12 Proven Steps For Learning To Be Fearless

For many years I let my fears dictate how to live, yet learning to be fearless was impossible. Even a point came when I stopped doing anything new, and it was very comforting to me. As time passed, I learned that this fear is the mental restriction that is stopping me. The feeling of fearlessness … Read more

Implicit Personality Theory – The Ultimate Guide On Impression Formation!

Implicit Personality Theory is summed up in the popular maxim, “The first impression is the last impression.” You may or may not comply but we are all very quick at forming impressions of people with the minimal information we have. Have you ever been curious about how we form personality impressions? What are the underlying factors … Read more

Staying Away from Negative People

Negative people will eat away at your soul. They are like termites that slowly and gradually eat you from inside out. They can exasperate people who are positive and like to lower others to their level. Due to these facts it is important to stay away from negative people when you can. Most people want … Read more