15 Funny Punishments for Losing a Bet, Match, Game & More

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Losing a bet is never fun, but these punishments will make you laugh for sure! If you are looking to have some laughs with your friends or family, this post has the perfect funny punishments for you to help make a bet more interesting.

15 Funny Punishments to Have a Fun Time

Don’t take these funny punishments lightly, for they will not only make the bet more fun but you guys will make some amazing memories as well.

1. Loser Have to Wear a Diaper

The first punishment that I came across is having to wear a diaper around the house for 1 week. Your friends can be creative with this one and come up with their own way of making you look like you are still wearing your dirty diaper, too!

2. Eat nothing but Hot Sauce for the Rest of the Week

Another funny punishment is to make your friend eat nothing but hot sauce for a week. If they can last, they will definitely be able to enjoy all of their favorite foods again for the week!

3. Loser Have to Mow Stranger’s Lawn Every Day for a Week

Another punishment that I came across is having to mow a neighbor’s lawn everyday until they agree not to take it out on the loser anymore.

Your friends can be creative with this one and come up with their own way of making you look like a fool while doing it!

4. Get punched in the arm by your friend or spouse once per day until you win another bet

The next funny punishment is to get punched in the arm by your friend or spouse once per day until you win another bet.

I decided to include this one because it is also pretty common in our society when people are playing games or betting with each other.

5. Wear an Embarrassing Shirt while Out in Public for One Week

Wearing an embarrassing shirt in public can be pretty funny and humiliating at the same time.

You will definitely become a laughingstock for your friends if you wear something like a mesh tank top to school or work!

6. Wear a Sign on Your Back that Says “I lost this bet” for 24 hours

This is another punishment that can also be pretty embarrassing and funny at the same time. Imagine going to work or school with a sign on your back that says “I lost this bet” for 24 hours!

You are sure to attract gazes, questions & you’ll be talk of the town for at least 1 week.

7. The loser can’t use any electronics for 24 hours – no TV, computer, phone, etc

This is probably one of the least funny punishments that you could receive, but it would be effective. If someone were to make your life miserable by depriving them of all electronics for 24 hours, life would probably feel like torture!

You can stay their gadgets away for 24 hours, but their not sure how long they can stay away from them for. In our electronics driven age, this loss can be a tough  pill to swallow.

8. The loser has to dress up in an embarrassing outfit and take a funny photo with the winner

One of my favorite funny punishments is to make the loser do a photo shoot with the winner. A common variation on this is the loser wears the sports gear of the winners favorite team. This can be particularly annoying if the loser is well known to be a big fan of the competitor.

It doesn’t matter what they have to wear, but they can dress in something funny or embarrassing that will create a hilarious photo for everyone who views it!

9. Walk in a circle for five minutes while humming the song

Yes, you read that correctly! You have to walk in a circle for five minutes while humming the song.

Besides being incredibly annoying, this punishment will also probably make everyone else who is around you smile and laugh at your misery.

10. Watch an episode of TV show with subtitles on, then write down every word that was said during the show

Watching Movies with Subtitles as Funny Punishments

Another funny punishment is to make your friend watch an entire episode of TV show with subtitles on. Then, you have to write down everything that is said in the subtitled version.

If you find yourself struggling, the winner will be happy to help you out with words or phrases that you might need to look up.

11. Loser must be in charge of setting up and cleaning up after parties for two weeks

The loser has to be in charge of all party duties for two weeks. If they are the birthday girl or guy, they will definitely not be in a good mood!

The winner can take this punishment one step further by making the person in charge wear an embarrassing outfit while performing these duties just to add insult to injury.

12. Whoever loses the wager must eat five pieces of raw garlic in one sitting

eating raw garlic - funny punishments for losing

For this punishment, whoever loses has to eat five pieces of raw garlic in one sitting. I don’t know about you, but eating raw garlic is definitely not enjoyable! You can enjoy by looking the facial expression of loser while eating raw garlic.

13. If someone loses, they have to do 100 jumping jacks without stopping or break their streak

This is one of the most physically challenging funny punishments that you can receive for losing a bet. It will definitely make you sweat! You can’t stop doing jumping jacks until your goal of 100 has been reached, or else you’ll have to start all over again.

14 Ask loser to brush their teeth with a shoe

This is another one of my favorite punishments to receive. The winner can ask the loser to brush their teeth with a shoe. This can be a really funny punishment, especially if the person who has to do it is someone you know.

The winner doesn’t have to be specific about what type of shoe they have to use, either. Just make sure that they scrub their teeth really well with it!

15. The loser has to carry around an embarrassing sign for 24 hours – no hiding allowed

This is another one of the more embarrassing punishments on this list that you could receive. The person who loses has to display a humiliating sign around their neck or waist that must be read by all other people around them. They are not allowed to hide it anywhere, either!

Conclusion of Funny Punishments:

Hopefully this article has given you plenty of ideas about what kind punishment would work best for each situation. Just like anything else in life – practice makes perfect! If it seems like too much trouble to come up with original punishments all by yourself, just let us know. Do you have any creative punishments for losing a bet? Comment down below or send us an email.

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