3 Reasons Why Wife Shows No Affection & 7 Tips To Regain The Spark!

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“Wife shows no affection to meWhy?” It is the most frequent question at Google by husbands. These husbands are either typing it after spending a decade with their wives or just after a few months.

It all depends on time! All the husbands want to know the answers, but few of them want the reasons why their wives stop showing affection towards them. Therefore, to clear out the confusion, we will enlist major reasons why a wife shows no affection at all?

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3 Major Reasons Why Your Wife Shows No Affection To You?

1. Wife Shows No Affection – You Fake Your Affection

BEWARE all the husbands here. If you ever doubt that you love your wife or fake affection, then don’t think she will not sense it! A husband and wife’s relation is intense, and the partners can detect the slightest of changes! Therefore, DO NOT PLAY GAMES with her.

It is pointless to expect any affection at all from a woman for whom your love is in doubt. Faking love the number one roadblock to genuine affection and intimacy. She will not possibly give you affection if she doesn’t trust your love. Therefore pretending about your love is the first reason why your wife loses affection.

Faking Love Can Make Wife Show No Affection At All

2. Wife Shows No Affection – Intellectual Warfare

Yeah, you read that right. Husbands, please treat your wives equally.

Even if you are more intelligent than your wife, you do not need to make her feel stupid. In fact, you should encourage her to boost her IQ and mental strength by indulging in mind-enhancing activities. 

This mistake is also simple but so hard to avoid sometimes. This is the smart guy’s tool of choice when the chips are down. For instance, when there is a conflict or blaming going on, you deftly guide her though a strategic line of logic that leaves her feeling stupid – or least, feeling like you think she’s silly. The effect is the same. She loses trust.

Therefore, avoid the whole intellectual warfare and opt for solving all the problems. Talk about what is bothering her and work it on as a couple. 

Intellectual Warfare Might Result Into The Lost Affection Of Your Wife

3. Wife Shows No Affection – You Ask Whiny Questions

Nothing feels more annoying than constant interrogation! A healthy relationship has no room for whiny questions. For instance, “where were you?”, “When will you be back?” or “why are you going at this time?” are all of those questions which piss us OFF. BIG TIME. So it is not a surprise that it will piss off your wife too. 

Husbands ask tons of questions because they come from a place of self-doubt and insecurity. These are questions that have the underlying need of “please tell me I’m okay and that we’re okay.” Therefore, when she can see that you’re coming from a place of fear and doubt, she can’t feel affectionate. I know, a great big hug of reassurance would be the best thing ever. Hell, how about some sex? That would be terrific.

But she can’t do it. Why?

Because interrogations can make her feel afraid and doubtful, and while your fear, distrust, and doubt might be quickly calm with closeness and affection, hers are calmed mostly by feeling your strength. Therefore, avoid all those whiny questions and live a happy life.

If you are into any of these three points, then you are in trouble. But we have got you covered as we bring you the kick-ass ways of regaining that affection and love of your wife! 

7 Fully Proven Ways To Regain A Wife’s Affection

1. If A Wife Shows No Affection- Make Her Feel Girly Again

Remember when you dated, and your wife would act so girly and demure with you. Why? Because she was in awe of you and liked to be loved. But it all stopped when you both came into marriage and forgot to love each other.

A Husband usually slips into being neutral around his wife, rather than being masculine and making her feel girly in his presence. As a result, you two feel more like friends than a man and wife who are attracted to each other. Being friends is not also bad, but you need to learn to keep the spark alive. Therefore, love her and act like her knight in the shining armor!

This is the first active step to recovering your wife’s affection. 

Make Your Wife Feel Girly Again To Win Back Her Affection

2. If A Wife Shows No Affection – Have Regular Sex

It is understandable that over time, many couples give up on sex. They grow old and somewhat lose their libido. There can be many other reasons, too, but your wife will lose affection towards you.

Marriage and sex intertwine perfectly, and if sex goes missing, there’s a huge threat to marriage. Lack of sex will make a wife feel unwanted and a less important part of marriage. It gives her the notion that the husband just wants to grow old together.

Yes, the love is still there, but you have to cater to your biological needs too. Therefore, show your appreciation by being intimate with your wife. Regular and great sex with your partner will not make you google on why my wife shows no affection?

