Funny Things To Say to a Girl to Make Her Yours Forever

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Making a girl happy is a way to get into her heart straight, and once you do it, she will be yours forever.

But what are some funny things to say a girl to make her laugh?

Studies show that humor is among the top traits that women find attractive in men. Therefore, you should never miss a chance to let her know how you possess an amazing sense of humor.

Here are some of the best funny things that you can do or say to make a girl laugh out loud.

100+ Funny Things to Say to a Girl

These funny things are going to be very useful if you have currently started dating a girl. You can explore her more deeply by doing such humorous communications. And a little blend of funny jokes and admiring words can make her more comfortable with you.

Apart from that, the mobile phone is helping source to send some funny messages, cute jokes, and romantic quotes to a girl over text.

Brighten Up My with your smile.
I Always Love To Do Funny Things To Make Her Laugh.

You can easily make a girl bush by chatting with her few romantic, sexy, and funny lines through text. That will surely make her attentive, and she will find you interesting to know.

See how smartly you can make a mark on the target.

1. Try Some Jokes to Tell A Girl Over Text:

A good sense of humor can be a real asset when you want to impress a girl. Usually, funny guys are famous among lots of girls. Girls like to hang around them and feel more comfortable having silly, witty conversations with them.

Similarly, sometimes it’s not essential to have good manners and the ability to take, but you must know the best joke to impress a girl.

  •  I think you are a magician because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappeared. I think I have met you before, or maybe you look a lot like my next girlfriend.

  •  I have lost my phone number; can I take yours to call me?

  •  Everyone believes in fairy tales; how was heaven when you left it?

  •  My phone is having an issue; can you fix it? [why what’s wrong with it?] I think it doesn’t have your number.

  •   I will always love but only on days that end with y.

  •  I was missing you for the last 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds.

  •  Hello! I want to tell you that I must take your licensee away because you are driving me crazy.

  •  You must help me to give CPR because I lost my breath whenever I see you.

  • I need to fix my GPS navigation system because I just got lost whenever I look into your eyes.

  • Do you like Mexican food? Because I want to wrap you in my arms and make you my BAEritto.

2. Funny Romantic Lines to Make Her Smile:

Your humorous sense of humor can inspire a girl when you meet her for the first time. But if you already love her, it is essential to hold that string tightly.

Gifts, flowers, chocolates, and few romantic words from your heart will surely make her blush. She will surely respond to you with a cute smile.

Somehow, romanticizes situations with jokes and funny gestures can make your bond strong, whether it is your first date or fifth anniversary.

check out some funny jokes to tell a girl.

  •  I love you more when you can’t stop laughing because I am the reason behind that smile.

  •  Promise me to always stay by my side, around me, beside me, and on top of me.

  •  Work out is healthy for a heart; So, kiss me and burn more than five calories.

  • No matter that you are a good girl or a bad girl because every good girl became bad when she is with someone special.

  •  My mind goes blank whenever you close my eyes and kiss me. I must say there should be a new law to arrest people for being so beautiful.

  •  Can I hold your hand? I want to find my love line in your hand.

  • You know you can be the most amazing girl in my life; You need to call on my number.

  •  Hey! when you would go to smile again? I need brightness to take a selfie.

  •  Hey! Do you a have map? I constantly keep getting lost in your eyes.
Some Funny Romantic lines are the best thing to say a girl.

You Are The Real Gem Of My Heart.

3. Funny Questions to Ask A Girl to Get Her Attention:

1.  What fun thing you have in your mind to do with a guy?

This one must be interesting for you to understand your girl, that what she wants to do with you. You can explore her in a better way, and maybe you will find what she likes most about a guy. Is she wants to go with you for long drives, or go with you for a long walk? That will reflect her plan to get you a better understanding of what fun she wants to do with you.

2. What is your romantic fantasy? Cooking? Or sleeping with a guy?

Girls are high and intensive in emotions. They usually prefer romantic activities instead of being physically intimated at first. They want to make a mental understanding first to get close to a guy.

This question will help you to get the correct answer.

Who knows? Maybe she will be the one whom you are looking for.

Cooking with your partner is fun to discover more about her/his. A girl loves to have a supportive guy in her life because she only wants to be emotionally connected with her partner.

3. Do you like when someone tries a flirty pick-up line on you?

Not many of them, but some girls like some cheesy pick-up lines, to make them laugh at the moment. Yes, you can try some tricky and flirty words to get her attention.

