12 Signs & 3 Things to Do When A Guy Stares At You Intensely?

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When a guy stares at you intensely it can give you either butterflies or a strong gut feeling. What does a guy staring at you intensely means? The answer is highly dependent upon who that guy is.

If he is a stranger then this is a red flag and you need to take some immediate action about it. But we assume that what took you here isn’t him being a stranger but rather your crush or someone whose attention excites you.


As the context changes, it is very interesting to explore why a guy is staring at you intensely? Is it about your face, your dress, or something else? We are here to tell you reasons why a guy would stare at you intensely that may actually surprise you! The intensity of staring you definitely means there is something up.

You can tell a lot about a person by analyzing the way they stare you- When a guy stares at you intensely

12 Reasons Why A Guy Stares at You Intensely

1. He is Attracted to You

When a guy is attracted to someone he couldn’t resist staring at her. The intensity of his staring shows his level of attraction. Maybe he is still making up his mind about whether to take the next step or not. If his staring is not that consistent then chances are he was only checking you out.

2. He is Trying to Approach You

If you have noticed him seeing you quite a lot and still he hasn’t approached you yet then it may mean that he is trying to muster up some courage before approaching you. This could be because maybe he is shy or maybe he is just waiting for the right time.

A stare tells what he got on his mind -When a guy stares at you intensely

3. You are Unapproachable

Maybe you are out of his league. You might be one of those girls that make every guy awestruck. If you are quite popular in your circle then it might mean that he finds you unapproachable and all he can do is staring! 

4. He is in Love

When A Guy Stares At You Intensely, he is probably in love with you!

Now, this seems like a dream come true! It is very flattering to know that a guy has fallen in love with you. There are some of the loveliest meanings one can derive from a non-verbal gesture like staring. When a guy is in love with you he couldn’t help but continue to look at you for hours in wonder what kind of beauty you are. He secretly adores you from a distance.

The eyes are window of compassion

5. There is a familiarity

If you go to a concert and suddenly encounter a guy intensely staring at you from for grade 8th then it means that this familiarity is urging him to stare at you.  We meet many people in our lives and forget the majority of them too! If it seems like the guy who is staring at you looks familiar then chances are he might be.

He may not have the courage to approach you or approaching you maybe not the right thing to do. This is why he is staring intensely. He can also be some friend of your ex, your old neighbor, or maybe your Instagram follower.

6. He finds you interesting

Sometimes the intensity of staring at someone is not necessarily about feelings but rather the interesting character of that particular person.

For example:  If you are taking a philosophy course, you had an interesting debate in class and a random guy from your class stares at you intensely after class then chances are he finds you an interesting person. Maybe he seconds your opinion. He is secretly trying to analyze you more by staring at you.

7. He wants to enter your comfort zone

When a guy wants to become your friend he will try to analyze your comfort zone. Making occasional eye contact is a sign that he is trying to enter into your comfort zone. Pertaining to the aforementioned reasons, this one sign means that, he is weighing out his chances before taking an action.

8. He is unaware of your discomfort

Some guys are plainly creepy. They have no sense of comfort zone of other people and would do whatever they want to do no matter how intimidating it is.

If you dislike being stared at by a particular guy or he gives off negative vibes then chances are you have definitely shown off some non-verbal signs of your disapproval. If he still continues to stare despite that, then it means he is unaware of your discomfort or maybe he doesn’t care about it either.

Prolonging desire

9. He is up to something else

Sometimes being stared by someone can be a BIG red flag. Maybe that guy is plotting or planning something. It may also mean that he has a habit of staring at girls and it’s not a big deal for him. Even if he is not necessarily plotting something, he might be a player who just wants to sleep around. On the positive side, maybe he is an artist and wants to paint your face.

10. Staring at your body intensely is a creepy behavior

If he is staring at your body particularly then it’s a RED flag. Don’t be flattered by his approach. It’s not because you got a s*xy body (even if you do have) it may be because he treats every woman like that. He sees them as his source of pleasure. Now it’s up to you how you want to take it.

Some guys are very creepy and lusty

11. He is waiting for you to notice

He might be deliberately prolonging his gaze because he wants you to notice. It can be his way of taking things further. He may want to see your reaction. If you are also interested in him then act accordingly.

12. He wants to give you an impression

When a guy is trying to create an impression on you, he is always going to look at you to see how you are taking it. It means that he likes you enough to put any effort into creating an impression on you. Eyes tell a lot about someone’s’ feeling either it is lust or love.

3 Things to do When a Guy Stares at You Intensely

Now as we have discussed the reasons why a guy stares at you intensely, let’s talk about what to do and how to deal with it.

1. Engage him with your eyes

If you catch a guy staring at you intensely then you should look back at him politely. Let him know that you have noticed him. See his reaction and wait for the next step. Playing along is fun!

2. Smile at him softly

If you like him and want to let him know then smile at him softly. This will let him know that you are open to communication. It will make easy for him to approach you. This is like taking a step further at your end.

Smile at him softly

3. Do Not Look Busy

When A Guy Stares At You Intensely, do not look busy!

If you want him to come forward and talk to you then the next time you encounter him to try not to look busy. A guy will hesitate in approaching a pre-occupied girl. The best thing to do is to give him an opportunity!

What to do if you don’t like being stared at intensely?

If you find a pervert staring at you intensely then you should employ every possible way to divert them. Mostly perverts are hard to be discouraged. Maintain a safe distance and try not to be alone when you encounter him. Position your body away from his direction and don’t look back at his way. Grab a book or wear your headphones which can make you appear pre-occupied.

Should I stare back at him intensely?

Be moderate with your approach. The perception of men and women is entirely different. Excessive staring by a woman can make him co*ky. It can also be a turn off for some men.


Stares are of various types. A man who stares at a particular girl all of the time and in general at her face is in love together with her. He frequently notices the way she smiles, the way she walks or runs her fingers through her hair. He is in love with her delicate gestures. Such intense stares signify love-struck men.

Men often stare at lips imagining a lip-lock. Often a rude stare in retaliation embarrasses him, and he looks away. A man who stares at your body more than the face is looking at you clearly out of lust. He undresses you in his mind. While there’s nothing wrong in staring at a woman generally, guys ought to make sure that their stares do not make you uncomfortable and look away if you catch them.

Staring creates an impression -When a guy stares at you intensely

Certain men feel that women dress up to attract them and they enjoy being stared. Now, this is totally a negative mindset, and women have to take action against any pervert gazing them for all the wrong motives.

If a man stares at you and you like him too, then perhaps you may want to play the game along for a while trying to make up your mind for the next step.

 Some women become too conscious of themselves when they are being stared at. We suggest you maintain your demeanor and be confident about yourself. The majority of the above-mentioned signs reveal that you are being stared at because the guy finds you hot and attractive. However, while trying to act accordingly make sure that you are giving away all the right sort of signals.

FAQs on When A Guy Stares At You Intensely:

What does it mean When A Guy Stares At You Intensely?

The reason behind this may be that he finds you attractive but he is a bit to start a conversation with you. If you want him then next time when he stares at you just smile to boost his confidence.

What does it mean when a guy stares at you and doesn’t look away?

Well, when a guy stares at you constantly even when you looked at him, it indicates that he is keenly interested in you and probably finds you attractive and wants to talk with you.

How do you know if a guys is into you?

There are a few signs listed. He tells you that he likes you. He smiles & laughs a lot around you and he makes time for you.

How do you know if a guy likes you but is hiding?

When a guy finds you attractive and has an urge to touch you, you can find a spark in his eyes and no matter how much he tries to hide his feelings he can’t control the urge to touch you.

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