Brainwashed Person: 11 Signs and How to Get Help

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The concept of brainwashing may seem like a relic of the past but the manipulation of thoughts and beliefs remains a persistent reality.

According to The Freedom Center, brainwashing is defined as “the process of pressuring someone into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means”.

Whether it is through political propaganda, cult indoctrination, or even the subtle coercion of social media algorithms, brainwashing can silently reshape your worldview and distort your perception of reality.

Psychological Techniques Behind Brainwashing


One of the key strategies in brainwashing is isolating you from your previous support system and environment. This can include physical separation from friends, family, and familiar surroundings.

The goal is to make you dependent on the group or person conducting the brainwashing and minimize external influences that could challenge or contradict their control.

Control of Information

In order to shape your beliefs, the brainwasher aims to control the information you receive. This might involve censoring news, discouraging access to different opinions, or fabricating stories to promote their agenda.

By controlling the flow of information, they’re able to influence your perception of the world and manipulate your thought process.

Sleep Deprivation

Another technique is sleep deprivation. Consistently depriving you of adequate rest weakens your physical and mental state.

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One of the key strategies in brainwashing is isolating you from your previous support system and environment.

Fatigue can impair your critical thinking skills, making it harder for you to challenge or question the brainwasher’s assertions. When you are sleep-deprived, you may be more susceptible to accepting new beliefs and conforming to demands.


One last tactic is encouraging self-incrimination. This could involve pressuring you to admit to wrongdoings (real or imagined), which can create a sense of guilt and shame.

The brainwasher may use this guilt to control you or manipulate you into compliance. By breaking down your self-esteem, they’re able to gain more influence over your actions and thoughts.

11 Signs of a Brainwashed Person

Although detecting the signs of brainwashing can be challenging because they manifest in subtle and gradual ways, recognizing them is crucial.Understanding the signs that indicate a person has been brainwashed helps protect us from falling victim to this type of manipulation.

1. Unquestioning Acceptance of Authority

You may notice a brainwashed person blindly follows an authority figure without question. They accept everything that person says as truth, even without evidence or logic to back it up.

2. Extreme Conformity

A brainwashed individual may become heavily conformist to the values and beliefs of a group, disregarding their own individuality in favor of what the group dictates. They may dress, speak, and act like the group members.

3. Irrational Fear of Disagreement

If you notice someone is avoiding or fearful of any form of disagreement or questioning, they may be brainwashed. They may believe that any form of dissent could lead to severe consequences.

4. Cognitive Dissonance

A brainwashed person may experience cognitive dissonance, where their beliefs clash with reality. They may try to justify the inconsistencies, often resulting in illogical rationalizations.

5. Emotional Manipulation

Emotional manipulation is common in brainwashed individuals. They may be easily manipulated by the authority figure or group, either through fear or emotional appeals, causing them to act in ways they otherwise wouldn’t.

6. Suppression of Independent Thought

A brainwashed person often suppresses their own thoughts and feelings, as these may contradict the beliefs of the group or authority figure.

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If someone is avoiding or fearful of any form of disagreement or questioning, they may be brainwashed. They may believe that any form of dissent could lead to severe consequences.

They may prioritize the group’s ideology over their own intuition and critical thinking.

7. Black-and-White Thinking

You may notice a brainwashed individual engaging in black-and-white thinking, where they see things as either good or evil without a middle ground. This often serves to justify their beliefs and actions, no matter how extreme they may be.

8. Selective Exposure to Information

A person who is brainwashed might avoid or disregard information that contradicts their beliefs. They may only expose themselves to sources that confirm what they already believe, further reinforcing the brainwashing.

9. Internalization of Propaganda

A brainwashed individual may internalize propaganda, adopting false ideas as their own and promoting them as facts. This can lead to a strong conviction about their beliefs, despite evidence that contradicts them.

10. Victim-Blaming Mentality

If you notice someone engaging in victim-blaming, this could be a sign of brainwashing. They might blame the victims of the group or ideology, deflecting responsibility from the authority figures they follow.

11. Inability to Recognize Manipulation

One of the key signs of being brainwashed is the inability to recognize manipulation. If you find yourself or someone else being manipulated without awareness, investigate further to see if brainwashing is at play.

How to Help a Brainwashed Person

Establish Trust

It’s crucial to establish a strong sense of trust with the person you believe is brainwashed. Building trust takes time and patience, so maintain open communication and listen to their concerns without judgment.

Show empathy and understanding, as this will encourage them to confide in you and become more receptive to your support.

Encourage Critical Thinking

Help the person develop their critical thinking skills by encouraging them to question their beliefs and assess the credibility of the information they’ve been given.

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Professional help may be necessary to overcome the effects of brainwashing.

Offer alternative viewpoints and present objective evidence, but avoid forcing your opinions on them. Engage in open and respectful discussions by asking open-ended questions, which can help them analyze their beliefs and make more informed decisions.

Seek Professional Help

In some cases, professional help may be necessary to overcome the effects of brainwashing.

Encourage the person to seek the guidance of a mental health professional or consider a support group where they can share their experiences and gain valuable insights from others who have gone through similar situations.

Remember, recovery is a process, and your support can make a significant difference in helping them regain control of their life.

Final Thoughts on How to Deal with a Brainwashed Person

Learning about brainwashing and its signs enables you to reach out and provide support to those who may be trapped in a web of manipulation. By recognizing these signs, you can start fostering an environment of understanding and empathy rather than judgment.

If someone close to you is being brainwashed, there’s still hope.

Maintain open lines of communication and provide emotional support.

Remind them of their value system and personal identity before they were brainwashed.

Encourage them to seek professional help if necessary and surround themselves with a supportive community to counteract the negative influences.

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