4. Do you like to have me as a naughty or a nice one?

This question will undoubtedly make a girl blush at first. She will think for a while about what to say, but if you insist to justify the answer, she will tell you her secrete desires with more laughs and giggles.

5. Do you know people of Poland are called Poles, then why not the people of Holland called Holes?

Cracking a joke and asking silly questions can make anyone laugh out loud.

6. What would you like to do if we had a chance to get invisible for one day?

It is the best way to engage your partner constantly. It will make her think, fantasize and laugh instantly, and she can imagine a hundred things to do with you if she got a chance to get invisible for one day.

7. Do you know what looks good on you? Me!

She will surely blush and smile after hearing these words from you.

8. You wanna know what is the best thing in my life? The first word of this sentence.

Make her realize how important she is for you, will win heart easily.

9. Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you my heart smile says ‘CHEESE’.

This question can surely make her smile after getting to know that she is the reason for your happiness.

Make you smile completes me and this is the best funny thing i can do for you.
Watching You Smiling, Is The Best view For My Eyes.

4. Funny Quotes to Make A Girl Smile When a Girl is Sad:

A smile is a reflection of her love that entails many things in your relationship. When you are intact in a relationship with a girl you must know how to cherish her with your vibrant ties.

Specifically, when a girl is sad, she expects some kind gestures from a guy. That can be the right time to realize that how important and valuable she is for you.

Sending her funny memes and quotes can make it easier to forget her sadness for a while and smile again.

Let’s check some funny quotations to make her laugh, especially when she is sad.

  • Hey! Spent some time with me because I think you are suffering from a lack of vitamin ME.

  • You stole my heart; I am planning revenge; I will go to make you mine forever.

  • I always wake up with a smile on my face, and it is your fault.

  • I love you because you make me complete.

Holding you in my arms is the best way to make you smile
To Hold You In My Arms Is The Best Thing In The World.

5. Funny & Sexy Pick-up Lines To Make A Girl Blush:

You don’t need to be sexy all the time with your girl, but only if you are dealing with long-distance relationships. You can keep connecting with your partner with few funny jokes, sexy lines, jokes, poetry, and fun emojis to make her feel closer to you.

Long-distance does not matter only when you make it short with your love and care.

Check out some cheesy pick-up lines to make a girl attracted to you.

  • You always make me smell you because you are like a fresh hot cup of coffee, enough to arouse me every day.

  • What are doing today? If nothing, then let’s do this nothing together.

  • Can you kiss me; I promise I will return it to you.

  • Send a kiss emoji to me. I want to check; Is your phone is working well.

  • I want to order a cold drink now because you always make me hot with your looks.

  • Sorry I was busy. Are you looking for me? Or Are you looking for me right now?

  • I think your hotness is the real cause of global warming.

  • Hi, my name is Sam, but you call me “TONIGHT”.

  • I love to eat butter in the morning because you are my Butter-Half.

  • I want you badly, so get out of my head and fell into my arms right away.
some Romantic. sexy pick-up line can be the best funny things to say a girl and make her blush.
Your Smile Always Make Me Crave For You.

6. Funny, Romantic Pictures & Loves Messages to Say A Girl.

Whether you are dating are girl recently or having a long historical relationship with someone. It is always a need to make your girlfriend realize that what you feel for her.

Sending her some funny romantic love messages and pictures can be the best idea to make her feel how much you care about her happiness.

It is not necessarily a must to send gifts and love text only on valentine’s day. Every single moment of your life has its significant value, and you must express your love to your partner regularly.

Funny love messages
funny love messages
funny love messages
funny love messages

Are You Still Confused? To Know What Funny Things to Say A Girl? 

If you are attracted to a girl and want to make her happy, you must focus on finding what way you can get into her heart. Most of the girls like those boys who make them laugh with and also laugh with them.

Never try to be a comedian all the time because your good sense of humor reflects your personality. Therefore, you must be selective and amusing in your conversations.

If it is still hard to know what funny things can make your girl smile, you need to find more about her by spending quality time with her.

To know more funny things to say to a girl, try some humorous stories and your personal life experiences to engage her. Show her the fun side of your personality and your fantasies to be with her.


I must say, now it doesn’t remain difficult to approach a girl. This guide must be helpful to find funny things to say to a girl, especially when you have many sources to connect.

  • Never be afraid to show a sensitive aspect of your personality.
  • She must know that you are more than machismo and belt notches.
  • Always remember the difference between humor and offense and use your words carefully and be classic.

Similarly, being honest and open about your life can help you get her attention immediately. She will show interest to know more about you and start liking to spend many hours with you.

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