14 Signs of a Cheap Person or Someone Who is TOO Frugal

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Finding ways to save money and being mindful of your expenses are generally considered responsible behaviors. But there’s a fine line between being frugal and a cheapskate, where the negative consequences of penny-pinching outweigh the benefits. Whether you feel that you or someone close to you is crossing that line, recognizing the behaviors and financial … Read more

How to Tell if You’re in a Low-Key Relationship: 12 Simple Steps

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The first time I heard someone talk about low-key relationships, I was in my twenties, and it sounded like a strange new relationship status… like swingers or gender fluid. Now that I’m a bit older and have a lot more experience with relationships, I’ve had a few very happy low-key relationships.  It can be difficult to … Read more

17 Early Warning Signs of a Controlling Man

early signs of a controlling man | early signs of a possessive man | why do guys like to be in control in a relationship

If you’re in a relationship, live, or work with someone who loves to dominate others, take that as one of the early signs of a controlling man. It’s the type of relationship that will make you feel like you don’t own yourself. Controlling what others think, say, and do – whether through coercion, threats, or manipulation … Read more