Funny Things to Say to Someone In Jail – 4 Ideas To Make Them Laugh

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It always feels cheerful to make someone laugh, but it is hard to find funny things to say to someone in jail.

This can be a difficult time for a convict to stay away from their family for a long time. Meanwhile meeting a loved one in jail is a heavy feeling for a family too. Therefore, one must know how to stay emotionally attached & humorous for their special one.

Trying to make them laugh in a particular stressful condition can surely keep them motivated and optimistic to get back to you one day.

Show your love and affection by writing a letter or saying something funny, joyful can reminisce them to the past good times. It keeps them intact with you, rather than being a pessimist about the future.

So, check out what fun things you can say to someone in jail to make them laugh. 

Remind them your funny memories love is the funny thing to say someone in jail.
Hope Is The Best Way To Get Out of A Prison.


The silent atmosphere of jail can be suffocating for the inmates. It can be more stressful if you leave someone alone during his hard time. You can make their time more joyful and less painful by engaging them with some interesting conversations.

A prisoner does not have an option to see beyond the bars. In that case, you have the responsibility to keep them happy and let them feel alive from the inside. Habitually treat them like they are still living in your home.

Share your problems and struggles with them and take their advice and suggestions as you need them to do. They will feel valuable to you. And this encouraging thought will make their hearts smile.


Cracking a joke always makes a person happy and light-heartened, but what fun if you read a joke in a sad mood. It will surely divert your attention and make you feel joyous for a moment.

  1. What do you call an alligator in a vest in jail? An INVESTIGATOR.
  2. That moment when you tell a joke, but no one hears you expect one person who repeats it louder and makes everyone laugh.
  3. I stopped after reading a signboard headed with this statement. 
    Drive Slow & See Our City
    Drive Fast & See Our Jail.
  4. Hello, I need a lawyer. I keep going to jail & I need to know my rights.
  5. I don’t always get blocked and caught in jail. But when I do, it’s a good indication I was right; they couldn’t handle it.
  6. The two reactions I always get on my sense of humor. Laughing people and 30 days banned in jail.
  7. I hope I never go to jail because I haven’t memorized a phone number since 2000.
  8. Cops always asking, “So where you headed” Reply: Well, the asshole probably to jail after you run my name.
  9. A lawyer at heaven’s gate after death
    Angel: But if we let lawyers in it wouldn’t be heaven.
  10. When one door closes & another one opens. Don’t be surprised you are probably in jail.
  11. After my wife died, I couldn’t look at the women for 20 years. But when I got out of prison, it was worth it.
  12. When you’re in jail a good friend will be trying to bail you out. However, A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying.“DAMN, that was FUN”
  13. One morning, the jailor started counting the inmates suddenly because he wanted a consensus.
  14. Hey, I recently joined a literature class for inmates. It’s got its pros and cons.
  15. You are in jail, but I am the real prisoner of your heart.

5 Quotes To Keep Them Entertained In A Jail:

It is more necessarily important to realize your special one that they are not alone. Keep them updated with your current activities and daily life routine.

You can reduce their hopelessness by engaging their mind to think something worthwhile.

Write them notes and quote something funny and motivating to read. Even you can send them books on their favorite topics too.

Some funny and inspiring quotes are listed below:

  1. Do you know why they looked up the stars in jail? Because the star was a shooting star.
  2. If you want total security of life, you must visit jail. You will be fed, Clothed, and given medical care there.
  3. Might just go to jail. So, I can focus on my gym routine.
  4. There is always a bright space between a dark cloud.
  5. I want to stay with you in jail because I think it will be fun for us to spend some alone time with a bunch of kids.

7 Ways to Remind Your Love To Someone In Jail

In some jails, there are allowed to send some gifts, books, letters to prisoners. So, you must take this as an advantage to send and say something exciting to them. It will be more helpful for them to be less disappointed and feel your words like a home to be.

Make an inmate feel happy and realize him how valuable he is for you
My Heart Is Behind The Bars.

Here are some tips to let them know how badly you want to see them happy.

  1. Write them about the memories you both have shared to make them smile and you can discuss it in your meetings in jail.
  2. Make them realize how important they are by telling them that you are with them in this critical phase of life.
  3. Giving them love gestures by touching and holding their hand. 
  4. Try to meet them on their special days like birthdays, anniversaries, and other memorable dates.
  5. Show them some pictures of family members and tell short stories about them.
  6. It is hurtful to look at them behind a four-square wall in their cell that’s why never make them feel that you are looking at them with misery.
  7. Make them laugh by sharing your daily life experiences and many more beautiful things you had never shared before.
sharing funny memories and fun times are the best Funny things to say someone in jail
Missing Memories Comes In Waves.

5 Encouraging Lines To Say Someone In Jail:

It is very important to make your loved ones realize that their absence makes difference for you. They are an essential part of your family and you are waiting for them. They badly need encouraging, motivating support and you can tell them with your words that they should stay strong and hopeful to live the beautiful and joyous life with you again.

  1. “Change your thoughts and you change your world” – Norman Vincent Peale
  2. “Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent” -Eleanor Roosevelt
  3. “When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us” – Helen Keller
  4. Freedom is in your soul, why you keep looking for it around you?
  5. “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity– Albert Einstein 
Mistakes are always done to be learn and make good things happen
Forget Mistakes And See The Future.


It is very tough to live in prison because constant loneliness and lack of human contact led a person to anxiety and acute depression. In these circumstances, the presence of love and support can help inmates to be strong and hopeful for their freedom.

In a jail cell, life is boring and uneventful. An inmate can be mentally down day by day. Therefore, you must do some efforts to make them happy and never hesitate to talk about those things which make them smile. 

Sharing the details of your current movie watching, gossips with friends, kids, and family issues can spread a little joy on their faces. Sometimes silly jokes and some romantic statements can brighten up their day and they will start living their life through you.

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