6 Types Of Soul Wounds To Understand The Voice Of Your Soul

Many people suffer from emotional disturbance that are actually soul wounds, crying out for healing. People may adopt some haphazard means to decrease their emotional pain without identifying the real core of their emotional problem; their wounded souls. Our minds and emotions are connected with our souls. And dealing with emotional disturbance means your soul … Read more

How to Deal with Guilt & Overcome a Guilty Conscience

Humans make mistakes, and it’s the best way to grow. Not all people easily cope up with all the actions that they have done in the past. Some learn from their mistakes, and others fall into deep guilt & regret of their behaviors. Therefore, their guilt not only affects the emotional activities, but it even … Read more

16 Unrevealed Types of Gaslighting

According to author Karen Salmansohn, “Gaslighter avoids responsibility for their toxic behavior by lying and denying and making you question facts, your memory, and your feeling”  It is nothing but a serious and dangerous form of manipulation. In this world, people use various types of gaslighting to take control over others. Let’s discover the various types … Read more

Signs & Symptoms of Guilt You Need to Know in Life

Guilt is an emotion that can camouflage itself into other emotions like regret & anxiety. However, if you can train your mind on spotting the signs of guilt, you can not only recognize it but deal with it effectively. In this article, we have listed some sure signs of guilt that you’ll experience whenever you … Read more

How to Respect a Teacher In Life – 10 Open Secrets You Must Know

Respecting a teacher is an essential element that needs to develop in all students. This respect creates a strong bond between a teacher and a student. Nowadays, students complain about their teachers. Similarly, teachers are not satisfied with their students. The connection between students and teachers is going weaker day by day because students do … Read more