6 Real Things to Do When Your Husband Ignores You in (Updated)

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When your husband ignores you, then it becomes tough to deal with it. Why? Because firstly, you don’t know the reason for his ignorance, and secondly, you don’t know how to fix it. The wife, in this regard, feels humiliated because she doesn’t have any answers to the husband’s questionable behavior.

Therefore, today we will talk about why your husband ignores you and what to do when your husband ignores you?

5 Reasons Why Your Husband Ignores You

1. Your Husband Hangs Out With His Buddies

The possible reason for your husband’s ignorant attitude towards you is that he has started hanging out with his buddies. Why? Maybe because he needs a break-some time off from the monotonous routine of you two.

Hanging Out With His Pals Will Make Him Ignore You

2. Why Your Husband Ignores You- Sex Ceases To Exist 

The second but outstanding reason can be the lack of sex between a husband and a wife. Now, we all know that men have an enormous appetite for sex than women, and how will a man feel if his sexual needs are not fulfilled? He will feel frustrated and incomplete. He will get mood swings and will choose to ignore his wife because who else should understand his needs other than his wife?

You get me, right?

when your husband ignores you
Less Sex Will Make Your Husband Ignore You

3. When Your Husband Ignores You- The Texting Becomes Minimal

In the realm of dating, one can’t wait to text their partners and flood their inbox with emojis. But after marriage, this behavior changes. Why? Because two people see each other each day and night and the playful texting between a husband and a wife becomes very to-the-point and boring!

Therefore, a wife might think that a husband is ignoring her by not texting her regularly, whereas she should know that this is entirely normal and she might be overthinking in this case. 

when your husband ignores you
Husband’s Ignorance Will Show In His Minimal Texting

4. You Don’t TALK With Each Other

Now that’s something to worry about– not only for the wife but for the husband as well. If there will be no communication between two people, then how will the relationship move forward?

If your husband shows a lack of interest in what you have to say and has nothing to offer himself, then it is time that you sit down and talk with him. Because ignorance will lead to the ultimate separation. Therefore, when your husband ignores you by resorting to no communication-mode, then you must take charge and talk to him about whatever’s bothering him. 

5. Husband Doesn’t Care About Your Issues

That is the last reason why your husband ignores you. In this case, the husband doesn’t notice nor does make any efforts to listen to your issues and problems. Therefore, he chooses to ignore you as “Ignorance is the bliss!

Cutting out the sarcasm, ignorance of that kind can badly affect your relationship or marriage and both the partners should talk with each other to solve the issues. 

Marriage is all about love transforming into care and attachment over the years, and when one fails to care for another, the institution starts to crumble!

Therefore, both husband and wife should take this matter seriously and talk with each other. As for the wife, she might have to be more patient in this regard if his husband is ignoring her like this. 

6 Things to Do & Don’t Do When Your Husband Ignores You

1. When Your Husband Ignores You – Practice Patience

In a situation where you talked with your husband about his ignorance would demand your patience. Patience for your husband to change with time and keep making efforts to make it up to you.

Remember, if you lose your patience, then everything will be for no good. Therefore, patients should be your constant ally in this regard. Also, you need to understand that a husband’s mind and behavior dynamics work differently. Ignoring you does not mean that he does not love you. It merely means that he might be having some issues or he might be wanting a break

Whatever the case, you need to be patient because, at some point, he will realize himself that what he’s doing. 

2. When Your Husband Ignores You- Seek Marriage Counseling

That is one of the best and safest things to do when your husband’s ignorance starts touching the heights! Therefore, seeking help from therapy sessions will make a couple mindful of its setbacks and mutual strengths alike.

If you think that counseling isn’t for you guys, then figure a way out of it. Try doing something that you both enjoy. In other words, Find common ground with your partner. For instance, if you both enjoy dancing, then enroll in a dance class. It will be equally fun, healthy, and will give a chance to spend time together without getting bored.

What I want to say is that it will be a BREAK from the monotony of the marriage and its duties. 

when your husband ignores you
Therapy Sessions Will Get Both Of You On Your Feet

3. When Your Husband Ignores You – Try Having Regular Date Nights

Remember when you were dating, there was an undefinable excitement and eagerness to please in both of you. Well, our advice is to keep that spark alive in your marriage too. 