3. If A Wife Shows No Affection – Respect Her

Respect is the sole foundation of a marriage. If your wife shows no affection to you, then the chances are you are not giving her the respect she deserves. Therefore, buckle up and start treating your wife with dignity! And you will feel all that affection and love of her making a u-turn in no time!

why a wife shows no affection?
Respect Your Wife And She Will Show Affection To You

4. Compliment Your Wife

I know with time, you stop appreciating or complimenting your wife because you think your wife already knows how great she is, and you love her. No. You need to tell her time to time that you love her and appreciate her at her small or significant achievements. 

For instance, tell her what you are grateful for about her as a wife and a lover. Yes, even a lover. Find a way to put a positive spin on it. 

Eventually, when she realizes that you’re genuine and honest with her, she will start telling YOU why she’s grateful for you. She will also appreciate that you’re not nagging her about the lag of sex. Instead, your focus on the positives of sex will make her feel more loved. 

This practice will not only rejuvenate your marriage but will also bring back all that lost affection and love

why a wife shows no affection?
Why A Wife Shows No Affection? You Don’t Compliment Her

5. Smile And Laugh More Often

No one’s telling you to be a joker. It is just that bring your irritable and annoying behavior to a halt. Learn to laugh with your wife again as you did when you first met. Once you enter the house, leave all your official worries at the doorstep and enjoy all the time you have with your wife. I know it is easier said than done, but try with baby steps, and you will get there. 

How will this help? Here’s how. Giving off positive vibes and being in a good mood will help to create a more loving environment, which will allow her to become more open. Also, she will become more interested in being affectionate towards you.

Therefore, start with smiling, and you will not think again that why your wife shows no affection to you?

6. Don’t Wait For Her To Respond Your Affection

As human beings, we tend to be impatient for the results. That’s pretty bad, but it might prove useful in this regard. Why? Because you love your wife, and it does not matter how much time she takes to respond to your love and affection. 

Therefore, once every few days (to begin with), stop and give her a warm, loving hug. Hold her hand for 30 seconds to a minute when you’re watching TV or at the movies, even if she initially squirms or doesn’t want to. Eventually, she’ll stop being so cold, and she’ll begin to initiate those things herself.  

why a wife shows no affection?
Don’t Wait For The Wife To Respond – Carry On With Loving Her

7. Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

Men who give up on their dreams are most likely to lose their wives’ affection. Why? A woman will marry a man even if he isn’t overpowering and successful because she can see that he has the potential to succeed.

However, if a man gives up on his dreams by using marriage as an excuse, then don’t even ask why your wife shows no affection to you AT ALL. So think again about your ambitions and goals and pursue them. 

Having a setback is absolutely fine, but falling into a pattern of hiding from success and your true potential will cause your wife to lose respect and attraction for you, and she’ll feel repulsed by the idea of touching you or getting intimate with you.

A woman wants to feel proud of her man. She wants to be able to feel safe in the knowledge that her man will continue to push forward to create a better life for himself, her and any offspring they have. Therefore, bring back all that lost zeal. Put it with your handwork and efforts and BINGO! You are on the road to pursuing and achieving your dreams!

Keep up with the above-mentioned practices and never think about your wife’s affection getting lost. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on wife shows no affection

Can a marriage survive without affection?

Passionate closeness is exceptionally hard when you don’t feel cherished or esteemed by your better half. He has no enthusiasm for end of the week away; we don’t get to know one another. A basic answer is that truly, a marriage can make due without physical closeness, and this can occur for an assortment of reasons.

Why does my wife avoid intimacy?

Being awkward in their own skin and embarrassed about the additional weight is a typical motivation behind why ladies begin keeping away from physical closeness with their life partners. She doesn’t care for the picture she finds in the mirror, and that subdues any sexual want inside in light of the fact that she feels neither alluring nor provocative.

What happens in a marriage without intimacy?

However, an absence of closeness should at present be paid attention to. While sex doesn’t characterize or keep a marriage together it can cause extra relationship issues identified with outrage, detachment, treachery, and those could end in separate.

Can lack of affection ruin relationships?

Asking for warmth feels awful, regardless of whether your man or lady goes along! So my recommendation is: don’t do it. It hurts you and makes your accomplice flee. Quit tuning in to the council that advises you to grumble and rather, considers there to be of friendship as a sign that maybe they’re not feeling adored either.


So far, we have discussed the three primary reasons why a wife shoes no affection. We have also discussed the seven effective ways on how to regain the affection & love of wife in your marriage.

What are your own personal thoughts regarding the issue? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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