15 Unique & Funny Things To Do In A Talent Show

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A talent show is an activity that gives an opportunity to people to do funny things to amuse their audience or show their creative ideas and hidden qualities.

You can do funny things in a talent show organized by your family or at a school farewell party or any sports event.

There are many funny things to do in a talent show, and sometimes, these kinds of shows and activities are a source of happiness for many people.

15 Funny Things To Do For A Talent Show

There are numerous things to do for fun in a talent show for charity purposes or just as fun and spent some quality time with family.

In this guide, you can find some new and different ideas of funny things to do for a talent show for kids and adults.

We will add up some latest ideas which can be considered a talent but sometimes not include in talent as some activities take much time and practice to perform in a show.

Here are some ideas, whatever you like, just to pick them up and use in your talent show.

A smile emoji is shown in the image describe there are a lot funny things to do for a talent show

1. Painting:

You may think that how can you represent a painting in a funny talent show as an act which can make people happy. But there are several ways to do this activity.

People will love it if you create a painting on a stage in front of the camera from the start to the end.

It will be more beautiful when you will use a large canvas and painting colors painting paper.

You can create a sketch with the help of a small quantity of charcoal on which you place everything in your drawing.

To engage your audience’s attention, you should use light and a little bit of music. You can funnily draw a painting by adding some music and sketching your drawing according to the beats.

You may use another trick to create suspense in your audience by showing your drawing at the end when you will finish it.

There are some things you should do before going to stage. It would be best if you did practice the drawing you will make in front of an audience.

If you organize this show for a charity purpose, you can sell your painting to the audience members and get the money.

2. Funny Speech:

You want to show your hidden talent in any talent show, and you can present a funny speech. Your words of that speech work well for the audience, and people will enjoy the environment.

Including these things, you can dress up according to your speech topics and take help from music.

Play music according to your words and speak according to the beat. It would help if you used some sought of multi-color lights to seek the attention of your audience.

You can give a speech on prevailing circumstances of your country, your country’s economy, or any politician or some tv actor, etc.

3. Make a Funny Video On TikTok:

Nowadays, social media is pervasive among people of the world. So, you can make a video on the social media platform TikTok and post it to amuse people.

Or you can use this feature in another way. You can make a video on social media, download it, and take this video to a talent show where you have to do some funny things.

The most exciting way to represent yourself, and this idea can grab the attention of the people and mostly youth in your audience.

4. Do A Comedy Act:

The best funny thing to do in a talent show is a comedy act. All you do is create the best comedy act. Perform it daily.

Think of a unique funny monologue that makes you laugh when you speak to it in front of the mirror it will assure you that it will be helpful to entertain your audience.

You can share a story by using some funny words or make funny faces in front of people is also a good idea.

Instead of all this, you can gather jokes in one list and just read all of those jokes on different subjects, or you can make fun of any person.

It would be best if you had in your mind that you should give a pause to yourself on your audience’s laughter.

3 Funny Things To Do In A Kid’s Talent Show:

You can do a lot of activities in a kid’s talent show to amuse the children. If you are going to present a show all alone, you can sing a song or do some magic.

But if you have a team, you can do a puppet show or some funny dance steps for the audience’s happiness.

a joker image shows some funny things to do for a talent show organized for kids

6. Perform A Skit:

If you don’t know about the skit ideas, go to YouTube and search for some ideas about skit or write a skit by yourself.

Dress up as older adults dose in their past, and your skit consists of jokes and some problems that people faced in their old age.

There are numerous ideas here to create a skit with the help of your friends as many as you want to create. Here is one thing to keep in mind which are the customs that should be important for you at any cost.

Your act must be covered in between one to two minutes so your audience would be happier.

7. Dance Performance:

For this purpose, you should go to your friends and chose the best person among them who has the best dance moves with different beats.

The next part of this segment is to create a choreography that contains twenty to thirty seconds of practice again and again.

Dress up the same as you are going to wear in the performance and perform on the same song you decided for the performance.

Your activity must contain 2 segments start to end, and it shows the most important part of the performance like original thoughts, new ideas, uniqueness, and present such skit which will be the most rememberable for your audience.

And for a perfect performance, you should do the same activity on daily basis for more proficiency.

some girls are in dancing positions describe you can feel relax by dancing and it also include in the funny things to do in a talent show

8. Gymnastic:

For a children’s talent show you should do some act which creates fun between children, and some sought of suspense.

To cheer up, you can do a gymnastic act. Let them show some gymnastic moves which are full of energy. It would be a great idea to amuse your ideas.

6 Funny Things To Do In A Talent Show Alone

There are a lot of activities which you can perform alone in a talent show. Some of them are listed below.

9. Act Of Karate:

Sometimes, you have not many friends to perform a task, but you know some of the activities or talents you can perform in front of other people like karate.

Just go to your wardrobe, wear your outfit and perform an act of karate.

10. YOYO Act:

Many people in our society do not know YOYO very much. If you have a talent for YOYO, you can perform it in front of your audience.

Perform different tricks of this game that can entertain your audience.

Try to paint YOYO with different colors of glowing light and then present that painting in a dark light mode situation.

11. Jumping Rope:

To entertain your audience, perform an act of jumping rope. Play some fast music and start jumping rope it will create suspense between the audience.

One thing you must know before doing this activity is that you have ample space in which you are going to perform the activity.

12. Pogo Stick Routine:

You can do pogo stick jumps to show your hidden talent. It looks much difficult but not as much difficult that no one can do this.

Jumping on some pogo stick or a circle looks difficult, but it’s not a hard task to do.

You can seek the attention of your audience by doing these kinds of acts.

13. Bike Riding Routine:

If you know how to ride a bike, it will be an opportunity for you to perform in a talent show about some adventurous ways of bike riding.

Some people can ride a bike without using their hands and stand up on their bikes. These are some activities which can attract most of the people in our society.

You can perform this in a fun talent show.

14. Skateboarding Routine:

Skateboarding is an activity very few people know about, but many of the game shows and talent shows use these activities to increase ratings.

All you do is build a small ramp for skateboarding to show your talent. You can also take some new ideas from different social media platforms for effective results.

15. Sing a Song:

If you are going to perform an act in front of a live audience or a talent show and have a beautiful voice, you can sing a song. Choose a song you will perform in front of the audience and start practice on the lyrics of that song.

If you have taken some lessons on how to play an instrument, go for it. You can take the instrument and choose a song play your song with the help of that instrument. This is the right time that you can show your hidden qualities to the audience.

The best way of doing this type of performance choose an easier tone and play it full of perfection that is the most effective part of your performance.

If you did not perform any activity like this, don’t panic; practice your task, again and again, record your voice and correct your mistakes. Send it to your friends or any family member who can correct your mistakes and give their best opinion.

After all, doing this job just go on the stage and give your best you will achieve your desire task.


There are several funny things to do for a talent show you can perform to amuse your audience.

Just do simple things to entertain. Do not go for difficult tasks in which you face some trouble.

All these activities should be done for one purpose that is to create a smile on your audience’s face and make them happy with your act.

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