How to Shut Someone Up In 7 Different Situations

Shutting someone up is an art, that anyone can learn.

The trouble with an argument is that they never work. It is because an argument gets people personal and tension is raised. And you go in spiraling worries without getting anywhere.

Usually, it all starts with a light conversation but then the situation heats up. It turns into criticism, blame and hostility. Have you ever faced a situation when you are right but the person next to you does not understand?

In this article, I have listed many ways by which you can learn how to shut someone up.

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How to Use the Speaker Listener Technique to Improve Your Communication

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Communication enables us to express our thoughts and feelings and ask for what we need. That’s why it is essential for us to develop effective language and listening skills starting from infancy. However, day-to-day conversations are only effective if the speaker and listener are in tune with each other, also called the speaker-listener technique (SLT). … Read more