Plan a date night at least once in a month and dress up the way you used to. Experts say that finding ways to keep those dating memories alive in a marriage makes it more durable and gives the partners to hold on to something!

Besides, your husband might be fried up at work, so a break from all the pressure would be nice and will add a positive boost to his behavior towards you. 

Therefore, plan your date night for today, and you won’t be surprised by the results! Also, you won’t be reading these write-ups on what to do when your husband ignores you!

when your husband ignores you
Regular Date Nights Will Spice Up Your Marriage

4. When Your Husband Ignores You – Encourage Him To Write

I will put light again on the importance of writing for everyone out there! It is the best outlet for your frustrations, so it is not a surprise that it will help a couple too. 

So if your husband is not the one who talks less, then you can always encourage him to write. The requirement from your side will be zero judgmental and 100 % understanding. 

Ask our husband to write about whatever he feels, and you write about whatever you go through. The result will be that you both will be able to cope up with the existing issues in your marriage.

Also, you should highlight the POSITIVE POINTS of your marriage and write what you are thankful for?

For instance, you can keep a “thankful” journal at the front desk in your bedroom or living room. In there, you both will mention why you love each other and what are you thankful for. This practice will improve your communication skills as a couple. It will also diminish your husband’s ignorance for a while. 

If you get the communication going smoothly, then all the pieces will fall in the right place!

Writing Helps Both Of You To Get On A Familiar Pane


Men are not that expressive when it comes to expressing the emotions and how one feels. Therefore, your husband will be no different. His inability to tell what he feels will make him ignorant towards you because he does not want to talk about it.

Therefore, our advice to you is never to FORCE him to open up. That’s a big NO. Sure, you need to make him sit and talk about what is bothering him. But it is not a guarantee that he will blurt out everything in the first session. It might take time for him to muster up some courage and tell you what is bothering him.

Therefore, you need to be patient here again. As a wife, you need to realize that it will take time for him to open up. In the meantime, you should tell him that you are with him and he can trust you completely. In other words, you need to make him comfortable like a friend so that he can tell you all about his fears and whatever’s that bothering him. 

By acting like this, your bond will be stronger, and your husband won’t be ignoring you anymore. 

6. Do Not Throw Past On His Face

That’s the most crucial step to follow if you want to keep your marriage working. The chances are that your husband screwed up in the past, and it is understandable that you are angry. But there is no need to bring all those nasty memories again and again whenever you disagree. 

I will keep saying patience is the key here, and the wife needs to have an optimistic approach over here. Bury the past for good and look forward to a future in which you both are happy and prosperous. 

Never play the blame game because that will only worsen the situation. Both partners here need to have a positive outlook, and they must be eager and willing to work on all the issues as a team. Because marriage is all about teamwork and mutual strength. Like this world, marriage also has its seasons of honeymoon, love, care, and temporary detachment from each other.

Marriage is not a bed of roses but can be made into a colorful garden if the partners strive and work together to overcome every obstacle. Talking about husbands, ignorance can be their go-to option if they find difficulty in expressing something to their wives. But a wife should know that it is a phase and it will pass eventually. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On When Your Husband Ignores You

What If Your Husband Ignores You?

What Not to Do When Your Spouse Ignores You. You might be feeling so hurt, you desire your spouse to feel the same but do not give in to the lure of getting even. Do not worry, raise your voice, or pose a threat to leave him or annulment him. Do your best to communicate with your spouse about your emotions.

Why Do Husbands Ignore Their Wives?

 When a guy fails to help around the house, his bad performance may be related to a subliminal tendency to avoid doing something his wife wants.

What Is Disrespect In A Marriage?

If you often find out things about your husband or their day from someone else, this is a sign of a lack of respect in the marriage. If this occurs, it means that your husband doesn’t respect you enough to keep you apprised on their own.

How Do You Know If Your Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore?

One very important sign that your spouse doesn’t love you any longer is his absence. Millions of men all over the world who fall out of love with their spouses usually begin coming home late or spending further time away. They might find excuses such as heightened work pressure, which may be causing them to work for longer hours.


It can be quite stressful when your husband ignores you. We have included several tips on what to do when your husband ignores in this guide. What are your own thoughts on the topic? What have you observed, experienced, or learned in such situations?

Do let us know in the comments section below.

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