Do Girls Like Shy Guys? – Complete Guide to Dating Shy Guys

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Do girls like shy guys? This is the question of an interesting debate among many relationship/dating experts.

Some speak in its favor, and some are against it. All in all, “shy guys come with an extra quality” is a common consensus.

This article aims to find all that surrounds this megalomania and gives tips for everyone who falls in the radar of shy guys! The tips and advice are helpful for both the girls and guys!


Do Girls Like Shy Guys? – Let’s Define Shyness!

Shyness is a natural protective reaction to some unknown or uncomfortable circumstances. We all act shy at some point in our lives, as it is impossible to remain hyper-confident every time! But excess of shyness might end in the followings:

Insufficient self-confidence:

Shyness might result in a lack of confidence for some individuals. Lack of confidence will act as a massive problem for these men to date a girl effectively.

Anxiety attacks at the sight of the opposite gender:

The overly shy guy would feel anxious even at the sight of girls. He will feel afraid that he might say or do something that will offend them. Therefore, they choose to remain quiet and avoid contact with most of the people.


Too much of shyness can stem out into different phobias. Fear is not an ideal situation to be in, as it increases social anxiety and stress for that person.

5 Useful Tips for Freedom from Shyness!

So don’t let your shyness overwhelm all your personality. Keep it in moderation. Strike a balance between being blunt and an introvert, and you will do just fine! Here are five useful tips to lose that shy guy label:

1. Become self-aware:

Feeling shy is natural behavior. But you can overcome it if you start inspecting yourself more closely. Find out what makes you shy and work to reduce it. Not only about improvements, but also find out your strengths and all in all, you would be one outstanding person.

do girls like bashful guys?
Self-awareness waves off shy demeanor

2. Don’t strive for perfection:

Remember that no one is perfect. Therefore, don’t damage your confidence by the frustration of not doing things right. Just be the better version of yourself, and you will see positive changes take place around you.

3. Uplift your self-image:

Hey, there shy dude. Don’t consider shyness as an element of an outcast. Instead, accept it and portray it as your unique aspect. You don’t have to fit in or be like everyone else. Be comfortable in your skin.

4. Social media is your new friend!

It is no surprise that our lives are entirely governed by the laws of social media today. Research says that social media usage can make a person comfortable and help him to cope with his different phobias. Shy guys’ guide for using social media is

  1. Try to find similar interests by sharing information about you. This way, you will connect with a vast audience alike.
  2. Participate in group chats, support a cause or a campaign, and you will develop your active presence in no time!

5. Have a positive outlook :

Stop seeing the negative aspects of your personality. Have a positive outlook for everything. It will nourish your mind and will develop the motivation to strive for the best.

8 Real Reasons Why Girls Like Shy Guys!

Nevertheless, not all the girls’ dream of a super-masculine macho. When you are a bashful man, and also you wonder, “Do girls like shy guys?” – Relax. You don’t have to force yourself to become an alpha to be able to attract girls. In retrospect, girls like shy guys and here is why:

do women like timid guys?
do girls like shy guys?

Shy guys are great listeners:

Girls adore shy guys! These guys prove to be great listeners and are quite considerate while giving their advice. Girls love it when one is hearing them out or try to understand their thoughts, problems, etc.

Shy guys are better sex buddies:

O yeah, you heard that right. Just go for a drink with a girl and let her do what she wants, and you will have the time of your Life!

Girls love it when guys let them have their way. They find it attractive if you are not criticizing seemingly right/normal thing which she does. No one is telling you to go out of the way to impress her. Just support her views and good causes, and it will act as a strong foundation to build your relationship.

It becomes the gateway to becoming a great partner in sex too!

do women fall for coy and quiet guys?
do girls like shy guys?

Shy guys open up slowly:

Shy guys don’t open up at the first meeting. They take some time to tell everything about themselves, keeping up that air of mystery. Girls, in turn, love this trait, so shy guys don’t need to worry now.

Shy guys have a calm temperament:

Unlike other alpha males, shy guys tend to have a more cool personality, which comes in handy while disagreeing with any sort. If your girl is angry, your calm temperament won’t allow the argument to escalate into a full-blown fight. You can tell your point of view when it has cooled down a bit. That is why girls like shy guys!

do girls fall for timid guys?
Do girls love shy guys?

Shy guys will not hide their emotions:

Unlike their many male counterparts, shy guys love to show their feelings. A casual peck, an affectionate hug, and many other gestures prove how much lovable they are! They will even let you know if they are down or feeling sad. They display their emotive nature as their asset, and girls always fall for that.

