How to Make a Difference – Tiny Ways to Matter

Everybody thinks about how to make a difference in the world that can change it and make it a place worth living. Everyone is born in this world with gigantic energy and spark. This energy and spark need the right direction to flow. In childhood, we think of changing the world. Rule the world by … Read more

How To Be Happy Always -10 Rules That Works All The Time

People want to be happy. Money. Power. Relationships. Recognition. All of these are often viewed as what is “missing” from our lives that is keeping us from living “happily ever after“. However, while all of these might bring some measure of temporary happiness, they are all short-lived and more likely to be “satisfaction” rather than … Read more

How Enjoying the Small Things in Life Increases Happiness

Enjoying the Small Things in Life Featured Image

ٰWe all celebrate the big things in life. Weddings, newborn babies, marriages, home-buying, promotions and more. But when it comes to long term happiness these isolated, “big things” are actually less important to your life satisfaction than the small things. This is mainly due to the rareness of the big things. You are surely to … Read more