. Discouragement

Constant discouragement is something hindering you away from your desire destination. It activates from the age of sensibility of a child. In his third or fourth year of life, continuous discouragements from parents or sometimes from other people cause a self-destructive thought and lower his motivational standards to gather strength for completing his life tasks.

This causes anxiety, insecurity, and inferiority complex in people. They always pretend to show off their success and achievements. And demand highly appreciative and special treatment from others.

Apart from that, people who have disappointment, guilt, regrets, and other failure-related harsh experiences in their life, like to stay dissociated and lonely. Less participation in regular activities and considering themselves worthless and imperfect to fit among highly successful people around them.

types of soul wound- injustice and lack of kindness
Types of soul wounds- Kindness and forgiveness play their essential role

Signs of a Tormented Soul

Many people suffering from soul loss live meaningless lives without any direction, identity, aim, and authentic connection. More often, when you feel disconnected, unhappy, and distracted, this causes soul loss, which blinds us to see the wholeness of life and understand its real meaning. Therefore, you need to find the signs of a tormented/wounded soul to bring your satisfaction & happiness back to heal your soul.

  1. One of the prominent signs of a wounded soul is feeling disconnected or unconcerned with the people you love.
  2. You see more towards the negative side of the story, as you are damaged from the inside, and you think every side of the box negatively.
  3. A wounded soul is hopeless and gets addicted to alcoholics and a smoking kind of addiction.
  4. If you have a wounded soul, you might have less passion and discourage making new efforts for yourself. And rely on others emotionally as well as financially.
  5. Lack of control can be your emotional activity if you are suffering from soul loss.
  6. High fears are the prominent sign of a broken soul. People feel fear of everything, even of those matters which are not in their control.
  7. People with wounded souls less likely to have good relationships. They do not trust others due to their past sore experience.
  8. Being over judgmental on the matters of others, even for their self is a sign of a wounded soul person.

7 Wounded Soul Quotes

Followings are some of the most famous and considerable words writers have illustrated into quotes to make your feel realize the importance of your inner peace and happiness.

  1. Forgiveness offers the possibility of two types of peace; peace of mind- the potential healing of old emotional wounds, and harmony with others- the case of new, more gratifying relationships in the future. Kenneth Pargament.

  2. When a person has adequate self-esteem, little slights offer no threats that are simply “passed over”. Even deeper emotional wounds are likely to heal faster and cleaner, with no festering score to poison life and spoil happiness. Maxwell Maltz.

  3. Hearts live by being wounded. Oscar Wiled.

  4. Stop treating your pain like it’s something you imagined. If you see the wound is real, then you can heal it. Leigh Bardugo.

  5. A timed mind is apt to mistake every scratch for a mortal wound. George Gordon Byron.

  6. I am the wound and the blade, the torturer and the flayed. Charles Baudelaire.

  7. I forgot him like the skin that healed the wound but kept the scars. I.B Vyache.


You may wonder whether every kind of healing takes time, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. You always want to get relief from it. People make mistakes in identifying their real wounds. They got attached to emotions that are nothing but a waste of time for them. Here they start compromising the peace of their soul.

To cope with all kinds of soul wounds, you must learn to forgive the cause of the damage. Learn to give time to your inner peace and happiness, make impossible things possible for yourself that help you in healing your wounds. Remember that your spirit needs purity of emotions to keep your mind and body that way to have spiritual satisfaction.

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