He has a fantastic memory: 

He will remember everything; from your favorite place to get brunch to how you take your coffee!

Respects everyone:

Shy guys tend to respect everyone; therefore, girls find one reason to like them! It is like they don’t leave any point unlovable about them.

You will feel at ease with him:

In the end, a girl will be at ease with shy guys. Shy guys make you comfortable, and that gives sparks of happiness and joy to the relationship.

What Girls Really Likes in a Guy?

The question of “do girls like shy guys” have been answered here to a great extent. Now, let’s tell you what girls like in a guy? It is quite simple, and we mostly ignore it.

A girl wants a guy who can protect her — the one who has the confidence of saying and doing things the right way. As a shy guy, you will have to struggle with a lot of things. It may be a part of you, but meeting a woman who wants to date you is always going to require one thing: Having balls. (And not just the physical ones).

Without them, a man cannot lead a woman nor let alone, even ask a girl out in the first place. Remember, being shy isn’t inherently a bad thing, in a reality where it hurts the most is when you fail to take action.

Even the shyest of guys perform all the gestures which show love and care. Other than this, girls also like their guys who look good. Guys who have great styling sense and neatness can win any girl for sure. As a shy guy, you must be open to trying new experiences.

You must enjoy every moment with your girl, and that is going to solve all your problems.

6 Quick Tips for Dating Shy Guys!

1. Don’t plan out an entire date:

Don’t plan out anything before your time. Mostly it doesn’t work. So just be yourself and admire her ways. Compliment her and make her feel at ease.

2. Do the talking:

Remember, women love to hear a story. No one likes to chew their food in silence, so get creative. Do most of the talking. Hear out what she has to say and avoid bringing serious subjects, and your date will be an epic one.

3. Coffee is always the best option:

If you are unable to find any place for dinner, then coffee is still the best option. Caffeine does wonders for your body, and it is not surprising that it will boost your energy at your date too. If the weather calls for it, go for ice cream or a movie also.

do girls like timid guys?
Do girls like shy guys?

4. “Comfort Place” is also a thing:

Like comfort food, comfort place is also a thing. Go somewhere where you are comfortable. Decide for a place that exudes more comfy vibes and has a cozy ambiance.

5. Turn off your phone:

Yes, you read that right. Turn off your phone. There is nothing more annoying than the beeps of calls and texts in between an excellent discussion. If she knows that you have turned off your phone to enjoy the date, ultimately, she is going to love it. She will appreciate this fact and will look up to you. Therefore, shut that annoying piece of technology off before going to meet someone special.

do girls admire shy guys?
do girls like shy guys?

6. Stay in the Moment:

‘Live in the Moment’ is not such a tricky phrase. Just stay in the moment. The fact that you are enjoying the date and you love your partner on the first meeting brings inner happiness. Feel that. Exude that. Tell this to your girl at the end of the date, and she will feel butterflies in her tummy for sure!

do girls like bashful guys?
do girls like shy guys?

FAQs on Do Girls Like Shy Guys:

Do Girls Like Shy Guys?

Not all girls but most girls like shy guys. There might be many reasons but psychologists say that as shy guys are less experienced and girls like to tease them and have fun while seeing them blushing as well as they tend to be polite to girls.

How to start a conversation with a shy guy?

Well, the shy guy does not talk much and answer in a straight way, to the point. Therefore, you have to take the initiative first to start the conversation. You might ask a question/problem on which you can argue with him a bit longer to divert his attention toward you.

How do I flirt with the shy guy?

It is good to have a shy guy as a boyfriend but it is difficult to approach it. But here are a few tips you can try. Eye contact or pass by them 2 or 3 times. They would have already seen you and noticed you but they would rarely stare at you. To approach them is the toughest part but once you did so they would be pleasant to talk with you.

How do shy guys flirt?

Well. it seems that they have weak personalities but Shy people are insanely observant and very protective of their ego so their primary duty is to preserve their ego from taking an irrevocable hit.

What are some signs of a shy guy like you?

Although shy guys are not outspoken. If he likes you then he will learn to be more spoken as well as he will try to become a friend with you, in this situation you have to be quick to start.


In the end, Life is all about taking chances. Don’t restrict yourself by just thinking, what if she doesn’t like me? Or don’t get mad by wondering, Do girls love shy guys? Take that chance. Go on a date. Allow yourself to do it. Only then you will meet the girls of your dreams!

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